“9 Mistakes” while organizing event

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“9 Mistakes” while organizing event

High potential mistakes can occur at the time of organizing event because of multitude factors. If you’re organizing event for the very first time and want to avoid doing mistakes thus this article is perfectly fit into your requirements because it break down some factors or practical advice to avoid mistakes.

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Factors to avoid mistakes while organizing events:

Many event planning failures occur when applying the wrong strategies then how to fix them? To come out from this situation, there are numerous and diverse failures that can occur during an event; we will classify them below according to the phase in which they occur, making them easier to recognize and evaluate.

  • Not defining the target audience:

Whenever you organizing events, you’re ignoring its first step that is unable to define properly it’s targeting audience.  In any marketing and communication action, the initial step is to define the audience you want to reach in order to adapt all the elements to it such as dissemination, messages, location, etc.

  • Not setting goals:

The celebration of the event must pursue a goal to measure its success. However, the event objective must explain through the smart formula, such as it must be measurable, specific, achievable, relevant and limited in time.

  • Bad choice of date:

Plan an event, when everyone is free and easily come. To avoid low attendance, a date must be defined according to objective criteria. To avoid this, the ideal is to take into account holidays periods and other important events of any kind.

  • Not planning the budget:

If you are on a tight budget, it is best to wait until you know the exact date of your trip before beginning to plan all of the specifics. The other way around will be irritating, not only because it will entail double the effort, but also because the majority of the ideas will not be realized.

  • Not choosing the right place:

When choosing a location for your event, you must consider the sort of event, the target audience, and the technical requirements that will be necessary. Other extremely significant features, such as accessibility for persons with mobility issues, parking, whether or not you have your own kitchen, are included within these three main categories.

  • Do not request permits or licenses from authorities:

Assuming that your organization has a legal department, it is preferable that once you have a complete program of the event, they analyze it to determine whether any licenses or permits are required in order to prevent legal ramifications. The program can always be sent to an external professional if your company does not have this particular department.

  • Lack of planning:

You must consider the number of guests and their possible special needs of the public, the particularities of the space, the times of each part of the program, etc. With this information, you should think about the possible complications of each detail and have a plan B for each one.

  • Lack of promotion and communication:

No matter how intriguing your event is, if you don’t promote it effectively, no one will show up to participate. The solution is straightforward: create a unique communication plan for your event, in which you list the channels and messages that will be distributed.

  • Not having an organizing team:

By bringing together so many micro actions in the same action, it is impossible to control all the details. The ideal is to delegate certain functions to professionals in the organization of events to guarantee the success of the event.

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Wrapping up:

There is high probability of making mistakes when organizing event, hence the importance of having an experienced team for this task is necessary. In addition, if the team in question is capable of assuming all the needs of your event, you will be achieving greater trust between both parties, centralizing all your resources in a single interlocutor.



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