Luxurious Weddings In New Jersey

Luxury And Higher-end Weddings In New Jersey

Unveiling Elegance: Luxury Wedding New Jersey

Are you looking to get married but can’t stand the thought of a standard wedding? If yes, you’re in the right place!

Welcome to Jennifer Tolento Events, a luxury wedding planning company that’s been planning luxurious weddings in New Jersey and beyond for over a decade. 

We know how to transform grand visions into reality that surpasses expectations with our;

  • Exquisite wedding venue selections
  • Exceptional designs (that weave wedding dreams into reality)
  • Highly bespoke experiences (that meet the most demanding desires)
  • Culinary delights (that tantalize the most demanding palates)
  • Dream destination weddings in the most stunning locations

And more! Choose us, relax, and savor your engagement period while we seamlessly manage all aspects of your luxurious wedding. Begin your story with an unforgettable celebration of abundance. But first things first;

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    What’s A Luxurious Wedding?

    Luxurious weddings go beyond traditional wedding celebrations. There is an unmatched desire to create a truly extraordinary event. Luxurious weddings are more extravagant, more sophisticated, and more personalized to offer truly unforgettable experiences. 

    While luxury is subjective and goes beyond price, we strive to offer experiences that feel opulent, are highly personalized, and unforgettable for both couples and their guests.

    Luxury And Higher-end Weddings In New Jersey

    Should You Have a Luxurious Wedding? Pros and Cons of a Luxury Wedding

    Luxurious weddings go beyond traditional wedding celebrations. There is an unmatched desire to create a truly extraordinary event. Luxurious weddings are more extravagant, more sophisticated, and more personalized to offer truly unforgettable experiences. 

    While luxury is subjective and goes beyond price, we strive to offer experiences that feel opulent, are highly personalized, and unforgettable for both couples and their guests.

    Main Pros

    1. Dream wedding experience: A luxurious wedding gives you a unique chance to create a truly magical and unforgettable day with a breathtaking venue, stellar decor, exquisite food, high-end vendors, and other lavish details.
    2. Zero compromises: A high-end wedding lets you get everything you envisioned and more without budgetary limitations. There’s nothing that is out of reach when you set out to do a luxurious or big wedding.
    3. Picture-perfect moments: Notable elements of luxurious weddings, like breathtaking venues, stellar decor, high-end vendors, and other lavish details, offer perfect opportunities for taking stunning photos and videos and capturing the magnificence of the event.
    4. Potential financial pros: Guests at a luxurious wedding love to give generously. A well-planned lavish wedding will attract more than gifts i.e., it can be featured in publications, channels and even attract sponsorship opportunities.

    5. “Awe” your loved ones: The feeling of seeing friends and loved ones truly happy and blown away is priceless. A lavish wedding creates a unique experience that your family and family will remember for years.

    Probable Cons

    1. Cost: High-end weddings are costly and may come at the expense of other financial goals if you haven’t planned accordingly.
    2. Planning challenges: The level of detail and coordination required can be overwhelming. However, this con can be dealt with by hiring the best luxury wedding planner you can find.

    3. Focus can shift: A poorly executed high-end wedding may end up being all about the extravagance and less of the true essence of a wedding day – celebrating love.


    Our Take!

    It is possible to have a luxurious wedding that doesn’t come out as excessive by focusing on the experience in equal measure i.e., lavish decor, while also splurging on live entertainment and activities for guests. 

    Cons like cost can also be contained by focusing on different types of luxurious weddings over others i.e. an intimate destination wedding over a big luxurious wedding.

    At Jennifer Tolento Events, we know how to plan lavish weddings minus the common cons. Let’s discuss your concerns.

    The Best New Jersey Wedding Venues

    New Jersey has an abundance of spectacular wedding venues. Here are some great, highly-rated NJ wedding venues that deliver VIP experiences.

    If you dream of an elegant chateau wedding that is timeless and classic, Park Chateau in East Brunswick offers this and more. Since 2017, this French-inspired chateau has hosted some of the most luxurious NJ weddings. Prepare for great client experience, gorgeous grounds, groom suites, impressive ballroom, and more.

    This 15-acre estate offers timeless elegance and unmatched romance. The classic french countryside setting promises luxurious unforgettable celebrations. Get everything from french-inspired grandeur thanks to charming turrets, manicured laws, cascading fountains and more. 

    The venue also offers high-end versatility. Weddings can be held under a gazebo surrounded by greenery or in an opulent ballroom. Other choices include a tranquil lily pond or flagstone terrace. The culinary delights and impeccable service also stand out.

