Dream Wedding- 7 Thing Need to Focus

dream wedding

Dream Wedding- 7 Thing Need to Focus

There is no secret that you’ve been working hard for months and planning for your dream wedding. You’ve designed everything necessary for the big day, from selecting the right location to sending out beautiful invitations to get something for wedding.

dream wedding

Here are seven items every woman forgets on her wedding day, along with simple strategies to remedy the situation so that your big day is everything you’ve dream.

·       Forget to Eat

Most of our ladies don’t eat on the dream wedding day, so make sure you and your bridal party have something to eat. Have a non-wedding-party relative or friend provide food for the gathering. If you want to make things easy for your loved one, you might tell them ahead of time that you are willing to order and pay and that you will provide them with all the specifics for pickup. Send a thank-you card and a copy of your wedding day venue.

·       Cry Proof Eyelashes

Some brides have obtained fake eyelashes, and after crying, they’ve fallen out. Many brides don’t know that the adhesive dissolves in water, so pack some extra lash glue in your survival kit. Talk to your makeup artist to create a look that withstands your tears. Inquire about any last-minute touch-up advice if they won’t be around after the ceremony. Select a waterproof mascara if you apply your makeup.

·       Ring Organizer

It’s always a good idea to provide the photographer with a lovely ring box while taking images of your engagement ring. Your photographer will appreciate it. It’s your duty; simply ask your photographer if they already have one before you invest. A few may be among the tools available to wedding photographers.

·       Accessories

For most brides, the dream wedding dress takes centre stage, so it’s easy to ignore other essentials. Make a packing list and place orders for any necessary accessories in plenty of time to guarantee they all make it with you. Compose an exhaustive list of what you, the groom, and any other bridal party members need to bring. Send it out a few weeks before the wedding so the people in your party can go out and get everything they might need.

·       Details for Invitations and Photographs

On the big day, have a backup of everything that needs to be captured on paper. Put together everything from the invites and save-the-date cards to the welcome bag, the program, and personalized napkins. Send your photographer a copy of your paper suite in advance if a lengthy packing list has you stressed.

·       Shoes that are Easy to Dance

At the beginning of the reception, everyone will want to get on the dance floor and have a good time, so come prepared with a pair of comfy shoes or shoe inserts. This way, you may relax and enjoy yourself without sitting on the sidelines. Include them in your suitcase and try on your high heels in advance.

·       Soak It All In

One of the most common things I see brides neglect on their wedding day is to take a few minutes here and there to take it all in!” You will surprise at how quickly the day passes, so remind them to live in the now.

Dream Wedding


It’s natural to feel pressure on your dream wedding day and you have to everything under control at this pivotal juncture in your life. Still, it’s also impossible to anticipate and prepare for every eventuality. If you ever plan your wedding, then don’t forget to remember the above aspects before the wedding day. So you no longer face difficulties.


7 Best Twists on Wedding Traditions

twists on wedding traditions

7 Best Twists on Wedding Traditions

The majority of newlyweds choose a traditional wedding ceremony and reception. When it comes to planning a wedding, following previous traditions passed down through the centuries is typically the best option. Complaints are rare when your guests receive what they anticipate.

When it comes to organizing your wedding, the older generation will give you the thumbs up if you keep things traditional. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong to add the best twists on wedding traditions from the world’s most cherished traditions.

Best twists on wedding traditions:

Good news if you’ve been wondering how to accomplish this! Even you can customize almost any traditional wedding ceremony, practice, or job that fits your unique style. Here are a few ideas for best twists on wedding traditions

·         Putting a new spin on old wedding customs:

While you and your family may value some customs, others may benefit from a more contemporary approach. There are many methods for you and your spouse to exhibit your individuality on your wedding day.

·         Choose a new ring for your engagement:

You don’t have to stick to diamonds for engagement rings. The stone in your ring may be too pale for your taste, or there may be another stone that you like. A sapphire, ruby, or emerald ring with a non-traditional jewel is the ideal approach to show your individuality.

·         “Old meets new,” as the saying goes:

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” is an ancient adage, and it certainly applies here. For good luck on your wedding day, you’re expected to have one item for each of them. The gown, shoes, and other accessories of most brides already have something new.

