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Why You Should Engage The Services Of An Event Planner

Planning your wedding, a family member’s birthday or any festivity that involves your loved ones is a beautiful experience, but it can also be stressful. You have to find the perfect outfit, choose a motif, book a venue, and create a guest list. If you’re doing it all alone, the process can even get complicated with all the have-to’s piling up.

We’re here to help! It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a New Jersey Event Planner, a lovely wedding venue, a place to host an intimate dinner with your family, or looking for someone to get your corporate event together — we’ll step up to the plate. We can make your vision of a grand or intimate event happen.

If you want a laid-back suburban vibe to your fundraiser or promotional events, we can also make it happen. And if your guests want to party it out with a DJ, we can arrange it for you as well. We can even arrange a photoshoot for engagement parties, debuts, and fundraisers.

Aside from all these, here are some of the services our event planners can assist you with…

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Event planners for all occasions

If you’re looking for New Jersey party planners that can help you plan, execute, and end your event on a high note, we’re here to offer our services. We have a team of seasoned event organizers who are knowledgeable on the demands and rigors of any kind of event. They are also flexible to adjust to the unique needs of our clients, so you can expect them to have expert knowledge despite the differing natures of our customer events.

For example, you intend to hold a debut in New Jersey; our dedicated event planners can help you arrange the venue and execute the debut theme you’re aiming for. We have an extensive network that excludes resorts, hotels, and themed vacation destinations that can satisfy your preferences — may it be formal, casual, fun, or a mix of all these elements.

We can work well with your specifications. We can offer you venues for cocktail parties, sky-high parties, nightclub buyouts, or venues designed for animal lovers. If you want a unique venue, we can also help you look and book unusual and most popular venues.

Month of coordination

When you book an event with us, even if the event is months away, we will keep an open communication line and touch base with you now and then to ensure that the planning is going smoothly. This is done when the planning phase is nearly done. At this point, a professional needs to coordinate with you, our suppliers, and everyone involved in the event to make sure that nothing is left out.

We usually hold a month-of complimentary meeting to liaise with all key people involved in the event to get details and the status of their tasks. This is to make sure that our timeline is followed and avoid unpleasant surprises along the way. This can include rehearsals, styling directions, day-of scheduling, event coordination, and set-up.

Decor & Design

As part of the services we offer as an event management company, we have different event decor and design packages to ensure your event’s aesthetic essence. We want to give your event a unique sensory appeal. We will match your personality, budget, and vision with our design ideas. This is our leverage among other companies offering event design NJ services.

We will transform what you have in mind into live concepts that will fit your budget. Based on that, we will come up with a customized design that meshes the venue’s unique architecture and configuration with your vision.

We will also coordinate and design the more refined aesthetics like rentals, lighting, stationary, and florals while also taking care of the design logistics like decor style and set-up and vendor communication. Specifically, these services include the following:

* Budgeting

* Concept Development

* Decor Set-up

* Decor Styling

* Design Proposal

* Vendor Curating

* Vendor Sourcing

* Venue Visit

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Intimate Parties

The global pandemic might limit the size of the party we can hold, but it will never take away the element of fun when family and friends come together. We understand these limitations, and we will do what we can to still allow you to hold intimate parties with safety precautions in place. Through these intimate celebrations, we can still make great and more loving memories.

While the rest of the world is going the online and hybrid event route, we at Jennifer Tolento Events offer our services and products to make your special milestones more memorable. May it be birthdays, baptisms, debuts, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, or corporate events, we promise to do more than what’s expected.

Corporate Events

If you need an expert to help plan, stage, and execute your conferences, pop-up events, and brand activation, charity, award dinners, and product launches, we’re here to bring your ideas to reality. Our team of expert corporate planners will ensure that your event will make your audience in awe of your design concept and leave a positive and lasting impression about your brand.

Jennifer Tolento Events

Planning a corporate event, charity, or fundraiser? We can help!

Customized Service

We understand that every party, anniversary, wedding, or brand launch is an intimate and personal event; that’s why we want to understand your vision. This explains why we sit down with our clients before we work on the planning and organizing phases to discuss their requirements and vision for the event. After brainstorming with them, we also coordinate with them every step of the way to ensure that they’re on top of everything. We also touch base every month to ensure that everything’s running smoothly and that we’re on track with our timeline. Should there be modifications, we will work on it right away to make sure that it won’t cause surprises along the way.

We also work within our client’s budget, so we encourage them to be upfront about their financial limitations. We always do our best to deliver well-organized events that leave a lasting impression on the participants and our clients.

So, if you’re planning an event soon, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We’re here to lend a hand.