Handmade Wedding Cards; All you must know is here! 

Wedding cards

Technology has changed everything. Handmade wedding cards are no longer a part of our lives. But people still use them to signify their wedding. 


Nowadays, we have all the technical equipment. Graphic designing apps and illustrators can create the design. Printing machined can successfully convert it into paper form. The whole process does not take time. 


So people prefer it more than anything. But do you want to create handmade wedding cards? 


If so, that is GREAT! You are strictly at the right blog. I will explain handmade wedding cards and how to create them. Moreover, you will learn about the significant points to include in a wedding card. 


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Wedding cards

What are Wedding Cards? 


We all know what wedding cards are. But the case is not that SIMPLE. You have to remove your confusion about the wedding invitation and permit cards that the visitors bring along themselves. 


If we consider the wedding cards, there is a complete suite of invitation cards concluding the directions and other essential things on a wedding. 


You will get to know more about wedding cards once you know their different components


Are handmade wedding cards a Good Choice? 


Now we know that technology has dominated. But you must have heard of an OLD QUOTE. 




It fits here perfectly. In the 20th or before, people used to write wedding cards by their hand. There was no CONCEPT of digital machines to compile the words and add the design to get a FASCINATING wedding card. 


If you want to give a wedding a classic touch, get handmade wedding cards. These will boost your wedding and give the guests a more practical way and even nostalgia. 

What are the different components of a wedding card? 


A wedding card is not just a SIMPLE card for inviting people to the wedding. Instead, it comprises multiple types of cards. A full suite of wedding cards is explained below to help you understand more about it. 


  • Main Invite 


How do you tell your friends about the wedding? 


You tell them about the wedding date and location, right? 


The same case is here. The main invite is a vital part of your wedding card. So don’t neglect it. Write the following things: 


  • Host Name, including the couple’s name
  • Location of the wedding 
  • When will the wedding take place? 
  • What time will the wedding take place?


All these parts of the main invite highlight preliminary information about the wedding. 

  • Entourage Card 


Entourage card is not used everywhere. It might include the: 


  • List of all the wedding parties 
  • Timing of the wedding parties with the dates. 


It shows respect for the guests and a direct invitation to the pre-wedding parties and wedding parties. 


You can use this format to create your card. 

  • RSVP card 


RSVP cards are a particular type of card. The word originates from the French word, 


répondez, s’il vous plaît 


In English, it refers to the Reply. 


That means an RSVP card serves the purpose of getting the attendance of the visitors. Guests have to confirm whether they are attending the wedding or not. It comprises different parts. 


  • Reserved seats if there are limited people invited to the wedding and going to attend it. 
  • Reply date to get a response from the person within the given time.
  • Contact of the person who wants to invite you to the party.


RSVP cards are essential in understanding the number of people attending the wedding party. 

  • Envelope


Is your card ready? 


Get an envelope and make it tie everything. The envelope might contain some good words. But most people just use it to bind things and send them to the guests for their presence at the wedding. 




Do you have a wedding around the corner? Maybe you need a wedding expert to help write the wedding cards and send them to your special guests. 


Is that so? 


Contact Jennifer Tolento Events, the wedding planner. We are the BEST in New Jersey and can promptly accomplish your tasks. Our experts have years of experience and know-how to deliver the BEST at a wedding. 


Call us to get the FREE QUOTE! 


What are the PRE-WEDDING EVENTS? Here is what you need to KNOW 

Pre-wedding events

Wedding is not a SINGLE event. And everyone does jump to the WEDDING directly. Instead, SOME PRE-WEDDING events are ESSENTIAL. 


If you plan to have the wedding, you MUST know each step. 


Do you know why? 


It helps you plan better and gain ADVANTAGES in comprehensive planning. Most people already have plans in MIND. While others go with the WEDDING planners to let the PROFESSIONALS have a plan for them. 


Want a COMPREHENSIVE DETAIL of pre-wedding events? Have any questions in mind? No problem. 


This GUIDE will shed light on the PRE-WEDDING events and HELP you understand them in detail. 


Are you ready? 


Let’s LEARN more. 


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Pre-wedding events



Pre refers to the BEFORE


I hope you got WHAT exactly it means when we talk the PRE-WEDDING. 


All the activities carried out before the Final wedding CEREMONY come under pre-wedding. It includes many things, such as an engagement party. The list consists of many other ACTIVITIES. You can read them all below. 

ARE THEY essential? 

Not all are ESSENTIAL. 


In actuality, it depends on the LOCAL TRADITIONS. Some people skip some of the EVENTS while others don’t. It all depends on many scenarios. 


