How to be your wedding planner? Quick Guide

How to be your wedding planner

Do you have a marriage around the corner? Want to know how to be your wedding planner? Want to save some bucks? Do you like to learn new skills?

If yes, this article is for you. What you will learn:

  • How to be your wedding planner?
  • What you will do.
  • How you will do.
  • Checklist of the wedding.
  • Step-by-step access to premium skills

Ready to learn something new?

Let’s learn to manage the wedding and how to be your wedding planner.

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How to be your wedding planner

What exactly is a WEDDING PLANNER?

A wedding planner is a PROFESSIONAL who handles all the tasks related to wedding planning.

From day one to the last day, it is the WEDDING PLANNER who controls every related to the management of the wedding.

An important question arises; is the wedding planner essential for the WEDDING?

Yes. You have to set up all the things. Can you do it on your own? If yes, that would save you the COST. 

In this article, we will learn how to do that.

What are the essentials of the wedding?

Wedding plans include multiple activities to do before doing anything. For example, deciding the wedding date, considering the number of guests, and distributing the invitations.

I have listed several essentials to do before conducting a marriage. To be your wedding planner, you must learn about them.

  • Plans before marriage

Before marriage, some CRUCIAL TASKS are included. 

These are:

  • Fixing the date of the marriage
  • Putting an estimate of the guests
  • Booking the printers to prepare the specific number of invitation cards

These activities are served months before and are QUITE IMPORTANT.

Your guest will get disappointed in you if you don’t have enough invitation cards to invite them.

  • Plans during marriage

Wedding planning during the marriage is also IMPORTANT.

It includes:

  • Arranging all the tasks related to the marriage. 
  • Setting up the stage
  • Putting on the essential photographers and videographers for recording the videos


Many other activities are also part of these plans. A good wedding planner can turn out the BEST at all these parts.

  • Plans after marriage

Post-wedding plans can be the clearing up the waste.

Wedding planners do A to Z planning on each step and put their best efforts into getting the BEST.

Tips to be your wedding planner

Want to be a WEDDING PLANNER of your wedding?

Here are some tips to successfully handle all the TASKS of your wedding.

  • Learn the BASIC SKILLS

You must learn the BASIC skills to plan a wedding. You can even go for an internship with the experts.

Know the basic plans and skills to implement each plan.

Is that even HARD?

  • UNDERSTAND the marriage needs

What is a marriage?

A long-term and beautiful relationship, right?

Why not make it more memorable?

It is what every professional thinks of when starting their carrier in wedding planning. From A to Z, you must know what the are requirements of your marriage and how you are going to handle every task.

Ultimately, you will get more and expect more from your preparations.

  • List the essentials you would need in a marriage


Essential factors or checklist is the BASE of the marriage. For example, if you have to arrange the invitation cards, go to the new printing shop, book your order, and set a budget limit.

By doing all these tasks, you’ll feel more confident and get more skills in handling all the jobs on your own.

  • Implement the skills


Learned the skills?

Implement them. Everything is EASIER. You have to plan each and everything creatively. 


Let’s go and rock in your marriage.



How is the guide about how to be your wedding planner?

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