Suppose you want to integrate a little bit borrowed into your wedding; there are several ways. To modernize this custom, you can either give your maid of honor an old-fashioned piece of jewelry or have a significant fabric sewn into your wedding dress. The garter is a common choice for this item. In the meanwhile, why don’t we make it more noticeable? Add a splash of color with a pair of blue shoes or a blue hairpiece.

·         Explore a broader range of skin tones:

Even while off-whites like ivory and champagne are becoming more accepted, many brides are still apprehensive about wearing a color other than white. Look for a soft pink or neutral tone that isn’t overpowering but stands out if you want to stick with white but try something new.

·        Refresh the visitor’s book with new entries:

Don’t give your visitors a regular book to sign; instead, try something new. Choose something you can display in your houses, such as a globe or a work of art. Plain guestbook are a waste of time, but ones that include current design may be treasured heirlooms.

·         The garter and bouquet throws may not be necessary:

These customary reception festivities can be tedious or embarrassing for some couples, especially if family members attend. If you don’t want to throw garters or bouquets, you might opt to throw a stuffed animal or even chocolates. Make sure you thank a family member or friend instead of throwing the bouquet into a gathering of women.

·         Make your exit with style;

Bridge and grooms traditionally depart in a vehicle or limo, but why not personalize your farewell to reflect your personalities? If you’re a big fan of cycling, consider a tandem bike or a bicycle constructed for couples.

twists on wedding traditions

Ending lines:

The above are some best twists on wedding traditions that allows you to uphold tradition while infusing your wedding with your unique style. Isn’t this thought of updating something old with a modern twist intriguing? Your wedding will be more memorable as a result, and you’ll be honoring tradition at the same time.

Which Is The Best Month To Get Married?

best month to get married

Which Is The Best Month To Get Married?

Every couple hopes to find the best month to get married. It’s very understandable! Many newly engaged couples determine first when to plan their marriage. So, don’t get married without a hitch then; what month is the finest for tying the knot? As a first step, let’s be clear: there isn’t a single optimum month to tie the knot. Choosing a wedding date is a big deal when you’re engaged.

Best month to get married

As soon as you announce your engagement, well-wishers with good intentions start asking, “Have you selected a date yet?” So we understand the pressure. Finding a time of year that works best for all parties involved may be difficult at best.

When it comes to finding the best month to get married, there are both positives and negatives for each month.

·        Frosty January and February Weddings 

January is the ideal month to tie the knot to make your guests feel uplifted. However, many of your visitors are trying to save money in January because of the annual ‘January-Motivation’ spike. Given this, people may not feel as enthusiastic about the occasion as they normally would.

February has a reputation for being a gloomy month, but we consider differ. If you’re looking to save money, this is a great time to be married. It’s not just a less popular month for weddings full of celebrations.

·        Weddings in Bloom in March and April


Generally speaking, the weather in March is more pleasant than in other months. It is the time of year when spring truly begins to take hold, making everything appear delicate, fresh, and lovely. At the same time, the weather is indeed unpredictable in March. It’s also true that many parts of the country were covered with snow at the time. Motley, couples prefer March as the best month to get married.

April showers? Awesome! Despite what the Disney movies sing about, the weather is really nicer in April than in March! April is a busy month for religious festivals and dates, which may conflict with your guests’ schedules. An important perk of planning a spring wedding in April is that many venues still consider it “off-season,” which means you may be able to get some very affordable rates.

·        Warm May and June Weddings

May is a popular month for weddings; it still falls outside of peak wedding season, which means you may be able to find venues at a lower price if you move quickly. Some of your visitors may have previously booked vacations to get the most out of these additional vacation days. Some cultures believe that May is a particularly unfortunate month, which extends to the month itself.

June is a great time to arrange a wedding because it’s still not peak season, and you don’t have to be as organized! In contrast to July and August weddings, when vendors must be booked quickly, you may hire caterers and other services much later.

