What are the PRE-WEDDING EVENTS? Here is what you need to KNOW 

Pre-wedding events

Wedding is not a SINGLE event. And everyone does jump to the WEDDING directly. Instead, SOME PRE-WEDDING events are ESSENTIAL. 


If you plan to have the wedding, you MUST know each step. 


Do you know why? 


It helps you plan better and gain ADVANTAGES in comprehensive planning. Most people already have plans in MIND. While others go with the WEDDING planners to let the PROFESSIONALS have a plan for them. 


Want a COMPREHENSIVE DETAIL of pre-wedding events? Have any questions in mind? No problem. 


This GUIDE will shed light on the PRE-WEDDING events and HELP you understand them in detail. 


Are you ready? 


Let’s LEARN more. 


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Pre-wedding events



Pre refers to the BEFORE


I hope you got WHAT exactly it means when we talk the PRE-WEDDING. 


All the activities carried out before the Final wedding CEREMONY come under pre-wedding. It includes many things, such as an engagement party. The list consists of many other ACTIVITIES. You can read them all below. 

ARE THEY essential? 

Not all are ESSENTIAL. 


In actuality, it depends on the LOCAL TRADITIONS. Some people skip some of the EVENTS while others don’t. It all depends on many scenarios. 


Depending on your situation, you can DECIDE whether to skip anything or go with it. 


5 NECESSARY Pre-wedding events 


Do you want to know the DETAILS of pre-wedding events? 


Here it is. Some of the PRE-WEDDING events are as below: 


  1. Engagement Party 


We all know what an ENGAGEMENT party is. 


It is a way to show your IMPENDING wedding. People ensure the ENGAGEMENT party to show that they are COMMITTED to each other and will marry soon. 


You need to arrange it. Get the PHOTOGRAPHER to capture the pictures. However, the location of engagement can be of your CHOICE. Sometimes, it is a SPECIAL venue such as at home, or sometimes people carry it out in the LOUNGE or BARS. 


  1. Bridal’s shower 


The Bridal shower indicates everything in the Love of the bride. Usually, the parents and RELATIVES organize this event and allow the BRIDES to come. However, you can Invite guests. 


In this event, the bride opens up all the GIFTS in front of the guests. It usually carries out before the WEDDING, around a few weeks or MONTHS. 


It is not an ESSENTIAL event. The VENUE can be your FAVORITE one or chosen by the PARENTS. 


Get it over your WEDDING and enjoy! 


  1. Bachelor and bachelorette party 

It is OUTING NIGHT. I mean the TRIP at the night before the WEDDING occurs. 


The groom and BRIDE go with their FRIENDS to enjoy the Night. It is now a MORE HONORABLE venue depending on the place and LOCATION. 


Usually, it is the SPA as their FAVORITE location. Couples can also CHOOSE other areas, depending on their liking and WHAT they like. 


  1. Bridal Luncheon 


Bridal luncheon is ANOTHER pre-wedding event. 


Look, it is not ESSENTIAL. Usually, the bride invites the BRIDESMAID to assist them during the wedding. And it takes place before the WEDDING event. 


It is usually hosted in the RESTAURANT or some beautiful place. Don’t forget to hire PROFESSIONAL wedding planners to plan your events. 


The wedding planners will carry out all the TASKS and give you a RELIEF of work. 


  1. Dinner Rehearsal


Most people have the DINNER rehearsal just before the WEDDING occurs. 


You can arrange a small party inviting the SPECIAL members or the FAMILY. However, there is no SHAME if you want to ask some of your GUESTS and wish to carry out the large party. 


It is the ULTIMATE event to spend some time with your LOVED ones and share the LOVED DINNER. 


In other words, it is just a REHEARSAL for your dinner. 




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