Depending on your situation, you can DECIDE whether to skip anything or go with it. 


5 NECESSARY Pre-wedding events 


Do you want to know the DETAILS of pre-wedding events? 


Here it is. Some of the PRE-WEDDING events are as below: 


  1. Engagement Party 


We all know what an ENGAGEMENT party is. 


It is a way to show your IMPENDING wedding. People ensure the ENGAGEMENT party to show that they are COMMITTED to each other and will marry soon. 


You need to arrange it. Get the PHOTOGRAPHER to capture the pictures. However, the location of engagement can be of your CHOICE. Sometimes, it is a SPECIAL venue such as at home, or sometimes people carry it out in the LOUNGE or BARS. 


  1. Bridal’s shower 


The Bridal shower indicates everything in the Love of the bride. Usually, the parents and RELATIVES organize this event and allow the BRIDES to come. However, you can Invite guests. 


In this event, the bride opens up all the GIFTS in front of the guests. It usually carries out before the WEDDING, around a few weeks or MONTHS. 


It is not an ESSENTIAL event. The VENUE can be your FAVORITE one or chosen by the PARENTS. 


Get it over your WEDDING and enjoy! 


  1. Bachelor and bachelorette party 

It is OUTING NIGHT. I mean the TRIP at the night before the WEDDING occurs. 


The groom and BRIDE go with their FRIENDS to enjoy the Night. It is now a MORE HONORABLE venue depending on the place and LOCATION. 


Usually, it is the SPA as their FAVORITE location. Couples can also CHOOSE other areas, depending on their liking and WHAT they like. 


  1. Bridal Luncheon 


Bridal luncheon is ANOTHER pre-wedding event. 


Look, it is not ESSENTIAL. Usually, the bride invites the BRIDESMAID to assist them during the wedding. And it takes place before the WEDDING event. 


It is usually hosted in the RESTAURANT or some beautiful place. Don’t forget to hire PROFESSIONAL wedding planners to plan your events. 


The wedding planners will carry out all the TASKS and give you a RELIEF of work. 


  1. Dinner Rehearsal


Most people have the DINNER rehearsal just before the WEDDING occurs. 


You can arrange a small party inviting the SPECIAL members or the FAMILY. However, there is no SHAME if you want to ask some of your GUESTS and wish to carry out the large party. 


It is the ULTIMATE event to spend some time with your LOVED ones and share the LOVED DINNER. 


In other words, it is just a REHEARSAL for your dinner. 




Do you need, someone, to arrange all the events for you? I mean the PROFESSIONALS. 


If yes, you directly need to contact our WEDDING PLANNERS. Here are some reasons to choose us: 


  • Years of EXPERTISE in arranging WEDDINGS and pre-wedding parties. 
  • Access to flawless PREPARATIONS. 
  • Affordable wedding plans upon your REQUEST 


Want to know more about our WEDDING planning services? Call us at JENNIFER TOLENTO to get the APPOINTMENT. 


What to write on a WEDDING card? 

Wedding card

Do you have a WEDDING around? Wait? You are looking for a WEDDING card, then. Am I right? 


A wedding is a BEAUTIFUL start to a NEW life. That is the MOST crucial part of someone’s life. People always try to be the BEST and GOOD when starting their wedding. They want to exhibit EXTRAORDINARY skills by hiring a PROFESSIONAL wedding planner. 


Among all these things, there is ONE important thing. Do you know what that is? 


It is a WEDDING CARD. Maybe you have already attended some weddings and given the CARDS to the couples. But people are ALWAYS confused about what to write. When to write? And HOW do you write a WEDDING card? 


Suppose that is the CASE with you, no PROBLEM. This guide is FOR YOU. Get to the END. Read the WHOLE guide. 




Let’s GO. 


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Wedding cardsWedding card

What is a WEDDING CARD? 


Look. Wedding cards and wedding INVITATION cards; are both DIFFERENT things with different subjects. So be QUICK and know what you want to write. 


The wedding card congratulates the COUPLE on the wedding and GIVES well wishes for the FUTURE. People come up to the wedding and give the Cards to the couple. 


ON THE other hand, the wedding invitation card invites the people to the WEDDING. Couples usually do this. 


I hope you got the CRUX of the MATTER on both ends. 


Let’s get some REAL INFORMATION about the wedding cards. How to write and WHAT to write. 


Do’s and Don’ts of a WEDDING card 


Don’t make MISTAKES. It reflects how you wish the COUPLES. So be EFFICIENT and come up with the FOLLOWING do’s and AVOID the don’ts. 