·        Scorching July and August Weddings

This is the most wonderful time for marriages of all kinds. July and August are the finest months to have an outdoor summer wedding in the UK because of the warm weather. If you’ve ever wondered why this time of year is the most popular to say “I do,” you’re not alone!

To celebrate in July and August, when children and teachers across the country are off from school, is a great opportunity. When it comes to getting married, getting married in the middle of summer means you’ll have to pay a premium because everyone else is doing the same.

·        Autumnal September and October Weddings

The weather is just beginning to drop down during September, and the nights are drawing in, making it a gorgeous time of year. If you are looking for a wedding with a bit of a cold in the air, a September wedding may be the best option. September’s weather conditions are also much more favorable for wedding photography.


An October wedding will certainly beat your pulse if you’re looking for an autumn wedding full of drama and excitement. There’s no better time to take outside photography than now when the leaves are falling swiftly and in a rainbow of warm colors.



·        Festive November and December Weddings


A November winter wedding is the perfect way to evoke the feeling of a cozy winter night. It will be cold enough to require blankets and a hot drink to keep you warm from going outside.


Since it is not peak wedding season, November will once again be a less expensive month. It’s hard not to get caught up in the festive spirit when December rolls around. The best month to get married is the holidays and New Year’s eves; add a certain festive air to any event. Especially true if you want your wedding to be full of glimmer and romance.

Sum up:

When it comes to popular wedding months, December, January, and February are at the bottom of the list of best month to get married. So pick the right one that seems better.


Favorite Groom Wedding Suits Inspiration Right Now

Favorite groom wedding suits inspiration

 Modern men’s wedding outfits and non-traditional approaches to weddings have emerged in the last several decades. As a result, you have the freedom to pursue your own interests. Time to get this party started!

When it comes to men, nothing beats a well-dressed gentleman. So many of you tell us that seeing your future spouse for the first time in his best clothes is one of your favorite parts of the day.

groom wedding suits

This is a great opportunity to show off your groom wedding suits to others. Tailor-made and ready-to-wear alternatives are available for every price range. To dive into the natty of wedding suit fashions, check out our other piece, but if you’re here for the groom suit designs, we’re currently obsessed with, keep reading.

·         BLACK TIE

Among the various grooms’ suit choices, the black tie is enjoying a renaissance beyond cocktail gatherings and nighttime soirees. This is a terrific style since it requires everyone to dress in the same way, which is great for creating a cohesive appearance. Groom wedding suits, heels, and fascinators come to mind. You can’t go wrong with this style if your groom usually wears a suit but wants something a bit different on his wedding day.


 Rules-breakers are so much fun! Everything is yours to do as you like. In particular, when it comes to groom’s suit concepts. Isn’t it fun to think of adding a little color to the mix? In a word, yes! You can wear it in any shade of blue, pink, or white you want; the only limit is your own creativity.


·         Grooms’ light jackets

Consider having your groom wear a light jacket if your wedding has a more laid-back and non-traditional feel. These colours are not only ideal for gentle and romantic color schemes, but they are also ideal for the summer months as well.

·         Royal blue Groom Suits

For a long time, navy has been the logical option for weddings since it is beautiful, timeless, and traditional. In contrast, we’re now obsessed with an even brighter hue of blue. It has a bit more oomph and, as a result, appears fresher and more carefree. Weddings with a neutral-and-bright palette are a great fit for this vibrant accent piece!

The contrast between the lapel and the buttonholes of a jacket is one of the best things about them. There are a variety of options for changing the color of a suit’s waistcoat or pants to match your wedding day style.

Inquire about wedding attire before the big day

Last but not least, the most entertaining way to dress on your wedding day. To us, it’s all about the checkered suit’s aura. Weddings are famous for their informal, confident style, and this dress is no exception.

The groom wedding suits design has the added benefit of being able to be made in a variety of thicknesses depending on the material used. Dress down in a tweed jacket or a light checkered linen outfit. A checkered suit is always ready for your wedding, no matter where it takes place.

groom wedding suits Wrapping up

Groom wedding suits is as fashionable as ever, so you will find something to fit you or your mate’s tastes. Isn’t it important that you look and feel great at your wedding? Are you going to be confident? Relaxed? Alternatively, will you feel nervous in a cheap rental wedding suit that doesn’t fit? If you don’t want to rent a suit from us, you may buy one of the identical suits we use.


