What to write on a WEDDING card? 

Wedding card

Do you have a WEDDING around? Wait? You are looking for a WEDDING card, then. Am I right? 


A wedding is a BEAUTIFUL start to a NEW life. That is the MOST crucial part of someone’s life. People always try to be the BEST and GOOD when starting their wedding. They want to exhibit EXTRAORDINARY skills by hiring a PROFESSIONAL wedding planner. 


Among all these things, there is ONE important thing. Do you know what that is? 


It is a WEDDING CARD. Maybe you have already attended some weddings and given the CARDS to the couples. But people are ALWAYS confused about what to write. When to write? And HOW do you write a WEDDING card? 


Suppose that is the CASE with you, no PROBLEM. This guide is FOR YOU. Get to the END. Read the WHOLE guide. 




Let’s GO. 


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Wedding cardsWedding card

What is a WEDDING CARD? 


Look. Wedding cards and wedding INVITATION cards; are both DIFFERENT things with different subjects. So be QUICK and know what you want to write. 


The wedding card congratulates the COUPLE on the wedding and GIVES well wishes for the FUTURE. People come up to the wedding and give the Cards to the couple. 


ON THE other hand, the wedding invitation card invites the people to the WEDDING. Couples usually do this. 


I hope you got the CRUX of the MATTER on both ends. 


Let’s get some REAL INFORMATION about the wedding cards. How to write and WHAT to write. 


Do’s and Don’ts of a WEDDING card 


Don’t make MISTAKES. It reflects how you wish the COUPLES. So be EFFICIENT and come up with the FOLLOWING do’s and AVOID the don’ts. 




  • Address to the COUPLE both 


Couples are GOING to have a GOOD life. It must be YOUR WISH. But wait. Don’t do that before you talk to the groom and the BRIDE. 


Therefore, write about BOTH on the wedding card. And wish them a HAPPY life. 


  • Plan EARLIER 


I know it is HARD. People are often confused about what to write on a wedding card. Whether it is a BIBLE quote or something else, plan EARLIER. Think days earlier about what you want to write and how you want to present it. 


  • Be QUICK and REAL 


Couples always keep their cards as MEMORABLE things. So be HONEST. Think rationally and write from the VENTRICLES of the HEART. 


Artificial WORDS depict the scene. Don’t do that at all. 




  • Don’t misspell their names 


Spelling is QUITE essential. A SINGLE change in the spelling can change the NAME of the COUPLES. 


People always cared about spelling. So don’t misspell the names. 

  • Don’t write stories 


Be sure and FAST. Don’t write stories. You wish the COUPLES were not telling them stories about anything. 


So your wedding card must be SHORT and to the point. 


  • Design must be GOOD 


Design is a KEY factor. Don’t be too flashy. Choose a CLASSIC design of a WEDDING card that must ATTRACT the couple at first sight. 


What to write on a WEDDING card 


Don’t know what to write on a WEDDING card? Why worry, then? 


There are many aspects of a WEDDING card. For Example: 


  • Start 

At the start, mention the NAME of the Couple. You are directly TALKING to them. 


For example, you can WRITE. 


“To Sandra and Ben”


Focus on the spelling. They play a CRUCIAL role. 


  • Body 


In the BODY, you have the MAIN points to write. 


Before writing, sort out what to write. For example: 


Congratulations on the START of a NEW chapter of life. May GOD bless you with a HAPPY life ahead. 


Thanks for inviting us to the WEDDING


  • End 


In the end, you must WRITE your name and some closing quotes. For examples: 


With Regard, 



That is how you write a wedding card. 

Final Words 

Have you gotten the ULTIMATE knowledge to write a WEDDING CARD? 


The Internet is full of QUOTE. If you don’t know, get some WISHES from GOOGLE


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