  • Address to the COUPLE both 


Couples are GOING to have a GOOD life. It must be YOUR WISH. But wait. Don’t do that before you talk to the groom and the BRIDE. 


Therefore, write about BOTH on the wedding card. And wish them a HAPPY life. 


  • Plan EARLIER 


I know it is HARD. People are often confused about what to write on a wedding card. Whether it is a BIBLE quote or something else, plan EARLIER. Think days earlier about what you want to write and how you want to present it. 


  • Be QUICK and REAL 


Couples always keep their cards as MEMORABLE things. So be HONEST. Think rationally and write from the VENTRICLES of the HEART. 


Artificial WORDS depict the scene. Don’t do that at all. 




  • Don’t misspell their names 


Spelling is QUITE essential. A SINGLE change in the spelling can change the NAME of the COUPLES. 


People always cared about spelling. So don’t misspell the names. 

  • Don’t write stories 


Be sure and FAST. Don’t write stories. You wish the COUPLES were not telling them stories about anything. 


So your wedding card must be SHORT and to the point. 


  • Design must be GOOD 


Design is a KEY factor. Don’t be too flashy. Choose a CLASSIC design of a WEDDING card that must ATTRACT the couple at first sight. 


What to write on a WEDDING card 


Don’t know what to write on a WEDDING card? Why worry, then? 


There are many aspects of a WEDDING card. For Example: 


  • Start 

At the start, mention the NAME of the Couple. You are directly TALKING to them. 


For example, you can WRITE. 


“To Sandra and Ben”


Focus on the spelling. They play a CRUCIAL role. 


  • Body 


In the BODY, you have the MAIN points to write. 


Before writing, sort out what to write. For example: 


Congratulations on the START of a NEW chapter of life. May GOD bless you with a HAPPY life ahead. 


Thanks for inviting us to the WEDDING


  • End 


In the end, you must WRITE your name and some closing quotes. For examples: 


With Regard, 



That is how you write a wedding card. 

Final Words 

Have you gotten the ULTIMATE knowledge to write a WEDDING CARD? 


The Internet is full of QUOTE. If you don’t know, get some WISHES from GOOGLE


Do you want some professionals to plan your wedding? If That is the CASE, we are there to assist. Jennifer Tolento wedding planner, has years of EXPERIENCE in planning the wedding. 


Get us right away. 


How many people should I invite to my wedding? 



Do you have a WEDDING around the corner? If so, you always have some QUESTIONS regarding your wedding. 


For example: 


  • When Should I marry? 
  • Whom should I marry? 
  • What date should I choose for my marriage? 
  • Whom should I invite? 
  • Will it be GOOD if I invite my friends and family only? 


These are COMMON questions. Many people have such questions before carrying out the marriage. 


There is NO SURPRISE if you have it. But the main concern is to FIND the answer. Do You have the ANSWER? 


Maybe not that is why you are at this GUIDE. Let’s find out whom you should INVITE or how you should prepare a LIST of guests to INVITE. 




Let’s READ! 


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What should you plan? 

Before you plan a WEDDING, you must know what you are doing. And all the ACTIVITIES you will do must be on the CHECKLIST. 


Here is the LIST of activities you might ENCOUNTER while planning a WEDDING. 


  • Plan a DATE 


You must have a SPECIFIC date in mind. On that day, you will disclose the WEDDING ceremony. 


Look. A WEDDING Is a BEAUTIFUL moment and GIVES you one chance in LIFE. 


Why not make it MEMORABLE


Always set a GOOD date when everyone can attend your wedding. For example, SUNDAY. That day there is a HOLIDAY so that everyone can Participate. 

  • Prepare the STAGE 


Don’t carry out an ORDINARY wedding. 


Instead, make it MORE effective and CHARMING. For This reason, you can prepare your STAGE well. 


Maybe a WEDDING professional is REQUIRED to execute the EXCELLENT preparations. 




Do you want to capture the WHOLE scenario in the eye of the CAMERA? 


If yes, hire a PHOTOGRAPHER. 


A professional PHOTOGRAPHER knows the AESTHETICS of photography. He knows how to get the RIGHT pose and apply different filters to get the BEST. 


So, it is BETTER to hire a professional wedding photographer. 


  • Get your videography DONE 


Apart from PHOTOGRAPHY, videography is QUITE important. 


You need a VIDEOGRAPHER who already has some experience. 


Visit your LOCAL studios. Get some TOP quality videographers. Settle on a PRICE. Hire them for your wedding. 