7 Tips for Saving Yourself from Wedding Budget Breakdown

 Wedding budget breakdown

7 Tips for Saving Yourself from Wedding Budget Breakdown

Are you worried about the wedding budget breakdown? Two aspects come into our mind when we consider planning that is stressful and expensive. To make your wedding cost efficient and fun oriented, it’s better to avoid mistakes. Budget breakdown is compulsory because in which we divide every element equally to determine the actual cost that how much it allocate for each service.

 Wedding budget breakdown

When you plan for wedding budget, you actually think about this question “How much will our wedding cost?” Usually, future newlyweds are curious to know that how much they spend on their wedding because they have a fear of wedding budget breakdown. Meanwhile, this is the most pressing topics for future newlyweds. How to distribute it correctly?

  • 40% Budget on Banquet:

You will save precious time on the wedding day, if you consider a same venue for ceremony or party. Beside this, it is also essential to avoid additional expenses on your wedding day because sometime the issue of breakout occur because of banquet expense. It is better to give preference to a room with a suitable interior style through this you also minimize the expense of interior décor on your big day.

  • 15% budget on wedding show:

Every guest depends on the choice of the host arranging program because entertainment is most important part in every wedding. So spending 15% budget is affordable in wedding events.

  • 15% budget on décor and floristics:

Indeed, your wedding set up is incomplete without decoration, so hire the professionals, who will manage décor and floristics within your budget. Also, they have the ability to design in accordance with the voiced wishes, without going beyond the financial framework.

  • 15% budget on photo and video filming:

If you want a qualitative result, then you can’t save a bit and also it is unacceptable. Invest some effort to find the right photographer to get the high-quality photographs and videos.

  • 10% budget on wedding organizers:

The best way is to find a wedding organizer who is fully professional and have enough knowledge to organize the party.

  • 5% budget on transport and unforeseen expenses:

It is advisable to provide a financial to stay calm even in times of unforeseen expenses because you might face wedding budget breakdown.

  • 10% on other expenses:

Some expenses such as groom and bridal suit, wedding rings, groom suit, hairstyle, make-up and dress of the bride. We advise you to plan this item of expenses separately from the general budget, since the range of prices for services in this area is quite large.

 Wrapping up:

The above are some of the aspects that become the reason of wedding budget breakdown. Furthermore, wedding breakdown directly depends on the number of invited guests, and also on the content of the celebration. Planning a budget is more correct than spending money later you will find that spending is out of control.



3 Type of wedding wishes in couple’s life

3 Type of wedding wishes in couple’s life

Wedding wishes boost energy and bring happiness to the couple’s face. Just imagine yourself writing wishes in the parking lots before you enter your friend’s wedding reception. Desperately, you are trying to write a special message on the wedding card but cannot use the right wishes to congratulate.

No hard and fast rule is required to write perfect wedding wishes for couples-to-be. If your wedding message is heartfelt, it ultimately offers a positive desire to enjoy a good and prosperous life.

Wedding Wishes

Witnesses, parents, and friends are people who cannot run away from public speaking at a wedding. It’s essential that people will think wedding wishes in advance to save from embracement.

Formal Wedding Wishes:

If you are close to the couple, formal wishes might fit the occasion because they are thoughtful and straightforward. If you are confused and didn’t know the proper wedding wishes, then embellish with personal details. You can go for these types of desires:

● May your life be full of happiness and love.
● May every passing year of life, your love grows stronger.
● May the years ahead fill with joy and love.
● Thank you for inviting us on your special day, we hope that you will get all the happiness.
● Congratulation as you embark on this next chapter of life.
● Wishing you the best and long life with the one you love
● Today is the beginning of your next chapter.
● Cheers, you got a turnaround point for future life.
● May today be filled with love and fellowship and mark the first of the rest of your life.

