How do you plan weddings?

A wedding is one of the most promising events in our lives. Most of us want to make it memorable. In such a case, one question is key— How do you plan weddings?


It defines how your wedding will execute and what changes you can bring to improve it. Do you have any plans? If not, don’t worry. We have helped out in this case by developing a step-by-step guide on a wedding plan. 


In this article, we will evaluate how to plan weddings and give tips for the best results.


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Steps to plan weddings

Wedding planning is sometimes super tricky. The reason behind this is the extensive management of all the events. It does not only include the wedding day events but also pre and post-wedding plans. 


There are many steps to help you in this situation. These might include: 


  • Step 1: Pre-wedding Plans


Pre-wedding plans include a comprehensive list of events you want to execute. For example, you have to invite the guests. In that case, you must know how you will do that. How are you going to ask the people? Is it the wedding card? 


A to Z understanding will help you iron out the process. Plus, if you have prepared a layout to do that, it is even better to execute all the events on time. For the pre-wedding plans, you should do the following: 


  • Make a list of events you will conduct. 
  • What necessary tools would you need to accomplish those events? For instance, you might need a photographer for a cocktail party to capture your adventure. 
  • Who will you invite? Most people have a list of people at their wedding. They order the wedding cards to send. 
  • Step 2: Wedding day plans


The wedding day is also crucial. You have encountered many types of problems. 


For instance, you have to hire a videographer who will make a quality video. Ensure the videographer is the best in the town and has high-quality cameras. The florist would be a big deal to hire. You want to make an event promising, and flowers will double your charms. 


Who will miss the photographer? Promptly get a top photographer in the town. Doing all the tasks can consume a lot of time. 


So, how to save it? Hire professionals who will plan weddings for you. These include expert wedding planners with years of experience dealing with marriages and know how to carry out all the wedding events. 

  • Step 3: Post-wedding Plans


Pre-wedding and wedding day will create the problems you must tackle after the wedding. Whatever you have managed, there are some dues to clear. 


If you have hired a florist, give them the price you have settled on. Moreover, if you have some dues for the marriage halls or wedding venues, clear them up on time to save yourself from the budget later on.


Getting to the chase, include your post-wedding plans and parties in your notebook and carry them out on time. 



For a perfect wedding, you might not cope with the situation. The massive problem is planning all the events, which can be a hectic task. Moreover, if it is the first time for you, there are a bunch of mistakes you could make in this situation. At this point, you need to have the wedding planners by your side. 


Do you have the best wedding planners? Jennifer Tolento Events has wedding plan experts ready to set up all the hassles of your wedding. You relax and let us do our job. In the end, you’ll get a satisfactory wedding. 


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