7 Eco-friendly reception decoration ideas

eco-friendly reception decoration ideas

7 Eco-friendly reception decoration ideas

Eco-friendly reception decoration ideas bring spark in your event. If you desire to have inexpensive decoration, allow a couple to splurge in other areas such as a garden or church.

A couple can get an elegant and stylish event without breaking the bank when they get right decorating ideas. All the process only required a little hardworking and the main aim is to satisfied couple inner’s satisfactions.

eco-friendly reception decoration ideas

It seems essential to apply eco-friendly reception decoration ideas to get a budget-oriented ceremony. After preparing everything, it’s time to think about the eco-friendly reception decoration, so here are some tailor-made reception decoration ideas that reflects your image, lets figure out the given options:

  • Use of Flowers:

Today, cheapest reception decoration is possible with flowers, so never miss the opportunity to have flower in your decoration. Let’s create a new meaning of your reception with flower arrangements. Many ideas that can apply with flowers such as ceiling either in pots or creating disco balls. Add a decorative touch in reception tables with silk flower petals.

  • Use of Lighting:

Lighting is an easy, instant and inexpensive way that add color into your reception. It’s a recommendation is to use lights when you arrange your reception in night in which all their splendor can be exploited.

The latest trends also include using lamps in centerpieces, prefer simple models with a base and lampshade around the flowers.

  • Use of Candles:

Candles add romantic lighting to your event at a low cost if you’re looking for eco-friendly reception decoration. Use garden-style centerpieces that is surrounded by votive candles because it add an elegant reflections, when we place the candles on mirrored bases.

  • Use of Wood accessories:

Wood accessories seem helpful, whether you want a vintage wedding decoration or prefer a more elegant style. Use storage drawers as bases for the flowers or turn them into ceiling lamps. Want to locate tall trunks or chandeliers, you need wood slices that filled with glass vases on their way to the altar.

  • Use of table:

Prefer white tablecloths with dark tone because it consider as an elegant decoration. use long lace knotted at the corners of the table to infect the most natural spirit. If you are using more rustic furniture and want to expose the wood, prefer thin strips of colored fabric as table runners.

  • Use of Balloons:

When we think about Eco-friendly reception decoration idea. We quickly think about balloons. It’s a too simple and elegant way to decorate the reception venue. Different ideas can consider, such as create a doorway arch, raised centerpieces, or even a whimsical balloon to bring some elegant look.

  • Use of Favors:

Make the favors serve as wedding decorations. Souvenirs can be coordinated with table decorations and added to each place for additional color. Floral centerpieces in small pots or tin buckets can serve as wedding favors. Somehow, arrange your reception while matching votive candles with custom labels in the centerpieces.

Final words:

The above are some eco-friendly reception decorations ideas that a smart couple desire to apply to enjoy reception on budget. Through a little creativity you can arrange a valuable party without sacrificing your savings.

Consider a place that has natural beauty, such as a garden or church. If you already decide on your place, the next step is to focus on inexpensive decorations.

The above-listed ideas will help you to define the decorating style for the reception and think of different accessories, including phrases of love, so its easy to achieve that atmosphere. Every couple has a dream to celebrate their reception party until it is over.

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