Casual Wedding Wishes:
If you are attending a family friend’s wedding, then formal wishes are not perfect at all. “Celebrate the best moment of your married life and don’t let yourself down.” This type of wedding message becomes more personalized and is best to tackle the particular details you’re privy to.
When you bring a gift, saying a simple congratulation is really not enough; it seems rude. Here are some of the examples:

• Here’s a move toward a long and happy life.
• I am so happy for you; cheers for the future.
• Wishing you a prosperous life today and beyond
• Well wishes (Don’t be scared.)
• Start your next chapter and leave all the worries.
• “I’m seeing a fun-filled life in your future.
• So honored to join your special occasion with you and your family.

Special wedding wishes:

Dear ones! Live in harmony, love, and understanding. Do not forget: from today on; you are one. We wish you that soon your family will become more extensive, financial success to you, respect for the rest of your life.

Today you have everything such as friends, smiles, and flowers,
You now have one road, one dream, and one love.
Know how to cherish your happiness.
And God forbid you, as they say, Do not stray
from the broad path,
Do not fail, do not stumble,
You will fall in love even more.

The sincerest and anxious wedding wishes to congratulate are always best gift from parents. It is hard to see their minor children as adults.

7 wedding arrangement problems that need immediate solution

wedding arrangement problems

7 wedding arrangement problems that need immediate solution

Preparing for a celebration is always a stressful period for a couple. It seems true that a wedding reflects all the difficulties and joy of the future life, like a drop of water.

wedding arrangement problems

Many people experience problems at the time of preparing, while choosing a right wedding planner. Here are the top 7 wedding arrangement problems:

  • Bad time for the ceremony:

Many couples plan to hold the ceremony in bad time such as when the sun is at its zenith means ruined photography. Never do that because it creates trouble for couples, and they never capture the right moment of their life. If you want to save yourself from hassle, then the best advice is to keep your wedding photo session late afternoon before sunset because the soft rays of the golden hour make the photos genuinely magical.

  • Refuse the videographer:

Still, it’s a belief of many couples that they would save their money on video shoots. Don’t forget that it is a film that takes you back to this wonderful day and again gives you these happy emotions. You might face big trouble when you refuse the videographer. However, you will never regret that you decided to use the services of a videographer for your holiday.

  • Underestimate the cost of an outdoor wedding:

Whether you plan a picnic-style wedding with only a few close people, still you require serious preparation, logistics and competent organization. Indeed, some places such as forest edge or a deserted beach, unlike a restaurant, need some additional expenses for the decoration such as catering, banquet area, electric generators and much more. So, before you plan, make a rough draft for the wedding expense cost.

  • Worry about the little things:

When you worry for small things, it will spoil your mood as well as your event. Don’t do this, because you have to relax your mind and think about future life. Many couples are so obsessed with small things and as a result they spend the entire day in tension and excitement, while they should enjoy every minute of it!

  • Stick to all traditions:

Wedding traditions are essential part, if you want to add a cultural spice. But if you, adhere all traditions without hesitation your wedding will not stand out against the background of thousands of others. In fact, you can skip some of the wedding tradition according to your mood.

  • Save on printing:

Most of the time, you think that printing a card is not preferable or a wastage of money, but don’t forget that wedding is incomplete without sending an invitation. You can make the first impression of the upcoming celebration through this, so it is essential to approach the design. Do not skimp on its quality – after all, the little things give the holiday a unique style.

  • Control everything:

You will spoil your wedding when you don’t have proper control over it. Double check all the task and simply adhere to prepare your wedding. Relax! It is to address these issues that you have a florist, decorator, and wedding coordinator. Trust your wedding organizer team and enjoy your big event of your life.

wedding arrangement problems

Wrapping up:

It might be possible you may be facing wedding arrangement problems at the time of preparing. It might be possible; you meet the above mention problems at your wedding. So the solution is to give up those things you do not understand and which are not close to you and in the traditions you support, also hire a perfect wedding planner that never charges higher and fullfil your requirements.

5 Wedding Room Decoration Ideas

wedding room decoration

 5 Wedding Room Decoration Ideas

Does wedding room decoration seem like the most complicated task for you? It can no longer be difficult, and you will feel like you were an expert in decorating your wedding room perfectly. Only the right décor carries out your wedding theme and increases the room value.

