10 Solid Points to Hire a Wedding Organizer

Hire a wedding organizer

10 Solids Point to Hire a wedding organizer

Hire a wedding organizer is a perfect scheme to handle every single task without destroying the function. It might be possible you’re confused about why hiring a wedding planner in New Jersey is your priority? A wedding celebration is a wonderful event that is impossible without the magic of perfectly organizing it.

Have you decided to organize a wedding celebration but still do not know whether to do it yourself or contact a wedding agency for services? Initially, you need to understand the concept of the celebration, the number of guests, budget, location, and what budget you are willing to allocate for this. By hiring the services of a wedding organizer, you will significantly save time.

Hire a wedding organizer

Reasons to hire a wedding organizer

Organizing a wedding is a long and stressful process for many couples. Also, it takes a lot of time and dedication.

Therefore, at this beautiful moment in your life, the only thing you have to worry about is “I do. ” Discover the given 10 pros to hire a wedding organizer:

1.   Experience with the best vendors

A wedding planner knows the best vendors in the wedding industry. Don’t waste time looking for a decorator that suits your tastes and needs, and trust the advice of a wedding planner. She will advise you of those professionals who adapt to what you want. Thus, you will achieve a perfect wedding without having to be aware that one of them fails you at the last minute.

2.   Optimize your time

If you don’t have much time, hiring a Wedding Planner is your best option. You will save time looking for suppliers and looking for prices, as well as coordinating everything on the same day of your wedding. Having a professional who has experience will facilitate the entire organization and planning process.

3.   Provide confidence and tranquility:

On your wedding day, the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying and living the big day with enthusiasm and happiness. Therefore, hiring a Wedding Planner will avoid the problems and inconveniences that may occur.

4.   Adjusted to your budget

One of the essential aspects when planning a wedding is the budget. A wedding planner provides you with a list of trusted wedding providers, so it adapts to your demands. Hiring a wedding planner will be the best choice for your wedding to be unforgettable.

5.   Creativity and innovation:

Have an idea but don’t even know where to start? A wedding planner offers you the most innovative ideas, as well as alternatives in case of problems. This way, celebrating the wedding of your dreams is possible, for example, when you hire a wedding organizer they can help you plan from a themed wedding to a classic wedding.

6.   Control the timeline:

For the result of a wedding to be positive, keeping time under control is essential. That is, each event must be within a set schedule. The arrival of the guests, the ceremony, the time of the banquet, everything has to be in order. Hiring a wedding organizer is beneficial to fulfilled every single task, so there is no unforeseen event.

7.   Coordination and supervision:

Good organization and coordination is the key to success. Likewise, a Wedding Planner supervises that every detail is taken care of and perfect. Put yourself in the hands of professionals to organize your dream wedding.

8.   Logistics coordination:

Choosing the best place for the celebration, taking care of decoration, food, suppliers, outsourced hygiene services, among others, requires a lot of direction and time. An event planner will create unique experiences for guests and take care of detailed planning, creating peace of mind.

9.   Strategic alliances:

Thanks to the organizers’ skills to take care of catering, furniture, or other types of services. Sometimes this agreement can be given as a sponsorship so that service companies can also promote themselves at the event.

10. Fully professional service:

The history of companies in charge of managing corporate events will ensure that no element goes unnoticed. Their experience can make the event work according to schedule, thus providing a pleasant experience for the guests.

Hire a wedding organizer

Final words:

Hiring a wedding organizer seems like a difficult task, but not when you connect Jennifer Tolento Events. They know how to solve any mishap or unforeseen quickly, they also know how to handle the situation with their resources to make the event a success.

In short, an Events organizing company can be your best ally; at Jennifer Tolento Events, we are pleased to offer you all our services, guaranteeing success in every detail to make your wedding event perfect.


