Dream Wedding- 7 Thing Need to Focus

dream wedding

Dream Wedding- 7 Thing Need to Focus

There is no secret that you’ve been working hard for months and planning for your dream wedding. You’ve designed everything necessary for the big day, from selecting the right location to sending out beautiful invitations to get something for wedding.

dream wedding

Here are seven items every woman forgets on her wedding day, along with simple strategies to remedy the situation so that your big day is everything you’ve dream.

·       Forget to Eat

Most of our ladies don’t eat on the dream wedding day, so make sure you and your bridal party have something to eat. Have a non-wedding-party relative or friend provide food for the gathering. If you want to make things easy for your loved one, you might tell them ahead of time that you are willing to order and pay and that you will provide them with all the specifics for pickup. Send a thank-you card and a copy of your wedding day venue.

·       Cry Proof Eyelashes

Some brides have obtained fake eyelashes, and after crying, they’ve fallen out. Many brides don’t know that the adhesive dissolves in water, so pack some extra lash glue in your survival kit. Talk to your makeup artist to create a look that withstands your tears. Inquire about any last-minute touch-up advice if they won’t be around after the ceremony. Select a waterproof mascara if you apply your makeup.

·       Ring Organizer

It’s always a good idea to provide the photographer with a lovely ring box while taking images of your engagement ring. Your photographer will appreciate it. It’s your duty; simply ask your photographer if they already have one before you invest. A few may be among the tools available to wedding photographers.

·       Accessories

For most brides, the dream wedding dress takes centre stage, so it’s easy to ignore other essentials. Make a packing list and place orders for any necessary accessories in plenty of time to guarantee they all make it with you. Compose an exhaustive list of what you, the groom, and any other bridal party members need to bring. Send it out a few weeks before the wedding so the people in your party can go out and get everything they might need.

·       Details for Invitations and Photographs

On the big day, have a backup of everything that needs to be captured on paper. Put together everything from the invites and save-the-date cards to the welcome bag, the program, and personalized napkins. Send your photographer a copy of your paper suite in advance if a lengthy packing list has you stressed.

·       Shoes that are Easy to Dance

At the beginning of the reception, everyone will want to get on the dance floor and have a good time, so come prepared with a pair of comfy shoes or shoe inserts. This way, you may relax and enjoy yourself without sitting on the sidelines. Include them in your suitcase and try on your high heels in advance.

·       Soak It All In

One of the most common things I see brides neglect on their wedding day is to take a few minutes here and there to take it all in!” You will surprise at how quickly the day passes, so remind them to live in the now.

Dream Wedding


It’s natural to feel pressure on your dream wedding day and you have to everything under control at this pivotal juncture in your life. Still, it’s also impossible to anticipate and prepare for every eventuality. If you ever plan your wedding, then don’t forget to remember the above aspects before the wedding day. So you no longer face difficulties.


7 Tips for Saving Yourself from Wedding Budget Breakdown

 Wedding budget breakdown

7 Tips for Saving Yourself from Wedding Budget Breakdown

Are you worried about the wedding budget breakdown? Two aspects come into our mind when we consider planning that is stressful and expensive. To make your wedding cost efficient and fun oriented, it’s better to avoid mistakes. Budget breakdown is compulsory because in which we divide every element equally to determine the actual cost that how much it allocate for each service.

 Wedding budget breakdown

When you plan for wedding budget, you actually think about this question “How much will our wedding cost?” Usually, future newlyweds are curious to know that how much they spend on their wedding because they have a fear of wedding budget breakdown. Meanwhile, this is the most pressing topics for future newlyweds. How to distribute it correctly?

  • 40% Budget on Banquet:

You will save precious time on the wedding day, if you consider a same venue for ceremony or party. Beside this, it is also essential to avoid additional expenses on your wedding day because sometime the issue of breakout occur because of banquet expense. It is better to give preference to a room with a suitable interior style through this you also minimize the expense of interior décor on your big day.

  • 15% budget on wedding show:

Every guest depends on the choice of the host arranging program because entertainment is most important part in every wedding. So spending 15% budget is affordable in wedding events.

  • 15% budget on décor and floristics:

Indeed, your wedding set up is incomplete without decoration, so hire the professionals, who will manage décor and floristics within your budget. Also, they have the ability to design in accordance with the voiced wishes, without going beyond the financial framework.

  • 15% budget on photo and video filming:

If you want a qualitative result, then you can’t save a bit and also it is unacceptable. Invest some effort to find the right photographer to get the high-quality photographs and videos.

  • 10% budget on wedding organizers:

The best way is to find a wedding organizer who is fully professional and have enough knowledge to organize the party.

  • 5% budget on transport and unforeseen expenses:

It is advisable to provide a financial to stay calm even in times of unforeseen expenses because you might face wedding budget breakdown.

  • 10% on other expenses:

Some expenses such as groom and bridal suit, wedding rings, groom suit, hairstyle, make-up and dress of the bride. We advise you to plan this item of expenses separately from the general budget, since the range of prices for services in this area is quite large.

 Wrapping up:

The above are some of the aspects that become the reason of wedding budget breakdown. Furthermore, wedding breakdown directly depends on the number of invited guests, and also on the content of the celebration. Planning a budget is more correct than spending money later you will find that spending is out of control.