What is a Floral Wedding Card Design?

Floral wedding card

Floral wedding card design? It is not new to the wedding. For centuries, humans have been ATTRACTED to flowers. And it is time to convert your wedding cards with floral designs.


How to do it?


It is SIMPLE. You can find excellent material. Print your floral design on it. And boom!


Want to know more?


Read this ultimate guide on floral wedding card design.


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Floral wedding card

Is the wedding card necessary? 


Yes, 100% necessary factor. A wedding card is not an ordinary card. Instead, it shows your elegance at a wedding. More specifically, when you want to invite people to your wedding and expect better responses, an attractive wedding card plays out.


If you want to attract more guests and let them appreciate your efforts, a wedding card becomes the TRUMP CARD.

What are the types of wedding cards? 


Don’t think of wedding cards of one type. They have multiple options and manufacturing materials.


Do you want to know them? Here is a brief overview of different types of wedding cards.

Card and Cover Stock


One of the most popular and used floral wedding card designs is the card and cover stock. It comprises thick paper, even thicker than the regular paper we use daily.


The benefits? It has the following pros:


  • Available in different designs making it more attractive and premium for your wedding.
  • The printing is quite EFFORTLESS. You can print from a floral arrangement to painted parts.

Cotton Fiber


Cotton-made wedding cards are the most expensive ones. The reason?


It gives a premium look with 100% cotton that is quite PRICEY. 


Here are the pros of it:


  • Gives a smooth and classy look.
  • Timeless wedding cards because cotton is more durable and works for extended periods.

Kraft and Wood Grain Paper


Want something more rustic for your wedding card design? Here is the kraft and wood grain paper. It procures quality and looks more attractive.


Here are some reasons to use it.


  • Gives an excellent contrast.
  • Handmade sketches become easy to draw

Glassine and Clear Vellum Paper


Want a transparent wedding card? Glassine and clear vellum paper is the one you must be looking for. With complete transparency, you can clearly see beyond the layers of the paper.


It is super thin but imparts a smooth look to your wedding cards. Here are some benefits.


  • The look is very influential.
  • It is not very much expensive.

Benefits of Floral Wedding card design


Floral wedding card design is a GOOD IDEA.


But why? Here is the answer.

Looks Great!


Everyone wants to impress the visitors and guest. Isn’t it so? That is where you need to have from a simple moment to the huge event best in the town.


Floral wedding card design provides the elegance you need. It can be a FLARE to the beauty of your event.

Easy to print

Floral is just the design. Its printing is super easy. Whether you choose cotton or card and cover stock, it perfectly works with all of them.


You don’t have to worry about the matching colors. On all types of wedding cards, floral design offers a matchless beauty.

Perfect for Wedding


Wedding cards have different designs and colors. 90% of cards are printed having some type of calligraphy or designs. It is where you expect the wedding card to contain floral designs.


And it is one of the most commonly used designs. Therefore, floral design is perfect for a wedding.




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