Wedding Planning Timeline: How to Devise the proper plan?

Are you making up a wedding planning timeline? It can be challenging to decide what to do first and what to do later. A proper plan can save you from hassles in the end. 


Have you decided on the perfect wedding planning? If not, don’t worry. A few tips will iron out the complexities of the process and help you work step by step. 


Let’s talk about an ideal wedding plan timeline. 

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What is a wedding planning timeline? 

The wedding planning timeline refers to all the events planned on a specific timeline. It can be either a pre-wedding or wedding plan; you must make a proper timeline and follow it. 


Guess why we need a wedding planning timeline? It is not rocket science. It gives a proper path to do all the tasks on time and follow it to save time. 

How do you make a perfect wedding planning timeline? 

Making a perfect wedding planning timeline is necessary. It must be accessible and easy to execute. Here are the following tips to create an ideal timeline. 

  • Determine your wedding party

A single wedding party is not here. Sometimes, you need to arrange a cocktail party. Friends and family’s nights are some events to be on your list. 


Involve the experienced members if they are in your family and consider all the wedding parties. 

  • Set a venue

Where will you carry out the wedding? Any local venue, right? Just go on and think of it as a perfect wedding site. There might be many marriage halls at the wedding. 


Consider all the venues and ensure they fall under your budget and don’t drain your money very much. 


  • Consider your guests

Do you know how many guests you are going to invite? It will help you evaluate how much overall budget will be invested and how you can plan. 


Make a list of the guests you are going to invite. It will be better to know who is coming and who is not. 

  • Rehearsal dinner


A rehearsal dinner is a dinner some days before the wedding. It helps all the people to determine how all the events will happen. You’ll be ready for the wedding after that. 

  • Buy wedding accessories

Let’s make up the shopping. Make a list of all the wedding events, clothes, and accessories for grooms’ and brides’ needs. 


Moreover, if you are planning the event, it is necessary to make arrangements. And you should have all the arrangement tools available on time. 

  • Set a date for the wedding

The date is crucial for you to set up. No matter what wedding date you decide, keep all the wedding factors in mind. If the date is favorable, you can decide on it and book the venue for that date. 


Do you need a wedding planner? 

A wedding planner can be the best idea to save time and execute all the plans on time. Wedding planners are professionals with years of experience and know how to plan a perfect timeline. 


A wedding planner can be beneficial when: 


  • You don’t have time to manage all the events. 
  • You don’t have experience in creating a perfect timeline. 
  • It is challenging to decide on the timeline. 
  • You save time. 


Wedding planners are a bumper pack. Just think of the professionals who will save the day. 



Is it hard for you to decide on a proper wedding planning timeline? Don’t worry. We have the experts ready to pledge for you. 


Jennifer Tolento is a top wedding planning team with years of experience. We decide on a plan and work according to your plan accommodating all the events in a wedding plan. 


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