Is that EVEN hard? 


  • Hire a wedding planner if you don’t want to do everything


Do you know about wedding planners? 


What do wedding planners do? 


If not, no problem. I can help you UNDERSTAND it. 


A wedding planner is a PERSON who carries out the wedding. The Duties include setting up the wedding reception and relevant activities to get the BEST in the interests of the WEDDING. 


Whom should you invite to your wedding? 

Here is our main concern about whom you should invite to your wedding. 


I have prepared a LIST of persons you should consider while making your FINAL list of guests. 


Family and Relatives 


A wedding without FAMILY and relatives is NOTHING but a joke. 


How can you even celebrate life’s BIGGEST happiness without inviting the Blood relation members? 


Invite your grandparents, siblings, cousins, uncles, and aunties on priority. It will increase the Happiness of your LIFE. 


Want to add spiciness to your WEDDING? 


Add your friends to the guest lists too. Especially the OLD ones whom you haven’t met for a LONG time. 


They will give you some EXCITING gifts and a WAY to celebrate your happiness. 

Parents’ friends 

Parents always want to ENJOY. 


It will be insufficient if you don’t allow someone they want to. 


Ask your PARENTS. Invite All those people they want to INVITE. It Will be GOOD for them. 


A wedding without children? I can’t IMAGINE. 


Children are everything for the wedding. Their bizarre activities and disturbing nature produce EXCITEMENT. 


It makes the whole environment COOL and healthy. 


So invite them. 

Other people 

Other people are THOSE whom you want to invite. 


These can be ANYONE and everyone you love the MOST. Invite Them to your wedding. 



If your wedding is AROUND, you have to plan things properly. It is possible if you have skills, budget, and Time. 


Do you have everything to manage your WEDDING? 


MAYBE NOT. So our Jennifer Tolento wedding experts can HANDLE everything for you. What you have to do is to CALL us and let us know your 




How much does a wedding planner make?

Wedding planner

A wedding planner is an integral part of any wedding. If any couple has married, preparations can be tiresome, and it is to get the wedding planner to get everything ready for you.

Do you have the same plans for your next wedding? Wait. You must find a wedding planner.

However, some people have an interest in learning planning skills.

Do you know who the article is for?

It is for wedding planners and current plans for your wedding.

Want to know more?

Let’s get started.

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Wedding planner

What is a wedding planner?

Before going to the wedding planner, let me give you an example.

Suppose you have a wedding next week. What will you do?

Make arrangements. Send the invitation cards to the guests. And everything else like that. Am I right?

Expect the same thing from a wedding planner.

But a wedding planner charges a fee, unlike the wedding arrangements you do for your marriage.

So, what exactly a wedding planner is?

A wedding planner is a professional who carries out all the plans and arrangements before and after the marriage. You can find professionals around the location. Even in every city or country, such planners are available.

What you have to do is to find the BEST wedding planners. Test their skills. And decide whether they are the best fit for you or not.

What can you expect from a wedding planner?


There are many things you can expect from a wedding planner.

Here are particular scenarios to understand how the wedding planner can help you.

  • Pre-wedding arrangements

Pre-wedding means before the wedding.

Such preparations include all the scenarios that are before the decided date of the wedding. For example, if you have the wedding ten days after today, the marriage from today to the day of marriage will be the pre-marriage arrangements.

I hope you got the concept of pre-wedding.

A pre-wedding scenario includes many tasks in handling the situation—for example, the ordering of the invitation cards, the planning of the different activities, etc.

All these tasks are pretty essential and guarantee the wedding of a person.

  • Wedding arrangements

The arrangements on the wedding day.

Such arrangements include the settings of the stage, getting ready for the photographer’s hiring, and considering critical relevant activities to accomplish the marriage.

Usually, the wedding planners are CURIOUS at this stage. They learn new skills. Determine how to manage everything in a SHORT BUDGET but at the best time.

So, wedding arrangements are QUITE EFFECTIVE in determining the overall activities.

  • Post-wedding scenario

Has the wedding been conducted successfully? Your task hasn’t ended yet.

You have to consider many other jobs that must be done. For example, the removal of all the mess you have created. You can hire a cleaner and charge the wedding couples for everything.

Suppose you have done that already; simply great. You can move on to the business journey.

How much does a wedding planner make?

A wedding planner has an estimate of the pricing. The TASK is not so easy. For example, if you are bound to a wedding for a month or so, how will you feel?

So, could you not take it a very easy task.

