Handmade Wedding Cards; All you must know is here! 

Wedding cards

Technology has changed everything. Handmade wedding cards are no longer a part of our lives. But people still use them to signify their wedding. 


Nowadays, we have all the technical equipment. Graphic designing apps and illustrators can create the design. Printing machined can successfully convert it into paper form. The whole process does not take time. 


So people prefer it more than anything. But do you want to create handmade wedding cards? 


If so, that is GREAT! You are strictly at the right blog. I will explain handmade wedding cards and how to create them. Moreover, you will learn about the significant points to include in a wedding card. 


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Wedding cards

What are Wedding Cards? 


We all know what wedding cards are. But the case is not that SIMPLE. You have to remove your confusion about the wedding invitation and permit cards that the visitors bring along themselves. 


If we consider the wedding cards, there is a complete suite of invitation cards concluding the directions and other essential things on a wedding. 


You will get to know more about wedding cards once you know their different components


Are handmade wedding cards a Good Choice? 


Now we know that technology has dominated. But you must have heard of an OLD QUOTE. 




It fits here perfectly. In the 20th or before, people used to write wedding cards by their hand. There was no CONCEPT of digital machines to compile the words and add the design to get a FASCINATING wedding card. 


If you want to give a wedding a classic touch, get handmade wedding cards. These will boost your wedding and give the guests a more practical way and even nostalgia. 

What are the different components of a wedding card? 


A wedding card is not just a SIMPLE card for inviting people to the wedding. Instead, it comprises multiple types of cards. A full suite of wedding cards is explained below to help you understand more about it. 


  • Main Invite 


How do you tell your friends about the wedding? 


You tell them about the wedding date and location, right? 


The same case is here. The main invite is a vital part of your wedding card. So don’t neglect it. Write the following things: 


  • Host Name, including the couple’s name
  • Location of the wedding 
  • When will the wedding take place? 
  • What time will the wedding take place?


All these parts of the main invite highlight preliminary information about the wedding. 

  • Entourage Card 


Entourage card is not used everywhere. It might include the: 


  • List of all the wedding parties 
  • Timing of the wedding parties with the dates. 


It shows respect for the guests and a direct invitation to the pre-wedding parties and wedding parties. 


You can use this format to create your card. 

  • RSVP card 


RSVP cards are a particular type of card. The word originates from the French word, 


répondez, s’il vous plaît 


In English, it refers to the Reply. 


That means an RSVP card serves the purpose of getting the attendance of the visitors. Guests have to confirm whether they are attending the wedding or not. It comprises different parts. 


  • Reserved seats if there are limited people invited to the wedding and going to attend it. 
  • Reply date to get a response from the person within the given time.
  • Contact of the person who wants to invite you to the party.


RSVP cards are essential in understanding the number of people attending the wedding party. 

  • Envelope


Is your card ready? 


Get an envelope and make it tie everything. The envelope might contain some good words. But most people just use it to bind things and send them to the guests for their presence at the wedding. 




Do you have a wedding around the corner? Maybe you need a wedding expert to help write the wedding cards and send them to your special guests. 


Is that so? 


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