5 Techniques of custom event planning checklist

custom event planning

5 Techniques of custom event planning checklist

An event’s planning requires meticulous attention of detail. There’s a lot of things to remember, from the early stages of preparation to the last information on the day of the event. The day of the event will be busy and unpleasant if you try to remember every little detail in your mind.

Custom event planning

Instead, we advise constructing a checklist specific to the event you are arranging. This not only help to you stay on track, but it also gives the event staff valuable information they can use to help you pull off a fantastic event. Follow custom event planning that will keep you on track and ensure that someone execute flawlessly your project:

custom event planning

Create an event planning checklist template:

Put all of your checklist items into a template as you go along. Create one from scratch in Microsoft Excel or Google Docs, or use one from the internet. Another option is collaborating with your event crew using an online project management program.

Work backward from the event and develop a calendar of jobs and deadlines, ensure that every single detail is properly address for custom event planning.

Establish the event essentials:

It’s now time to concentrate on some of the most critical aspects of your gathering.

Date and time: What time and location are you planning to hold the event? Consider the availability of attendees while choosing a date.

Location: consider how far away it is from where you live, as well as the location. Make a list of things to do: research, interviewing suppliers, signing the contract, and more.

Type of event: Is this a meeting? Is there a party going on? Even though you probably already know this, it’s a good idea to document and convey your thoughts on the subject.

Event goal: The primary purpose of a gathering. When it comes to fundraising, honoring employee achievement, or introducing new products, there are many possibilities.

Audience: You need to know exactly what people expect from your event. The likelihood of getting the desired guest action decreases if you don’t fulfill their demands.

 Build an event budget:

It isn’t easy to come up with an event budget when considering all the costs involved. It’s not that difficult to use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Catering, décor, and rental services are the most important categories to focus on at the outset. It’s possible to add minor things like this to your to-do list:

o Researching costs of rentals

o Contacting vendors

o Negotiating discounts

o Paying deposits

The budget for an event is not something that can be checked off a list. This style encourages you to continuously examine all areas of the event until it is as cost-effective as possible, making your budget a live document.


 Create the event design:

In this phase, you’ll focus on the elements of the event that have the most influence on your visitors. A general overview of event design principles will be presented. Think about the exact duties you need to add to your event checklist while contemplating these points:

  • Program
  •  Layout
  • Theme
  • Plan out the décor

Map out a marketing plan:

Creates anticipation and enthusiasm for the event and assures a solid attendance. Many specifics can be included, such as:

  • Custom logos and branding
  • Printed flyers
  • Dedicated event emails
  • Paid advertisements
  • Social media posts
  • Marketing budge


A pre-and post-event marketing plan might be better understood with the aid of an event checklist. You and your team will benefit significantly from using an online project management solution in this situation.

Event Planning Checklist

  • Establish your event’s aim & goals.
  • Choose an appropriate date
  • Create an event budget.
  • Arrange speakers and sponsorships
  • Start publicity of your event
  • Coordinate with event suppliers
  • Develop an event master plan.
  • Properly evaluate every aspect of your event.
  • Manage event execution.

custom event planning

Wrapping up:

You want to gather your team to discuss the different ideas and its improvement before event start. You might include criteria that relate to your event objectives on a checklist for event planning.

A detailed post-event analysis will be able to be produced using the criteria that have been determined. In addition, custom event planning can help you determine whether your event objectives were reached.



16 weeks’ checklist to organize a successful event

Major steps in event management

16 weeks’ checklist to organize a successful event

Organize a successful event may help you spread the word about your company, business, or sector to people in your close network.

You’re not alone if you’re having trouble completing all the duties that go into arranging an outstanding event. Every successful event organizer has to deal with the daily logistics that make these events workable. Don’t be concerned! Let’s have a look at the 16-week checklist for event preparation.

organize a successful event

16 weeks to Organize a successful event

  • Set goals:

When planning an event, what are the most important things to consider? What do you want to accomplish? Get a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how many people you need to break the attendance record to organize a successful event.

  • Assemble your team

Assign each member a position, such as a project coordinator or an event marketer. The objectives of each role should be clearly defined and, if feasible, quantified.

  • The location and date of the event:

Determine how many people are interested in participating, where they like to meet, and who they plan to attend the event with (children, partners, colleagues, friends). Visit the venues to check if there are any open dates.

  • Organize an event and choose a host:

Find a speaker, performer, or entertainment to present your event using your channels and the social media of your team. You should check to see whether the host is available first.