Remember. Estimating the overall cost of the wedding planner is not easier. The earnings of the wedding planners depend on:

  • The area has local prices.
  • The expertise of the wedding planner with the relevant skills.
  • How much time does a wedding take?

If you know all the factors, it is not difficult to ESTIMATE the overall cost.

In the US, the wedding planner’s salary ranges from $19000 to $559000 per year.

Again, it depends on the expertise and many other factors.

Take a look at the statistics here.

Final Words

Do you need a wedding planner? No problem. We have the TOP PROFESSIONALS for you. No second thought. They will accomplish all the TASKS in time and would consider the BEST of your wedding.

Jennifer Tolento can hold all the preparations. Get the BEST ARRANGEMENTS—all at the BEST POSSIBLE rates. Want to know more?

Call us right away to get the appointment and the BEST AFFORDABLE prices we can charge for your wedding.


How to be your wedding planner? Quick Guide

How to be your wedding planner

Do you have a marriage around the corner? Want to know how to be your wedding planner? Want to save some bucks? Do you like to learn new skills?

If yes, this article is for you. What you will learn:

  • How to be your wedding planner?
  • What you will do.
  • How you will do.
  • Checklist of the wedding.
  • Step-by-step access to premium skills

Ready to learn something new?

Let’s learn to manage the wedding and how to be your wedding planner.

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How to be your wedding planner

What exactly is a WEDDING PLANNER?

A wedding planner is a PROFESSIONAL who handles all the tasks related to wedding planning.

From day one to the last day, it is the WEDDING PLANNER who controls every related to the management of the wedding.

An important question arises; is the wedding planner essential for the WEDDING?

Yes. You have to set up all the things. Can you do it on your own? If yes, that would save you the COST. 

In this article, we will learn how to do that.

What are the essentials of the wedding?

Wedding plans include multiple activities to do before doing anything. For example, deciding the wedding date, considering the number of guests, and distributing the invitations.

I have listed several essentials to do before conducting a marriage. To be your wedding planner, you must learn about them.

  • Plans before marriage

Before marriage, some CRUCIAL TASKS are included. 

These are:

  • Fixing the date of the marriage
  • Putting an estimate of the guests
  • Booking the printers to prepare the specific number of invitation cards

These activities are served months before and are QUITE IMPORTANT.

Your guest will get disappointed in you if you don’t have enough invitation cards to invite them.

  • Plans during marriage

Wedding planning during the marriage is also IMPORTANT.

It includes:

  • Arranging all the tasks related to the marriage. 
  • Setting up the stage
  • Putting on the essential photographers and videographers for recording the videos


Many other activities are also part of these plans. A good wedding planner can turn out the BEST at all these parts.

  • Plans after marriage

Post-wedding plans can be the clearing up the waste.

Wedding planners do A to Z planning on each step and put their best efforts into getting the BEST.

Tips to be your wedding planner

Want to be a WEDDING PLANNER of your wedding?

Here are some tips to successfully handle all the TASKS of your wedding.

  • Learn the BASIC SKILLS

You must learn the BASIC skills to plan a wedding. You can even go for an internship with the experts.

Know the basic plans and skills to implement each plan.

Is that even HARD?

  • UNDERSTAND the marriage needs

What is a marriage?

A long-term and beautiful relationship, right?

Why not make it more memorable?

It is what every professional thinks of when starting their carrier in wedding planning. From A to Z, you must know what the are requirements of your marriage and how you are going to handle every task.

Ultimately, you will get more and expect more from your preparations.

  • List the essentials you would need in a marriage


Essential factors or checklist is the BASE of the marriage. For example, if you have to arrange the invitation cards, go to the new printing shop, book your order, and set a budget limit.

By doing all these tasks, you’ll feel more confident and get more skills in handling all the jobs on your own.

  • Implement the skills


Learned the skills?

Implement them. Everything is EASIER. You have to plan each and everything creatively. 


Let’s go and rock in your marriage.



How is the guide about how to be your wedding planner?

Is it hard for you to become a wedding planner? Or you don’t have the time?

If this is the CASE, you might need someone who can handle the wedding planning tasks. Is that so?

Contact Jennifer Tolento, the Wedding planner. Our experts procure years of expertise in arranging each wedding activity and know how to settle for a specific budget.

Are you waiting for what?

Hit us a call to get your APPOINTMENT and start planning by today.


Where do you get the Christmas wedding planner?

Christmas wedding planner

Are you planning a wedding? If you are having a wedding in the Christmas days, you might need a Christmas wedding planner.

Wedding is an essential aspect of our lives. We can not ignore it as such. So, we must plan appropriately, invite our guests, and conduct the WEDDING.

