How many people should I invite to my wedding? 

Wedding plan checklist


Do you have a WEDDING around the corner? If so, you always have some QUESTIONS regarding your wedding. 


For example: 


  • When Should I marry? 
  • Whom should I marry? 
  • What date should I choose for my marriage? 
  • Whom should I invite? 
  • Will it be GOOD if I invite my friends and family only? 


These are COMMON questions. Many people have such questions before carrying out the marriage. 


There is NO SURPRISE if you have it. But the main concern is to FIND the answer. Do You have the ANSWER? 


Maybe not that is why you are at this GUIDE. Let’s find out whom you should INVITE or how you should prepare a LIST of guests to INVITE. 




Let’s READ! 


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What should you plan? 

Before you plan a WEDDING, you must know what you are doing. And all the ACTIVITIES you will do must be on the CHECKLIST. 


Here is the LIST of activities you might ENCOUNTER while planning a WEDDING. 


  • Plan a DATE 


You must have a SPECIFIC date in mind. On that day, you will disclose the WEDDING ceremony. 


Look. A WEDDING Is a BEAUTIFUL moment and GIVES you one chance in LIFE. 


Why not make it MEMORABLE


Always set a GOOD date when everyone can attend your wedding. For example, SUNDAY. That day there is a HOLIDAY so that everyone can Participate. 

  • Prepare the STAGE 


Don’t carry out an ORDINARY wedding. 


Instead, make it MORE effective and CHARMING. For This reason, you can prepare your STAGE well. 


Maybe a WEDDING professional is REQUIRED to execute the EXCELLENT preparations. 




Do you want to capture the WHOLE scenario in the eye of the CAMERA? 


If yes, hire a PHOTOGRAPHER. 


A professional PHOTOGRAPHER knows the AESTHETICS of photography. He knows how to get the RIGHT pose and apply different filters to get the BEST. 


So, it is BETTER to hire a professional wedding photographer. 


  • Get your videography DONE 


Apart from PHOTOGRAPHY, videography is QUITE important. 


You need a VIDEOGRAPHER who already has some experience. 


Visit your LOCAL studios. Get some TOP quality videographers. Settle on a PRICE. Hire them for your wedding. 


Is that EVEN hard? 


  • Hire a wedding planner if you don’t want to do everything


Do you know about wedding planners? 


What do wedding planners do? 


If not, no problem. I can help you UNDERSTAND it. 


A wedding planner is a PERSON who carries out the wedding. The Duties include setting up the wedding reception and relevant activities to get the BEST in the interests of the WEDDING. 


Whom should you invite to your wedding? 

Here is our main concern about whom you should invite to your wedding. 


I have prepared a LIST of persons you should consider while making your FINAL list of guests. 


Family and Relatives 


A wedding without FAMILY and relatives is NOTHING but a joke. 


How can you even celebrate life’s BIGGEST happiness without inviting the Blood relation members? 


Invite your grandparents, siblings, cousins, uncles, and aunties on priority. It will increase the Happiness of your LIFE. 


Want to add spiciness to your WEDDING? 


Add your friends to the guest lists too. Especially the OLD ones whom you haven’t met for a LONG time. 


They will give you some EXCITING gifts and a WAY to celebrate your happiness. 

Parents’ friends 

Parents always want to ENJOY. 


It will be insufficient if you don’t allow someone they want to. 


Ask your PARENTS. Invite All those people they want to INVITE. It Will be GOOD for them. 


A wedding without children? I can’t IMAGINE. 


Children are everything for the wedding. Their bizarre activities and disturbing nature produce EXCITEMENT. 


It makes the whole environment COOL and healthy. 


So invite them. 

Other people 

Other people are THOSE whom you want to invite. 


These can be ANYONE and everyone you love the MOST. Invite Them to your wedding. 



If your wedding is AROUND, you have to plan things properly. It is possible if you have skills, budget, and Time. 


Do you have everything to manage your WEDDING? 


MAYBE NOT. So our Jennifer Tolento wedding experts can HANDLE everything for you. What you have to do is to CALL us and let us know your 




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