Partial Wedding Planner: Here is what you should know

Partial wedding planner

A partial wedding planner does the work in the SAME way as a full-time wedding planner does. But there are some key DIFFERENCES. 


Do you want a detailed guide on it? Read this article. I will go through a PARTIAL WEDDING PLANNER and highlight how the partial wedding planner differs from the full-time planner. 


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Partial wedding planner

What is a Partial Wedding Planner? 


A wedding planner does all the PLANNING for a wedding. 


And this definition holds only the FULL-TIME wedding planner. A partial wedding planner is like the INSTRUCTOR and assists in sorting out the problems while managing. 


The planner uses the experience and the KNACK to advise on the VENUE selection and analysis of the whole wedding management. The aim is to make PLANNING effective and management under more control. 


What can you expect from a partial wedding planner? 


Ideally, you should consider WORKING with a partial wedding planner at the LATER STAGES of your wedding. 


Here is what a partial wedding planner can help you with. 


  • It gives consultations and helps you in managing the EVENTS three months before. There are many aspects of a wedding you should get CONSULTATION for. 
  • Planner analyzes the supplier and the venue. If there are any concerns, these will be SORTED out at this stage. 
  • You can get the RECOMMENDATIONS about the top suppliers in the area. 
  • Confirm communication with your suppliers and deal with the planning of the given day. 
  • Planners help you MAKE the wedding schedule with the important dates of the wedding. 

How does a Partial wedding Planner differ from a Full-Time wedding planner? 


One of the BIGGEST QUESTIONS is the difference between partial and full-time wedding planners. 


Do you have the same type of QUESTIONS in mind? 


Don’t worry; I have described them here. 


  • Timeline


When setting up the TIMELINE for the wedding, both have a SLIGHT job. 


A full-time wedding planner manually VISITS the wedding persons. It helps them set up the events on GIVEN Day. And manage all the activities. 


A Part-Time wedding planner is not a CHOICE when you have one DAY left. Such a wedding planner helps you analyze the WEDDING timeline. And you should hire them at least THREE months before the marriage day. 

  • The details


A full-time planner is RESPONSIBLE for all the arrangements. From A to Z, the wedding planner determines the theme. From DRESS CODE TO all management, count on the planner. 


In partial planning, this is not going to happen. You already have the IDEA and set up the theme. The wedding planner only determines whether your VISION is perfect or not. And you’ll get recommendations for further management. 


  • Supplier Sourcing


A supplier is an ENTITY that provides the tools. For example, the florist gives you the FLOWERS. 


A full-time planner can sort out all the suppliers. From the florist to the decoration supplies, the wedding planner arranges all the suppliers for you. 


A partial wedding planner can sort out up to TWO suppliers. 

  • Cost

All the above discussion shows who has provided more time. 


A full-time planner invests more time—Puts in more effort. And helps you arrange A to Z. Such planners charge a higher price. 


When talking to a part-time planner, you can ASK about the cost. It is often less than the full-time wedding planner. 


Final Words

Maybe you need a WEDDING planner. But it is sometimes hard to get the right PARTIAL WEDDING planner. 


Is that so? 


Well, your QUEST ends here. We have the BEST wedding planners in our Directory. Our Jennifer Tolento Wedding Planners are GOING to riddle out all your puzzles. 


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