Have you done everything? I mean the WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS. If yes, that is great. You can go by yourself this time too.

If you haven’t done that earlier, you need a WEDDING planner. A wedding planner is a PROFESSIONAL who will carry out all the services for you.

In this guide, we will learn how you get the Christmas wedding planner and what jobs it will do.  

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Christmas wedding planner

What is Christmas Wedding Planner?

A Christmas wedding planner is a professional who sets up the wedding at Christmas.

Weddings carried in the Christmas season are the Christmas wedding. Not all PEOPLE do marriages in such seasons.

It depends on your PROFESSIONALS whether they provide services in such a season.

Do all wedding planner offer such services? 


Some companies and professionals might offer such services. So, you have to hire the professionals who provide such services. 

If they don’t, it might be difficult for you to continue.

However, you can find many professionals offering such services.

What does a Christmas Wedding planner do?

Do you know what a WEDDING planner does? 

Nothing special. As usual. The complete arrangement relies on the wedding planner.

However, I have listed some tasks a wedding planner can handle.

  • Plan the wedding theme

A wedding is not about chasing your life’s dreams ( I mean marrying your partner). Instead, it is more than that. 

Since marrying is a CRUCIAL event, you have to make it memorable. And a Wedding planner adds life to it.

A wedding planner can take up all the tasks related to the wedding theme and get the wedding conducted.

  • Check out the invitation cards

To Whom to send the card? Where to send the invitation cards? The printing process and everything else are part of Christmas wedding plans.

A wedding planner deals with all the tasks like printing and distributing the cards to the people.

  • Give attention to minute details in the wedding

Stage arrangements and relevant things are also crucial in setting up the marriage.

A professional wedding planner deals with all these tasks and handles them professionally. What you expect is the unique marriage ceremony held at your home. 

Where do you get the Christmas Wedding Planner?

Many WAYS. Even ANY WAY. You can try WHATEVER method you get on the go.

Before HIRING THE PROFESSIONALS, you have to filter them out and choose the BEST ONE fitting your requirements.

Here are some methods to CHOOSE the best wedding planner for your marriage.

  • Contact Friends

Have your friends recently hired wedding planners? Not?

No problem. You can still try multiple ways to carry out your wedding.

Maybe your friend knows the TOP wedding planner. You can get a list of them.

  • Search on Google

What can be better than GOOGLE, where you get all the services? No matter what type of professionals you are looking for, you can get them at GOOGLE.

Visit Google, search the local wedding planners, and get a contacts list. You can contact them, filter out the TOP planners and hire them for your marriage. The whole process is SMOOTH and EFFICIENT.

  • Find out Jennifer Tolento EVENTS Experts

Have you ever heard about us? Maybe yes. If you live in New Jersey, US, you might already know us.

Get customer reviews and judge our skills based on the PROFESSIONAL SKILLS.

Our professionals have years of experience and know how to arrange the whole wedding more attractively and favorably.

Final Words

Have you got your Christmas wedding planner? It is DIFFICULT. But why get tired when you can filter them out? 

Get multiple random Wedding planners and check out the best one based on PROFESSIONAL SKILLS and PRICING.

Our Jennifer Tolento Wedding experts offer QUALITY wedding planning at AFFORDABLE prices. 

Are you still waiting? But why?

Let’s hit the call button and get them connected with the US!


What is the Wedding Planner Checklist? 8 Essential Things to do

Wedding Planner Checklist

What is the Wedding Planner Checklist? 8 Essential Things to d 

I do. You do. Almost everyone does. I am talking about marriage. That’s where you should consider the wedding planner checklist.

In which month is your wedding planned?

Before a wedding, you have to consider many things. All of them are essential and point to the possibility of the task you would require.

Wedding planners can help you out significantly. If you want to know more about the wedding planner checklist, wait here.

This blog will mention all the top 10 things you need for your wedding.

Wedding weWedding Planner Checklist

  • Buy an engagement ring

Going for a marriage?

How can you go without engagement? And how will you go for an engagement without a ring?

A trilogy.

You can check out the latest versions of the engagement rings and find something special for your partner. It will indicate your love and excitement for the marriage.

Find the best. Something that touches the heart. Something from the depth of the heady.


  • Determine the budget

Budget. Budget. Budget.

Without a budget, you can’t even move your leg.

Therefore, you must have a proper allocation of budget.

List the expenditures, determine how many bucks you need for every task, and move strategically. In the end, you will be delighted to settle down the dust.

  • Whom do you want to invite?

Whom will you invite?

