How to Become a WEDDING PLANNER?

Do you want to become a wedding planner? It is not that easy. A focused career and preplanned things can take you to the professional wedding planner approach.

Wedding planning is not a minor job that everyone can do. It is a significant task to organize every little point of the wedding. And WE all know how WEDDING is vital to us.

So, we have PLANNED to become wedding planners.


Go through the ARTICLE. In this GUIDE, we will explore how to become a wedding and a step-by-step approach to developing your PROFESSIONAL CAREER.

Try it. Let’s go.

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Focus on two words “WEDDING and PLANNER.” Have you done that?

The game is over if you can define them.

Let me shed light on the PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PLANNER.

A professional wedding planner is an individual who organizes all the aspects of the wedding and fulfills all the requirements at once.

From the 12th month to the DAY of the wedding, a wedding planner keeps all the essential things on his checklists.

So, it becomes easier to manage all the essential things and fulfill the requirements.

What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner can do multiple jobs essential to perform at the wedding.

If you are considering becoming a wedding planner, you must know:

  • What is a wedding planner?
  • How to Become a wedding planner?
  • Why even become a wedding planner?
  • What jobs do as a wedding planner?

Do you know all the answers? Great! You are good to go for the wedding planner.

In other cases, I have listed the significant tasks a wedding planner has to do.

  • A wedding planner can plan the wedding from the 12th month to the wedding day.
  • All the wedding events count on the planner.
  • A wedding planner can save bucks upon organizing the crucial tasks of the wedding.

5 Steps to becoming a wedding planner?

Becoming a wedding planner requires some tips and steps to become a professional.

Do you want to know the steps?

Here are these:

  • Do formal training

How can you even become a wedding planner without formal training?

So, join the Academy that offers the whole wedding planning teaching. 

Learn the significant aspects of WEDDING. Negotiation, management, checklists, etc., are essential to learn and practice. 

You can choose a top school available in your area.

  • Get experience 

Have you got a diploma from a top school or Academy?



This quote fits here perfectly.

You have to implement all you have learned. It will improve your knowledge, get on professional skills, and let you know what you need and when you need it.

The right approach makes everything easier and better.

  • Choose the niche

The niche is CRUCIAL.

So, be CAREFUL. And choose it as per your skills.

You can scroll all the niches available in the wedding plans and decide on the suitable one.

  • Get the mentor

A teacher will hone your SKILLS.

Don’t you want that? If it is so, it is your choice. If you want to be a TOP-NOTCH professional, get a mentor.

A mentor will help you learn the FUNDAMENTAL skills and achieve your best.

  • Earn a professional certificate

A professional license or certificate is not an ESSENTIAL requirement.

So, why should we get it, right?

Do you want to stand out in a bunch of professionals?

It is the professional certificate that can do all the tasks. You can grab a professional certification from the local government. For a US resident, here is what you need.

Final Words

Have you got your wedding planned? If you are having a wedding AROUND the corner, why wait to hire the wedding PLANNERS?

A wedding planner can do all the job without any problem. Moreover, you can save the bucks upon carrying out your next wedding.

Let’s try out our services.

Our professional wedding planner of JENNIFER TOLENTO can overcome all the wedding plans. From a single event to the final wedding plans, we have all that you need.

Hit us a message or call us right away to get the APPOINTMENT!

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