7 Best Twists on Wedding Traditions

twists on wedding traditions

7 Best Twists on Wedding Traditions

The majority of newlyweds choose a traditional wedding ceremony and reception. When it comes to planning a wedding, following previous traditions passed down through the centuries is typically the best option. Complaints are rare when your guests receive what they anticipate.

When it comes to organizing your wedding, the older generation will give you the thumbs up if you keep things traditional. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong to add the best twists on wedding traditions from the world’s most cherished traditions.

Best twists on wedding traditions:

Good news if you’ve been wondering how to accomplish this! Even you can customize almost any traditional wedding ceremony, practice, or job that fits your unique style. Here are a few ideas for best twists on wedding traditions

·         Putting a new spin on old wedding customs:

While you and your family may value some customs, others may benefit from a more contemporary approach. There are many methods for you and your spouse to exhibit your individuality on your wedding day.

·         Choose a new ring for your engagement:

You don’t have to stick to diamonds for engagement rings. The stone in your ring may be too pale for your taste, or there may be another stone that you like. A sapphire, ruby, or emerald ring with a non-traditional jewel is the ideal approach to show your individuality.

·         “Old meets new,” as the saying goes:

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” is an ancient adage, and it certainly applies here. For good luck on your wedding day, you’re expected to have one item for each of them. The gown, shoes, and other accessories of most brides already have something new.

Suppose you want to integrate a little bit borrowed into your wedding; there are several ways. To modernize this custom, you can either give your maid of honor an old-fashioned piece of jewelry or have a significant fabric sewn into your wedding dress. The garter is a common choice for this item. In the meanwhile, why don’t we make it more noticeable? Add a splash of color with a pair of blue shoes or a blue hairpiece.

·         Explore a broader range of skin tones:

Even while off-whites like ivory and champagne are becoming more accepted, many brides are still apprehensive about wearing a color other than white. Look for a soft pink or neutral tone that isn’t overpowering but stands out if you want to stick with white but try something new.

·        Refresh the visitor’s book with new entries:

Don’t give your visitors a regular book to sign; instead, try something new. Choose something you can display in your houses, such as a globe or a work of art. Plain guestbook are a waste of time, but ones that include current design may be treasured heirlooms.

·         The garter and bouquet throws may not be necessary:

These customary reception festivities can be tedious or embarrassing for some couples, especially if family members attend. If you don’t want to throw garters or bouquets, you might opt to throw a stuffed animal or even chocolates. Make sure you thank a family member or friend instead of throwing the bouquet into a gathering of women.

·         Make your exit with style;

Bridge and grooms traditionally depart in a vehicle or limo, but why not personalize your farewell to reflect your personalities? If you’re a big fan of cycling, consider a tandem bike or a bicycle constructed for couples.

twists on wedding traditions

Ending lines:

The above are some best twists on wedding traditions that allows you to uphold tradition while infusing your wedding with your unique style. Isn’t this thought of updating something old with a modern twist intriguing? Your wedding will be more memorable as a result, and you’ll be honoring tradition at the same time.

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