Your friends, right? Family.

Make a list. So, it will be easy to remember and distribute the invitation cards to the members.

Take your time. Get the responsibility.

You should allocate the budget for this step also.

  • Select Venue

Venue. Do you know what it is?

The venue is a crucial step while carrying out your wedding plans. In short, it is a location such as marriage halls for planning the wedding settings.

Have you decided on that?

Not yet, right? No problem. You can carefully research and visit the nearby marriage halls if they fit your needs, good. You can hire them, plan your wedding, and prepare for it.

  • Decide on the overall theme

The theme defines the wedding. Theme attracts the people. The theme determines the taste of the design.

Don’t you want to go for a good impression? If not, it is your choice. You are wasting your time.

If you are looking for a great wedding, filter the themes. Choose at least 100s of themes, get the best one based on different features, and check out multiple features that are best for your wedding.

Are you still waiting? Check out online websites. 

You can even get ideas from your friends about the themes.

  • Hire a wedding planner

The wedding planner is a good addition.

A wedding planner is a professional who does all the jobs for you. And what are these jobs? These can be:

  • Planning the wedding according to your requirements.
  • Considering the major factors that are important to your marriage.
  • Settling on a venue date with your help.

Every task you do can also be part of your wedding planner. A good wedding planner is always cost-effective and provides the best way to save some bucks.

Every plan by a wedding planner can also reduce costs.

So, it is better to choose someone who is best at this job.

  • Specify the budget for your videographers

Are you planning videography for your wedding?

Videographers are essential components in that case. You should hire the videographers and get a list of pricing.

You can negotiate the price.

  • Hire the musicians

Music can add colors to your wedding. Why not try professional musicians?

You can hire professional signers and musical instrument experts to get their services. You will save some bucks on this part, also.

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Final Words:

As we mentioned, there is also a need for a wedding planner on your checklist. Don’t you want to hire them?

So, who is the best?

Who else can it be except a professional team? Our team of Jennifer Tolento Events experts has years of experience. We will settle down the whole scenario for you. Hit us a call right away!

What is the cost of a wedding planner?

Cost of a Wedding planner

Are you considering the wedding planner for your wedding? If yes, knowing the cost of a wedding planner is crucial to know. Do you know why? Because you need to allocate a specific budget from the total expenses. Doing marriage has higher expenses than you can imagine. So, you have to spend to prevent a shortage of money wisely.

Different types of expenses calculate the total cost. So, do you want to know all the factors? No problem! This guide is for you. In this article, we will explore the cost of a wedding planner and determine what a wedding does.

Let’s dive deep into this topic.

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What is a wedding planner?

If you are planning a wedding, many tasks are on the list. You must determine the lists of tasks, ensure you carry out all those tasks and give problem settings to the weddings.

Wedding planners are professionals who manage all the wedding tasks for you. A wedding planner comes up with various concepts, proposes ideas, and gives a professional touch to the wedding scenario. The wedding reception scene looks more aesthetics. 

Before understanding the cost of a wedding planner, we must know what a wedding planner does. 

What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner can do the following important tasks. These are:

  • Plan!

Wedding planners have the plans. Based on their years of experience, you can expect better touch with all your tasks.

A wedding planner helps couples get a list of things to purchase. Moreover, they have a list of vendors to order the events’ inventory. So, you can get the best materials at fair costs.

  • Save Money!

Since the professionals do two things:

  • They significantly reduce the research time for planning an event.
  • They help contact the vendors, negotiate the price, and get the best prices for your project.

As the professionals negotiate the price, find the best vendors, and help you get the best inventory at lower rates, you can get the products.

  • Vision and Decor!

Do you have an idea for your decor and wedding event? If yes, you can propose it to the wedding planner. Relying on your requirements, the wedding planner will help you chase the vision and decor. So, they are crucial components in planning events.

  • Organize Documents

Documents, bills, and relevant things are important when you get an idea of total expenditures. Wedding planners make it easy to find the best way to collect the products, get the bills, and keep them aside.

  • Manage details

Wedding planners manage all the details. From a single expenditure to planning all the essentials is the planner’s task. It reduces your burden and makes things better for you.

What does include in the wedding planner fee?

A wedding planner fee includes the costs for many things. Here are the following points to know the wedding planner fee.

  • Assist with stationery design and printing 
  • Assist in venue scouting and negotiations
  • Assist in vendor sourcing, interviewing, and negotiations 
  • RSVP and guest list management
  • Floral design, florist interviews, and proposal reviews 
  • Rental recommendation and sourcing 
  • Rain contingency plan
  • Catering negotiation, communication, and menu development
  • Timeline management
  • Wedding day staffing, pre-production, and post-production management

How to calculate the cost of a wedding planner?