    Park Chateau Estate & Gardens

    Shadowbrook At Shrewsbury is yet another spectacular New Jersey Estate that’s a perfect venue for a luxury wedding. This venue stands out for many things (from historic elegance to great event space, impeccable service, and luxury amenities).

    The 1907 Georgian mansion, sitting on 18 acres of scenic grounds, offers a touch of old-school charm and elegance. The estate’s stunning architecture, ornamental furnishings, high ceilings, and dazzling lights create a magical and unforgettable wedding ambiance.

    Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury is also a versatile wedding venue with ample indoor and outdoor space. The venue can accommodate 600 guests comfortably for the ultimate grand reception experience. The venue also has a dedicated team offering comprehensive setup, cleanup, and planning assistance.

    Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury

    This West Orange venue has a rich history (as a former private residence of a renowned industrial magnate). It features a blend of intimacy, grandeur, and natural beauty. If you wish for an enchanting ambiance with meticulously manicured gardens and a magnificent grand ballroom (with intricate damask walls, a breathtaking glass dome, and soaring ceilings), look no further. 

    Other notable features include luxurious amenities such as on-site bridal/groom suites and unmatched customization capabilities. The venue accommodates approximately 350 ballroom guests with options for outdoor ceremonies catering for more guests.

    Pleasantdale Chateau

    This is yet another renowned luxury wedding venue that offers that fairytale experience with its elegance, captivating grandeur blend, and unmatched attention to detail. The venue has a grandiose ballroom that can fit 300 guests comfortably. The ballroom features lush drapery, high ceilings, ornate gold-framed art on the walls, and glittering chandeliers to offer that timeless, elegant atmosphere.

    The venue also boasts picturesque grounds with perfectly manicured gardens, tranquil fountains, and a charming gazebo. Seasons is also renowned for exquisite culinary creations fit for a high-end wedding

    Seasons Washington Township

    This venue is located at the heart of Livingston, NJ. Crystal Plaza is a beacon of luxury and elegance, making it a perfect dream wedding venue. It is a renowned venue with a rich history and promises of magical celebrations that blend timeless charm and modern amenities together.

    If you love 19th-century splendor, this venue dates to the 1800s. It features ornate chandeliers, gleaming hardwood floors, and intricate architecture. The 5-acre picturesque garden features meticulously manicured gardens with blooming flowers that offer a serene oasis atmosphere perfect for elegant outdoor featuring romantic photo shoots.

    The glamorous ballroom, featuring 30+ sparkling crystal chandeliers, can fit 350 guests comfortably. Crystal Plaza also offers culinary excellence from renowned in-house chefs. Beyond the grandiose, you’ll be settling for the most unique photo opportunities in an award-winning NJ wedding venue that is conveniently located. Whether you want a grand/glamorous wedding or an intimate romantic affair, Crystal Plaza has you covered.

    While the above venues stand out, there are many more to consider based on personal preferences, theme, guest list, etc. 

    We suggest you reach out and let us know of your dream wedding venue. We’ll find one or create it for you if it doesn’t exist.

    Crystal Plaza Livingston

    How to Plan the Most Extravagant Wedding: Tips on Organizing Luxury Weddings in New Jersey

    Wondering how we’ll plan your big day in the most extravagant wedding venues in NJ? Here’s a quick guide to the process;

    1. Define your vision: As a couple, what is your idea of an extravagant wedding? Do you want a romantic, glamorous, elegant, or whimsical experience or all the above?

    Having a clear vision of your ideal high-end wedding will help your wedding planner understand and deliver within or beyond expectations. If you are working with experienced wedding planners like us, you’ll get help when defining or refining your vision, including related factors like choosing the ideal theme.

    1. Setting a budget: With a vision in place, it helps to have a ballpark figure that your wedding planner will work with. If you won’t spare any cost, it’s also important to communicate the same. 

    The same applies to spending preferences. For instance, if you prefer splurging on a venue and entertainment, such information will help.

    III. Pick an expensive venue: With a fixed or open budget in place, your wedding planner will be able to find the most luxurious venue that matches important factors like the size of your guest list and logistical factors like guest transportation. 

    NJ’s best wedding venues have unique features, from water bodies to lush greenery gardens, water fountains, magnificent views, and more. Considering the key features of different venues is important for making a final selection. 

    1. Consider extravagant touches: A vision, an open budget, and an expensive venue won’t automatically translate to a luxurious wedding. You need some extravagant touches to get the job done. 

