3 wisely tips to pick professional event organizer

Professional event organizer

3 wisely tips to pick professional event organizer

When you handle all the tasks by yourself, the chance of saving money is higher, but in reality, paying someone who has connections to the industry can save you more money and guarantees that your event will be successful.

Hiring an event planner might be a complicated task because of extra expenses and unnecessary costs. However, this is not actually true – when you hire a professional event organizer, you’re actually saving a massive amount of money. Let’s take a look at the three most important guidelines to pick the perfect event planner:

First Impressions:

The world is dividing two types of people; one sector believes that first impression is more important, whereas others say the proper evaluation that makes us subconscious will come within the first two seconds of meeting. So it’s easy to recall the first meeting with your event organizer and evaluate it by asking questions such as their attitude, did they smile during conversation? And so on.

High Communication skills:

Communication skills are more critical for any business endeavor, but it’s become the most professional event organizer quality when talking about event organizing techniques. When you hire them, you’re continuously in touch with your organizer, which is where you check their communication skills. You must evaluate adequately. Do they have the ability to communicate an event strategy that you can identify with? Can we trust this person to manage a respectful array of vendors for your event?

Plan every phase accurately:

Planning an event is a highly intellectual process that involves transforming the idea into a coherent strategy that puts everything in its proper place. The method of planning and managing events can be very stressful, and it’s not a good idea to engage an event planner who isn’t able to “keep their cool.” Choose calm and relaxed event planners, and you won’t regret it once the pressure goes off the rails.

Questions that must ask with professional event organizer:


Do you have confidence in them?

Are you feel comfortable hiring as your event organizer? Choose wisely because you have to work with them in a couple of months. You might feel satisfied with those who share ideas with you and stand by your side during work pressure.

Are they enough creative?

The professional event organizer is fully experienced in handling all sorts of events, whether corporate or kid’s party. If you want a unique event, you can customize a plan according to the event. Your organizer must be creative enough to add something new that lasts long term.

The event planner you choose should offer innovative and “out of the box” ideas for decor schedules, vendors, etc. Creative people are not ordinary nowadays. Therefore, be sure to ask some pertinent questions before you meet with your event organizer.

Do they make you smile?

It’s quite a complicated task of organizing an event because of its many processes. Those who are new and have no sense of managing events might face challenging times. So the ultimate option is to pick a qualified organizer that is responsible enough and makes you smile by delivering exemplary service.

Wrapping up:

A professional organizer is thoroughly passionate about delivering quality work that enhances the chance of grabbing customer attention. Pick the exemplary service that is oriented enough, has organizational skills, or is genuinely flexible in managing your event.

8 pro tips for stress-free event planner

event planner

8 pro tips for stress-free event planner

The life of an event planner is full of excitement and hard work, whether organizing a large conference or small event. No matter how complex or simple, every event required fully detailed planning.

Tips for event planner 

A number of components include from established to promoting an event, so starting earlier and making a hassle-free process is better. Here are 8 tips for a stress-free event planning

event planner

  • Start planning earlier:

Probably, you get different possibilities when you start planning earlier. If you are going to arrange a significant event, the best option is to plan in advance for about four to six months, whereas small events require one month. Try to ensure that your event planner accomplishes all the tasks and completes the contract a few weeks before the event.

  • Remain flexible:

Things are changing rapidly throughout event planning. Ensure that you meet the flexibility of the client’s demand, whether it is location, event, or timing. You have to bring flexibility to your work to get stress-free event planning.

  • Try to Negotiate:

Keep in mind; every event has an unforeseen cost, so you must reduce the price as much as possible. Don’t listen to other vendors because everything is negotiable. Determine your budget and try to get 5-10% off from the actual budget. It is better to negotiate it earlier because your vendor might fight with you just to win their business plan.

  • Assign responsibilities:

Divide all the event elements into sections such as catering, registration, or transport. Build a team and assign every section if you want to become a successful event planner. When you create a team, your team member is solely responsible for everything.

  • Must have a backup plan:

Rarely, this possibility occurs when an event is pulled off just because of one fault, like one of the team members didn’t respond, or an item may not turn up on time. In the future, many issues arise, so the better option is to triage them and plan alternative points.

  • Capture everything:

One of the excellent ways to demonstrate your event into a successful one is to capture photos and post them on social media because it speaks thousands of words. Hire a professional photographer, if you have enough budget because a photographer has more clue to capture this kind of photo. When you upload these on social media, more and more people approach you for this specific task. Ask your photographer to take pictures of every moment, like event branding, full room arrangements, even lots of images of event attendees.

  • Develop an online image:

If you want to grab the attention of more and more people, establish your social media presence. Create a custom hashtag campaign on Instagram or Twitter. Similarly, create a Facebook page, upload all the event photos, and encourage users to tag themselves.

  • Immediately follow-up:

Usually, it happens, once the event is over, many organizers face a pitfall. Take a deep breath and have a break. It is essential to become proactive with attendees and try to follow up. Send them an email or connect them on social media, so it’s easy to demonstrate the event’s success.

Want stress-free event planning? Consider the above 8 points. Don’t be afraid of surprises, be optimistic, whatever event you organize.