What to Look for in a Wedding Planner? 

A wedding planner

Are you searching for a WEDDING PLANNER? It can be hard to choose the BEST ONE. Hundreds of wedding planners exist, but the PERFECT choice makes things PERFECT. 


In our lives, there are SOME SPECIAL EVENTS. Some events come every year at the same time. For example, the Christmas or Halloween days. Some events come only once in our lives. 


For example, a wedding. 


And don’t you want to MAKE it memorable? Wedding Planning is QUITE essential to make an event special. 


In this article, we will dive deep into wedding planners. 


Let’s go! 


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A wedding planner

What does a WEDDING PLANNER do? 


Have you ever BEEN to a wedding? 


90% of the WEDDINGS don’t happen on their own. The couple hires a full-service wedding planner to arrange everything. 


From a single COCKTAIL PARTY to wedding day events, everything falls on the WEDDING PLANNERS. 


Wedding planners are the PROFESSIONALS or groups of professionals who arrange the wedding details. 


Whether it is a pre-wedding event or a wedding day event, they handle everything perfectly. 

Should I hire a wedding planner? 

Yes. You should hire a wedding planner. 


It is IDEAL: 


  • You need someone who has experience making the ARRANGEMENTS. Upon request, you can FURTHER set up things as per your themes. 
  • You don’t have TIME to arrange the events. It can be the RIGHT TIME to hire a wedding planner. 


There can be MANY OTHER REASONS. For example, you want the PROFESSIONALS. Rely on them. Bla… Bla… Bla… 

What to look for in a WEDDING PLANNER? 

You want the BEST WEDDING PLANNER, right? 


How can you be sure to hire the right one? 


Simple. Follow the different tips to CHOOSE the best wedding planner


  • Qualifications 

Don’t hire an unqualifiied friend or relative who is “doing you a favor”. 


Does the person have past clients who had similar goals for their event as you do? 


If yes, this could be a great sign that you found the person you’re looking for 


It helps you UNDERSTAND the person is a perfect choice. 

  • Experience 


Experience is the KING MAKER. 


A person has 20 years of experience as a wedding planner. Another person has two years. 


Who do you think would be BETTER? 


Obviously, the one with more years experience. He/she has more experience and knows the THICK AND THINS of the wedding. 


Many failures over the COUPLE of years increase the EXPERTISE in wedding planning. 


Moreover, the wedding planner allows you to do EXPERIMENTAL things in an EXCELLENT way. 

  • Track Record 


Do you want the BEST ONE? 1 OUT OF 1000. Is that true? 


It is also DIFFICULT but feasible. For example, you track the RECORD of a specific planner. 


It irons out the DIFFICULTIES and ensures you get the best team for arranging the events. 


Tracking records give one MORE IMPORTANT thing. That is the HISTORY of a wedding planner regarding wedding events. 


Whether customers are HAPPY or not! 

  • Cost


Who wants to go for an EXPENSIVE OPTION? 


Everyone wants the best solution with minimal errors. At that point, you must MAINTAIN A BALANCE between the cost and planning. 


Get quotes about the COMPLETE WEDDING planning for different suppliers. Know their costs. And decide who to hire. 


Is that even difficult? Not at all. 


End Note 


Hiring a TOP WEDDING PLANNER can be the CRUX of the matter. You want a wedding planner that adjusts according to your desires. 


Is that true? 


No issues. Jennifer Tolento Events planners can HANDLE everything for you. We make the CHANGES as per your theme. Years of EXPERIENCE make us A TOP TEAM. 


Call us for a FREE consultation today! 


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