Top 8 outdoor wedding venues in NJ

outdoor wedding venues in NJ

Top 8 outdoor wedding venues in NJ

Today, outdoor wedding venue in NJ is a popular choice when planning a wedding. New Jersey is called the Garden State with enough beauty to attract every visitor or couple to plan an outdoor wedding. In NJ, there are numerous outdoor wedding venues that you can reserve for your big day and have a perfect photoshoot because of the beautiful scenery. The list of New Jersey outdoor wedding venues is so vast, and you have plenty of outdoor locations to choose from; whether your dream location is a lush garden, a rustic wilderness spot, a historic mansion, or a posh country club.

outdoor wedding venues in NJ

Outdoor wedding venues in NJ

Ready to find your outdoor wedding venue in NJ? Take a look at some of our favorites?

1.    Mansión Skylands:

If you want to plan a royal wedding, then Mansión Skylands is your number one choice. It is located within a 1,000-acre park, which includes 100 acres of formal botanical gardens. Organize your ceremony in the wooded garden or one of the other outdoor spaces. The manor house has features of a renovated ballroom. This is an all-inclusive couples award-winning venue that might brighten your planning process, plus there are 24 guest rooms on-site so your wedding party can stay for the weekend.

2.    Crossed Keys Property:

If you are looking for favorite outdoor wedding venues in New Jersey, then this charming 200-year-old farm is your perfect choice. You can host your reception inside the Farmhouse Ballroom or in the 25-foot tall marquee because this outdoor venue is ideal for ceremonies. Crossed keys property has the capacity up to 280 guests. Indeed, you might love its lush gardens and enjoy having in-house catering or late-night bonfire.

3.    The farm at the Grand Colonial:

The historic estate combines the romantic atmosphere of outdoor wedding venues in NJ because it comes with the convenience of an all-inclusive platform. The Farmhouse at the Grand Colonial offers an enchanting venue for open-air ceremonies and various photographic backdrops, including a historic stone school and majestic oak tree known as the “Kissing Tree.” This couple choice venue is perfect for accommodating up to 250 guests and comes with a grand ballroom for indoor receptions.

4.    Knoll Country Club:

This outdoor venue is also known as an expansive outdoor wedding venue, and this venue has more than 360 acres of space for your big day. The ceremony space is so scenic, and the Grand Ballroom, while indoors, has panoramic windows overlooking the outer space. Couples rave about the on-site staff and delicious food because this award-winning Couples Choice perfect outdoor venue offers in-house catering. After all, it has space for up to 500 guests.

5.    Crystal Springs Resort:

This northern New Jersey golf resort overlooking the mountains has five outdoor wedding venues, from golf courses to a rustic lodge to a charming pavilion. The Crystal Springs Resort features an ample ceremony space with spectacular mountain views, as well as a 300-seat ballroom. The Ballyowen Golf Club has an Irish flair with rolling farmland and Old World-style event space. Your guests can stay on-site to make your wedding day a fun-filled weekend.

6.    Florence and the Jardines

Garden weddings are romantic and dreamy, and this NJ wedding venue is all of that and more. This Georgian-style mansion has the features of a beautiful terrace and gardens for fairytale outdoor ceremonies, as well as a packed ballroom with 25-foot-high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and luxurious chandeliers. This all-inclusive venue has won numerous couples’ attention because it offers genuinely magnificent photographic backdrops, from gorgeous fountains to stone gazebos and much more.

7.    Pleasantdale Chateau

Conveniently located in West Orange, this NJ outdoor wedding venue is truly luxurious. We love the outdoor ceremony space on a serene meadow, with bridges, large trees, streams, ponds with the historic backdrop French-style mansion. All the wedding receptions are arranged with its unique round ceiling in the Grand Ballroom. This all-inclusive venue has room for up to 400 guests so that you can make a celebrity-style check-in or check-out wedding.

8.    SkyView Golf Club:

This wedding venue in NJ offers stunning views of the mountains. You will love the rustic feel of the whole place with a log barn and cabin, plus SkyView Golf Club offers 190 acres of outdoor space. The ceremony space features a charming gazebo, and the reception space has floor-to-ceiling windows. However, this Club has won multiple couple hearts, as it can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Final Words:

outdoor wedding venues in NJ

The above are the top 8 outdoor wedding venues in NJ so that you will bring more excitement to your big day. Remember, a wedding has two fundamental elements: the first is the bride and groom themselves, and the second is the place where everything will happen. So choose the perfect outdoor venue and make a memorable wedding function.