All-inclusive venue or DIY event space? What’s the best fit for your wedding?

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One of the biggest decisions a couple needs to make after getting engaged is where to have their dream wedding day. Do you choose an all-inclusive space where everything is done for you or do you select a DIY space and take on the challenge of bringing everything in to make it your own. 

So what’s the difference and how do you make the decision? Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind and help you make a more informed choice.

All-inclusive venues:

Pro- There is much less preparation for you to do leading up to the wedding, the event manager will guide you through the menu, reception layout, bar selection and even offer some recommendations of other vendors to choose from such a DJ/band, flowers, and photographers to name a few. 

Con– You will be hard-pressed to find a venue that you will love everything about. You will likely end up settling for something you may have decided differently if you had the choice. What if you hate their chairs, carpeting, or they can’t accommodate certain menu options? The ceremony space is not what you envisioned? The vendors they recommend are not in your budget or style? This is where you compromise on your preferences. 

DIY or ala carte venue:

Pro– Your wedding, your way! Usually, a blank canvas to decorate, set up, and create your vision without concession. Typically a wedding planner will be needed to execute all of the details (yes I consider this a pro) and help your vision come to life! You will get a list of vendors from your planner that are the right fit for your venue, style, and budget.  Usually, these weddings happen on a farm, barn, loft, park, or tent and can truly show your personal side as a couple. 

Con- The costs can add up! Even though a rental space is usually quite affordable, bringing in everything from tables, chairs to food and decor can not only be a tedious list to check off but will sometimes cost more than an all-inclusive venue. You will not be as fully staffed as an all-inclusive and will need to hire, servers, bartenders, chefs and clean up to set up and break down the venue. 

So which way did I sway you? I have planned and coordinated weddings at both types of venues and I can tell you that each one is a completely different wedding planning experience. Don’t be afraid to take on a DIY venue if that’s your vision, just make sure to hire the right team of wedding pros starting with an experienced wedding planner!

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Should you postpone your wedding due to COVID-19?


Should you postpone your wedding due to COVID-19?


First, let me start by saying I understand how heart breaking this is for many couples who have been planning their wedding for months and years all for this to happen weeks/months before your big day.

I know your initial thought is, why is this happening to my wedding, I love my date and don’t want to change it, theres no toilet paper to play dress up as bride at my bridal shower…had to make you laugh a little! I’m here to tell you as a wedding planner in NY/NJ that I have had these hard conversations with my own brides and you have every right to wallow for a moment over this unprecedented health crisis to come crashing down on the biggest day of your life! Now that we have gotten all those emotional feelings out we need to move onto an action plan in order to secure a decision or postponement of your wedding should that be the route you need to take.

If your wedding is in the next 8 weeks the CDC guidelines and recommendations advice that events of 50 or more be postponed. You could keep your date but cut your guest to under 50 by keeping it to healthy low risk friends and immediate family members. Check with your venue if they will accommodate hosting your wedding with a smaller amount of guests.

The next phone calls should be to your photographer, DJ or band about their comfort level in still working at a smaller event under 50 people.

If you wish to postpone your wedding, your first phone call should be to your venue to see what dates they have left available this year that you could move your date to. Venues are being very helpful in accommodating other dates including weekday weddings that you could get at a discount should you want to still get married in 2020 and weekends are no longer available. By choosing a weekday date in 2020 you will have a much better chance of all your original vendors being available. Don’t be afraid of a Thursday where guests can make it long weekend especially in the summer! Check your contracts, as most vendors will apply your retainers to a future date so you won’t have to pay any additional fees.

If you don’t have a wedding planner to help you navigate these changes and decisions consider reaching out to one as we have dealt with cancelled and postponed events for various reasons in the past and can help guide you through this uncharted territory. Most important is to stay calm, stay healthy and know that you are not alone in dealing with this health crisis and decisions will have to be made one step at a time.