    First and foremost, you need a grand entrance to welcome your guests, and the execution is only limited by your imagination. We can execute everything from dramatic lighting to live music and horse-drawn carriages.

    Extravagant weddings also need unique entertainment, preferably from unconventional performers i.e. aerialists, fire dancers, etc. The catering also needs to be multi-course with premium ingredients and highly personalized service. 

    Stunning decor is also a must-have i.e., custom lighting, intricate floral arrangements, and dramatic drapery. What’s more, a luxury wedding isn’t complete without unforgettable favors i.e. premium gifts for your guests.

    There’s more to planning a luxurious wedding in NJ. For more on what goes into a luxurious wedding planning process, talk to us!

    Finding the Best New Jersey Wedding Planner: Why Us?

    There are many self-proclaimed luxurious wedding planners in NJ. So, why should you trust us to execute your dream wedding?

    • We have 10+ years of experience planning the most luxurious NJ weddings. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience, having planned many high-end weddings before.
    • Stellar reviews: Jennifer Tolento Events is a highly rated NJ luxury wedding planning company. Check our Google reviews.
    • Unmatched passion. The entire team is passionate about creating the most luxurious, romantic, and refined weddings.
    • Highly personalized approach: We strive to make every luxurious wedding unique. Most importantly, your high-end wedding won’t be solely about elegance but will also tell your story, and match your style and preferences.
    • Refined planning process. Unmatched attention to detail. Stellar execution: We have unmatched attention to detail and handle the tiniest details with precision. Our clients rest assured they won’t experience any wedding planning pressure.
    • Exclusive wedding planning. Few clients yearly: We’ll take time to know every client. This is possible because we take on a few clients yearly to ensure we offer undivided attention when building relationships and executing dream weddings. 

    Ready to book a consultation? Call us: at 917-345-6381 or email: Check our socials while at it for an idea of what you should expect: Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram.

    Best New Jersey Wedding Planner

    Meet the Owner: Jennifer Tolento

    Jennifer Tolento Events is owned by Jenniffer Tolento, an established luxury wedding planner in NJ with over a decade of experience planning and executing high-end weddings that exceed her client’s expectations. 

    Jennifer has vast past experience in the New York fashion industry. For years, she mastered executing unique and demanding visions. She’s now the powerhouse behind an award-winning luxurious wedding planning company.

    You can trust Jeniffer to use her exceptional organizational skills, interpersonal skills, and unmatched attention to detail to exceed your luxurious wedding expectations. She loves creating personal relationships with every client to make every event special.


    FAQs About Luxury Weddings NJ

    Your average NJ wedding will cost $55,000. Luxurious weddings cost way more (hundreds of thousands to millions). A luxurious wedding planner NJ won’t come cheap, and neither are the extravagant touches needed to host a truly high-end wedding. 

    What’s more, the average cost of luxurious weddings is dictated by many variables, from the wedding venue to the guest list, food offerings, decor, etc. 

    Request for an accurate quote from Jennifer Tolento Events.

    There are many NJ wedding venues that can host high-end weddings. Besides the top 5 wedding venues in NJ discussed above, there are many more. It’s better to focus on your vision and let your wedding planner find the perfect venue for you. Alternatively, you can select a venue and let your wedding planner transform it into the best wedding venue in NJ.

    Based on cost, several weddings have surpassed the $100 million budget mark. Notable extravagant weddings in the past include; Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (that reportedly cost $115 million) and Isha Ambani’s & Anand Piramal’s wedding (that reportedly cost $100 million)


    As mentioned, a huge/limitless budget, expensive venue, and extravagant touches like live unconventional entertainment are among the notable prerequisites of an extravagant wedding.

    Most expensive wedding venues in NJ offer notable characteristics from scenic backdrops to grand architecture and unique spaces (rustic barns to castles). The venues are also conveniently located with a great reputation for excellence having hosted many successful weddings in the past.

    First and foremost, it’s easy to get a high-class wedding venue in New Jersey. The state boasts of some of the most expensive wedding venues. 

    New Jersey also has a unique geographical location that offers opportunities for many types of luxurious weddings i.e., luxurious winter weddings, luxurious spring weddings, luxurious beach/garden weddings, luxurious vineyard weddings, and more.

    You’ll also get exclusive access to high-end wedding planners like Jennifer Tolento Events, renowned for delivering dream weddings. Jennifer Tolento can make anything happen, from finding the best wedding venues in NJ on a budget to planning a luxurious wedding with no limits.