Wedding planning in 2023; What should you do?

Wedding planning

Not often do you have a wedding? And when you have it, the FIRST GOAL is to make it memorable. Wedding planning adds a GREAT recollection to make a wedding monumental. 


Am I right? 


Therefore, you can’t make a single mistake here. You should arrange the wedding in such a way. No dates coincide with any festival days. Moreover, before or after wedding events should be on the accurate dates. 


Do you want to know how to do that? 


If yes, this guide is for you. I will explain how to have excellent WEDDING planning in 2023.


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Steps to do a WEDDING PLANNING in 2023

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to do wedding planning. 

Step 1: Set a Budget


Always specify a BUDGET. Without it,  you might over-expend. And repent later when you don’t have the BUDGET to accomplish the wedding. 


Estimate the prices of catering and decoration to know how much budget you need. 

Wedding budget

Step 2: Create a Guest List


Whom do you want to invite? Make a list of all those people you want to invite. And then you can go for the wedding cards. 

Step 3: Choose a Date and Venue


Setting excellent data is quite essential. It must not CONTRADICT any upcoming events. Apart from the wedding date, you have to decide the venue as well. 

Step 4: Hire Vendors


Here are some vendors you need to hire: 


  • Caterer
  • Photographer
  • Florist
  • Entertainment


Before you hire them, it is better to check their PERFORMANCE and satisfied customers. 


Check out the reviews to get the exact idea of vendor performance. 

Step 5: Select Attire


Wedding attire is IMPORTANT. What groom or bride will wear? 


You should also have some extra attire pieces to get the BEST alterations if you change the plans. 

Wedding attire

Step 6: Design and Decor


Have a look at the design and theme of your wedding. And you should have the relevant decoration plans. Get the vendors to come up with excellent ideas—and then decorate your wedding per the themes. 


Step 7: Send invitations

Design a wedding card. Make it more than AMAZING. And include the RSVP details to confirm the RESPONSE of the visitors. And finally, send the invitations to the guests. 


Step 8: Plan the Ceremony


Do you have any traditions? Great. Keep a PLACE of it in the final ceremony. You can arrange the MUSICIANS in the ceremony. 

Step 9: Organize logistics


Contact the arrangement companies. Coordinate with the logistics to get the bridal party on time. Organize the logistics. 

Step 10: Catering and menu


What are you going to serve your consumers? Have it on the menu. Cater it to your guests. Always have a plan before you do. 

Step 11: Entertainment


Set up the entertainment plan, such as DJ and other performers, to make your wedding even more memorable. It will make things good. 

Step 12: Rehearsals

Make an order of the events to happen. And let the performers know their times. To optimize it, you can carry out the rehearsals. It will make your wedding even PERFECT. 

Step 13: Finalize the details


Coordinate with all the vendors and logistics to settle all the events in proper order and time. Confirm all the details. If anything is out of schedule, do it on time.

Wedding planning

Step 14: The big day


The big day is here! Coordinate with your friends. And monitor all the events. You can enjoy the events effectively. 

Step 15: Post-wedding tasks. 

Has the wedding been executed? That is great. You can send thank you notes to your WEDDING vendors. 


Is wedding planning super hard? It should be if you are doing it on your own. You should work with the WEDDING PLANNERS to settle the dates and plans. 


Do you want wedding planning experts? If so, contact Jennifer Tolento, wedding planner. We have YEARS of experience in wedding planning. You’ll enjoy the best wedding planning at AFFORDABLE costs. 


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