Wedding traditions are not limited to the banquet hall or the registry office. According to custom, the wedding begins at the groom’s home. It seems perfect if the hands make the wedding decor of the hero of the occasion.

Wedding room decoration:

There are plenty of wedding decoration ideas that are hard to narrow down the right style. Don’t worry when you pick the right wedding room decoration idea. On the wedding night, the couple promises to stay together whatever the situation and be ready to face all the difficulties with courage; that’s why every couple admires having a beautiful room to celebrate this night. Here are some essential

  • Hang String Lights:

Want to create a romantic ambiance, then hang string lights around the bed or throughout the room. Today, the most significant weddinWedding room decoration g room decoration trend 2021 is to use creative lighting for a perfect overlook.

To create a welcoming visual aesthetic, use string light and neon signs or votive candles with tea. It’s easy to rent out the hanging lights from the local vendor that is cheap and affordable.

  • Use of Balloons:

Balloons are a classic accessory for decorating events; it will never go out of fashion because it personifies lightness or even colors of life. The wedding night decoration looks more stylish if the balloons are not simply attached to walls, curtains, and doors.

Wedding room decoration

The decor element has not sunk into oblivion, but decorating the premises with it has changed significantly. Decorating the couple room with balloons can be combined with other materials and decorations such as serpentine, ribbons, fabric, flowers, or paper crafts.

  • Garlands of hearts:

If you want an entirely romantic decoration, consider garlands of heart, as it is the most romantic decoration that will suit any interior and room style. These are long threads that might be ribbons or ropes, so it’s easy to attach hearts.

wedding room decoration

If you want DIY garlands of hearts, cut paper, foil, cardboard, fabric, or any other material and start making it. Indeed, the atmosphere builds a romantic décor that is perfect for a wedding celebration.

  • Rose petals:

Rose petals are the fastest way to romantically decorate the bride and groom’s room for a wedding night. To illustrate, it is better to use all shades of red, white, and pink inflorescences. It is better to work with reds, in contrast, placing them on surfaces (floor, table, dish) of light shades (best of all, beige). wedding room decoration

Pastel pink and cream petals work well with objects and surfaces of similar tonality but are slightly more delicate. However, such a decoration will not be stored for a long time without water.




  • Use of Clothes:

Wedding room decoration looks like real and eye-catching when you decorate the room with different clothes. In the market, clothes have unique types for instance lace, taffeta, tulle, satin, silk, organza, crepe, guipure. To create a romantic atmosphere, use the tent for more thick drapes of the walls; it is better to hang transparent fabrics from the ceiling.

wedding room decoration

In addition, decorative elements also helpful as an existing object such as balls, lamps, or lampshades for decoration. Unusual things will make the bride’s room unobtrusively elegant.


Final words:

A wedding celebration is a beautiful event that creates a long-lasting memory for many years. It usually begins at the bride’s house, such as gatherings and a photo session takes place here, then a ransom and a buffet table. Stylish wedding room decorations will give a festive feel right away, so think about how to decorate your room for your bride. Check out the above DIY tips and consider the one that seems perfect.


Destination Wedding Planning Checklist – 10 Best Way to Organize Your Wedding

Destination Wedding Planning Checklist – Best Way to Organize Your Wedding

Want to plan a destination wedding? Planning a wedding is indeed a massive challenge for many couples who want to bring excitement to their big day. When planning a wedding, the list of tasks seems to be constantly growing and endless! It’s important to stay organized and ensure every detail is handled, but it can be overwhelming to have a good place to start. This ultimate destination wedding planning checklist keeps the focus on the tedious to-do list.

Destination wedding planning checklist before 6-month

Wedding checklist:

It is the schedule of planning a wedding appropriately. These are the tasks you need to solve in the ten to twelve months before you start. Are you mainly about celebrating, budgeting, researching, and securing the things that matter most to you? Let’s discuss the destination wedding planning checklist:

  • First Step # Celebrate:

Arrange a meet-up with your family and friends to take a moment to enjoy your participation. Share your excitement and happiness about the news of your destination wedding planning with your parents, important family members, and more close friends.

