Top 4 DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

DIY Wedding invitation

Top 4 DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

DIY Wedding invitations are the starting point for your event in the life of a couple. The appearance of an invitation determines the time and venue of your wedding. You can buy wedding invitations from the nearest shop, as it is a ready-made card Which contains the name, place, and date of the celebration.

DIY Wedding invitation

Wedding invitations: which ones to choose?

The number of couples who want to distinguish themselves from other newlyweds and lovers who want to create an original and unique holiday increases every year. Therefore, the invitation by their own hands is becoming increasingly popular.

DIY Wedding invitations are different such as:

  • Scroll:

Today, this type of invitation is the most popular. The scroll is lovely, romantic, mysterious, so it is increasingly used to design invitations. To make a scroll with your own hands, you need:

  • twine;
  • imprint;
  • wiper;
  • paper;

Choose paper based on the style of your invitation. Its color can be any; it is enough to process the product with curly scissors. The edges of the paper can be scorched to add realism to the invitations. Write text by hand or print on a printer, then you can twist the DIY wedding invitation, tie it with a string or ribbon.

  1. Collage

Want your entire wedding to be perfect? Then you need to make invitations that will fit the theme of the event. Collage invitations can be made from photos of newlyweds.

Did the couple decide to organize a themed wedding? It is necessary to prepare invitations that reflect the atmosphere of the future celebration.

  • Melody of notes:

If a musical or romantic wedding is being held, the invitations can be in the form of a card with notes. To make them, you need cardboard, fabric (in the style of a bride’s wedding dress), ribbons, and artificial flowers. Glue the envelope out of cardboard.

Attach the fabric to the bag with glue. Cut out the images of the notes in the heart shape and stick them on the material. Make a bow from the tape, attach it to the envelope with glue.

Ideas for creating wedding invitations:


The easiest way is to make invitations with the help of a graphic editor and print them quickly. This option is suitable for couples who have their PC to design programs and want to create something original on their own.

You can make invitations in a matter of minutes, print on a regular printer, or order a print from a printing house. You can also use templates (many of them on the Internet), enter individual data there, and click on print.

An envelope for invitations can be any, made of thick paper of the same color as the invitation or a contrasting shade. Lace can be fixed with glue on one side. Attach a bow in the center that looks perfect.

DIY Wedding invitation

Final words:

It is not necessary to make DIY wedding invitations with your own hands. Also, you can tell the designer about your favorite idea and let him embody your desires into reality. To find the perfect wedding invitations, choose based on who you are inviting to the event and whether the event is themed. Be sure, couple decide together when choosing wedding invitation card, so both will be happy with the preparation, and the wedding will go off with a bang.


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