The cost of a wedding planner can be different depending on whether the planner charges an hourly fee or a percentage of the wedding. Some even charge a flat fee for the wedding.

Here are multiple points about the wedding.

  • Percentage Fee

The percentage fee varies for every planner. It can either be high or low, depending on various wedding planners.

Usually, the average fee is 15 percent of the wedding. Some might charge a lower percentage while others might charge a higher one.

  • Flat Fee

A flat fee is usually a fixed price. In the US, most wedding planner fees start from $2500 and increase depending on the experience and company.

Final Words

A wedding is a crucial event in the life of a couple. You can consider the wedding costs depending on various factors as given above. However, if you want to hire a wedding planner, we have professional planners at fair prices.

We will help you manage the wedding, plan all the essentials, and conduct the event without any flaws. Contact Jennifer Tolento Events to help us know your requirements.

6 Life-changing Wedding Plan Norms for Couple

wedding stress

 6 Life-changing Wedding Plan Norms for Couple

You might feel overwhelmed during wedding plan norms; yes, it is pretty standard.

While many engaged couples turn to wedding planners to make their event the best, plenty of people also choose to handle the majority of the work themselves. It’s a lot of extra details, but you can organize the wedding of your dreams on your own, whether you’re on a limited budget or adore all the DIY options.

However, you must prepare, when dealing with wedding plan norms, decisions, to-do lists, deadlines, and other aspects of daily life. Somehow, your first order of business is to set aside plenty of time for the wedding preparations. In this case, a longer time frame will help you out; try to shoot for at least a year. Involve your partner at this stage as well; it’s essential. The wedding should reflect the two of you as a unit.

Wedding Plan Norms

What are the top wedding plan norms?

The most crucial thing during wedding plan norms is to enjoy yourself. Remember, it’s your wedding day. Focus instead on the big picture: marrying the love of your life in front of your closest friends and family. Check out some top aspects:

1.      Establish and adhere to a realistic wedding budget:

When planning your wedding, your budget is one of the first things to focus on. Talk to any potential contributors about how much they can afford to give. Many couples are unpleasantly surprised when they begin to budget for their wedding day and discover the true extent of the expenses they’ll incur. Don’t stray from your goal number after you’ve reached it.

2.      Make a To-Do List for the Big Day:

Talk to your future spouse and decide on the top three features of your wedding. Does it have to do with the wedding date or the location? Reserving a particular photographer or live band for the big day? Focus on the specifics and be flexible with the rest. With this wedding plan norms strategy, you can keep costs down and direct attention where needed.

3.      Engage Your Loved One:

The wedding planning process might be stressful, but you shouldn’t go it alone. Talk to your future spouse as you go along; their input will likely be necessary, and having them participate in any manner will make the wedding plan norms process more enjoyable. By tackling problems together, you and your spouse strengthen your relationship and benefit individually.

4.      Make a Comprehensive To-Do List:

Our comprehensive wedding planning checklist and timetable help you stay organized and on top of things. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, this will assist in visualizing and prioritizing objectives.

In order to avoid being limited while trying to book the wedding venue and vendors, selecting many potential dates for the wedding is advisable and being as flexible as possible. Think about how accessible certain days are for your guests, the venue’s cost, and how popular those dates are with other weddings.

5.      Think About an “On-Site” Wedding:

An “off-site” wedding takes place in a location that does not provide catering services, such as a public park, beach, or field. Having your wedding at a hotel or restaurant will significantly simplify the planning process because they will likely have various catering options available.

Sometimes it helps to pick an idea to plan your wedding around, whether it be specific wedding colors, seasonal or style inspiration, or an actual theme. An unmistakable style, making design decisions and achieving a uniform appearance is much simpler.

6.      Explore a Variety of Locations:

Before signing on the dotted line at your preferable wedding and reception location, make sure you have shopped around and compared their rates, packages, and constraints (such as minimum budget spend or guest count). Keep looking at other viewpoints even if you find a venue and package pricing. Before settling on a price, it’s a good idea to shop around and check what other places in your area are charging.

Sum up

The above are 6 wedding plan norms that you need to consider. Embrace the moment and let the love wash over you; you’re getting married! If there are minor flaws, don’t sweat it. What will people who visit your home notice right away? An anxious couple have many things-to-do before the big day. When your wedding day finally arrives, it’s essential to take things easy and savor every minute with your loved ones.