  • Second step # Announce your engagement:

These days there are so many options for engagement announcements such as family meet-ups, traditional mailing, or even social media. Do your best to spread the news of your destination wedding to the world around you.

  • Third Step # Gather Inspiration:

Start thinking about how you want your wedding to look, traditional, formal, or casual? Want to plan in day time or evening? Which themes do you want to include in your wedding event? These are some questions that need to sort out first.

  • Fourth step # set your budget:

 Start planning your destination wedding to those who give financial support. Indeed, at the time of arranging your big day you need a handsome amount. Start thinking about how much extra you might need to save throughout your participation to create an overall budget.

  • Fifth step # Arrange your guest list:

put the name of those you want to invite, categorizing them by priority. Ask your parents about your guest lists as well. Decide how much you can afford.

  • Six step# focus on your priority:

Once you’ve set your budget, start making a list of priorities. Allocate your funds according to your marriage priorities, learn about these ways to save money on your wedding, and cut costs in areas that are not so important to you.

  • Destination wedding planning checklist Seven step# Set the wedding date:

 Depending on your budget and guest list, choose a date for your future wedding, so you have time to save the money you need to pay for the event. Also, choose a time of day for your event. Be sure to consider backup dates if one of your high-priority items is not available for the selected date.

  • Eight step # Start looking for a dress:

You can start looking around what you like and think about what you want to wear on your big day. Visit the market and check out the wedding dress tips ideas.

  • Ninth step# Consult a wedding planner:

if you have chosen one. Using a wedding planner can save you time and energy throughout your entire process.

  • Ten step # Do your research:

Make appointments to meet with crowning vendors, especially those providing a product or service of the highest priority to you, such as location and photography. Research and meet potential florists, photographers, videographers, entertainment, and public services.

Destination wedding planning checklist before 2-3 months

  • Check that your wedding dress is suitably fit:

A final fit dress means the day is almost here. Now you have a chance to be truly comfortable in a dress.

  • Buy wedding rings:

The symbol of eternal love and devotion deserves at least one day of passion and dedication from you. Take a day of engagement ring shopping with your partner to create memories that you will keep forever.

  •       Consult DJ:

A wedding is your big day party, and you can’t enjoy it without a little music. Whether you want a stylish string quartet or a DJ that only plays the most painful beats.

Destination wedding planning checklist before 1-2 months

Wedding checklist:

  1. Order wedding souvenirs and gifts:
  2. Prepare the final fitting of the dress.
  3. Start writing your wedding vows.
  4. Shop for shoes and other accessories.
  5. Buy vacation clothing, including swimwear, dinner rehearsal clothing, and sun protection.
  6. Mail your wedding invitations.

Destination wedding planning checklist before 1 week:

The day of your destination wedding is near, and you probably think about your loved one. Double-check everything you’ve ordered to catch outstanding balances, delivery times, and everything else to make your day as special as it should be. Here is the following destination wedding planning checklist before one week:

  • Check the guest list for the last time if you add or cancel a booking at the last minute.
  • Make sure you have made all outstanding deposits. Receive cash or checks for payment on the same day now
  • Empower someone to solve problems on the wedding day. Don’t strain the happiness of the couple.
  • Discuss who will be responsible for returning rented items and collecting wedding gifts.

On the wedding day:

 Ring the bells. You are getting married today:

Your destination wedding day is finally here which you wait for a longer time. Today you will never forget this day, whether it’s a bundle of nerves or crying tears of joy. Don’t go into details – you have to say “Yes” and enjoy every moment.

Final words:

Finally, try to relax, have fun, focus on each other, and have fun with your friends and family. So the above are the destination wedding planning checklists that you might consider as a helping guide.

Affordable & Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas for Reception

Simple wedding decoration ideas for reception

A couple can have an elegant and stylish event without breaking the bank when they have the right wedding decorating ideas. A little creativeness in arranging the reception event feels like a luxury one. It’s better to consider simple wedding decoration ideas for reception to make a budget-oriented ceremony.

Affordable and budget-oriented wedding decorations bring a spark to your event. If you have a tight budget, simple and inexpensive wedding decoration, allow a couple to splurge in other areas.

Are you now at the preparation stage? After choosing the dress of your dreams, making the invitations, and putting together the menu, it’s time to think about the simple wedding decoration for the reception. You don’t have to break the bank to have the perfect decoration on your bid day; consider the following simple decoration ideas and save money while creating a tailor-made party that reflects your image:

  • Simple Wedding Decoration with Flowers:

Indeed, flowers cannot be missing in decoration. Give it a new meaning with wedding flower arrangements that hang from the ceiling either in pots or creating disco balls. This style will also allow your guests to see each other and can converse more comfortably. Add a decorative touch to your wedding aisle and reception tables with silk flower petals.

  • Simple Wedding Decoration with Lighting:

Change the light fixture bulbs to match your wedding colors. It’s an instant, easy, and inexpensive way to add color to your reception.  The recommendation of lighting is to use at night marriages in which all their splendor can be exploited. The latest trends also include using lamps in your wedding centerpieces, prefer simple models with a base and lampshade around the flowers.

  • Simple Wedding Decoration with Candles:

Candles add romantic lighting to your event at a low cost if you’re looking for simple wedding decoration ideas for reception. Use garden-style centerpieces surrounded by votive candles for added sparkle and elegant reflections; place the candles on mirrored bases.

  • Simple Wedding Decoration with Wood accessories:

Wood accessories seem helpful, whether you want a vintage wedding decoration or prefer a more elegant style. Use storage drawers as bases for the flowers or turn them into ceiling lamps. The slices of wood can be used to locate chandeliers, tall trunks, or filled with glass vases on their way to the altar.

  • Simple Wedding Decoration with table:

 If it is an elegant celebration, use white tablecloths; if it is a country wedding, use long lace knotted table cloths at the corners of the table to infect the most natural spirit. If you are using more rustic furniture and want to expose the wood, prefer thin strips of colored fabric as table runners.

  • Simple Wedding Decoration with Balloons:

Righteously, balloons can be a perfect simple wedding decoration idea for reception on a small budget. Create a doorway arch, raised centerpieces, or even a whimsical balloon to bring some elegant look.

  • Simple Wedding Decoration with Pewter containers:

This material is timeless and brings back memories. They can use pewter vases as vases for their tables and cups or plates as chandeliers, giving a rustic and somewhat provincial style.

  • Simple Wedding Decoration with Favors:

Make the favors serve as wedding decorations. Souvenirs can be coordinated with table decorations and added to each place for additional color. Floral centerpieces in small pots or tin buckets can serve as wedding favors. Somehow, arrange your reception while matching votive candles with custom labels in the centerpieces.

  •  Simple Wedding Decoration with Table marking:

Find different ways to put the numbers on the tables. Colored banners, small pots with succulents, movie clapperboards that announce a new chapter in their lives, corks, pieces of wood with the guest’s name created with laser-cut, on plant leaves, on small wooden logs, they will work very well.

More budget decorating tips

Try these simple wedding decoration ideas for the reception to save even more money:

  1. Consider a place that has natural beauty, such as a garden or church. If you already decide on your place, the next step is to focus on inexpensive decorations.
  2. If possible, use recycling decorations, such as moving flower arrangements, change the reception entrance by using bridesmaid bouquets as table decorations.
  3. Ask if your wedding location has decorations available. Many churches have various decorations in storage that you can use for free or for a small fee.
  4. Focus on key focal points for simple wedding decoration ideas for reception, rather than spending more money on decorations for dark areas.
  5. Research decor rental companies where you can find stylish items for a fraction of the purchase costs.


Final words:

There are many inexpensive and simple wedding decoration ideas for reception that a smart couple can take advantage of to have a beautiful wedding on a basic budget. However, your wedding can be beautiful without sacrificing your savings with a little creativity,

The above-listed ideas will help you to define the decorating style for the reception and think of different accessories, including phrases of love dedicated to the guests, and achieve that atmosphere; the couple dream to enjoy their reception event until the party is over.

Simple wedding decoration ideas for reception