  • Make a financial plan:

Establish a budget and a payment plan for your roadmap. It’s essential to figure out your money. You’ll need to generate to put on your conference. For example, you may use this data to establish registration costs and sponsor contributions.

12 weeks before the event


  • Sign a contract with the host:

To acquire promotional materials from the host, you must first sign a contract with them. Arrange travel and accommodation.


  • Confirm your participation:

Make a list of speakers and entertainers in your network. Each presenter should be notified of their interest and availability. Start incorporating them into your plan.

  • Deal with entertainment:

Take care of the fun stuff, like food, traffic, and other people’s safety. Reserve dates for events by contacting contractors.

  • Provide event permits and liability insurance:

Contact your local authorities if you require food, noise, signs, road closures, or police protection permits. Provide event permits and liability insurance. A liability insurance policy should cover personal injury, property damage, and other mishaps.


  • Make your event memorable by developing a distinctive identity:

Create an impressive appearance for your event by coming up with an innovative concept. Use this style for your promotional items and signage, including banners, signs, and posters.


  • Registration is now open:

The registration form on your website should be helpful. Everything from arrival time to culinary preferences must consider appropriately.


  • Advertise your event:

Publish a blog or create event-specific social media sites. Post confirmations of well-known speakers and visitors. Everyone should acknowledge what you do and who you are.


4 weeks before the event

  • Buy or rent the materials you need

Ask the contractors what equipment they expect from you before purchasing or renting any goods. Ask the venue owner whether they have all the supplies you’ll need on hand. Don’t hesitate to contact vendors to inquire about purchasing or renting their products. Prepare promotional items, such as giveaways and product samples to organize a successful event.


  • Receive copies of all speeches and presentations:

Ask for a copy of the moderator and speakers’ presentations. Make sure that all the texts are up to your standards. Assist presenters in making adjustments if necessary.

  • Gather volunteers:

Determine the number of people you need and then post an open call for volunteers. Use the online volunteer registration form to gather information about each volunteer’s talents and interests to assign them to a suitable position.

1 day before the event


  • Make sure you’re ready:

Keep track of everything that has to be delivered to the event location, including presents. Set up registration booths, seats, tables, and staging for the event.

  • Brief volunteers:

Establish small teams of volunteers under the direction of a member of your full-time staff and hold them responsible for their actions.

On the day of the event

During advert breaks, hand out the event feedback questionnaires or gather comments in real-time. In the case of any issues, these surveys will allow you to organize a successful event and solve the issues quickly.

7 Tips for Saving Yourself from Wedding Budget Breakdown

 Wedding budget breakdown

7 Tips for Saving Yourself from Wedding Budget Breakdown

Are you worried about the wedding budget breakdown? Two aspects come into our mind when we consider planning that is stressful and expensive. To make your wedding cost efficient and fun oriented, it’s better to avoid mistakes. Budget breakdown is compulsory because in which we divide every element equally to determine the actual cost that how much it allocate for each service.

 Wedding budget breakdown

When you plan for wedding budget, you actually think about this question “How much will our wedding cost?” Usually, future newlyweds are curious to know that how much they spend on their wedding because they have a fear of wedding budget breakdown. Meanwhile, this is the most pressing topics for future newlyweds. How to distribute it correctly?

  • 40% Budget on Banquet:

You will save precious time on the wedding day, if you consider a same venue for ceremony or party. Beside this, it is also essential to avoid additional expenses on your wedding day because sometime the issue of breakout occur because of banquet expense. It is better to give preference to a room with a suitable interior style through this you also minimize the expense of interior décor on your big day.

  • 15% budget on wedding show:

Every guest depends on the choice of the host arranging program because entertainment is most important part in every wedding. So spending 15% budget is affordable in wedding events.

  • 15% budget on décor and floristics:

Indeed, your wedding set up is incomplete without decoration, so hire the professionals, who will manage décor and floristics within your budget. Also, they have the ability to design in accordance with the voiced wishes, without going beyond the financial framework.

  • 15% budget on photo and video filming:

If you want a qualitative result, then you can’t save a bit and also it is unacceptable. Invest some effort to find the right photographer to get the high-quality photographs and videos.

  • 10% budget on wedding organizers:

The best way is to find a wedding organizer who is fully professional and have enough knowledge to organize the party.

  • 5% budget on transport and unforeseen expenses:

It is advisable to provide a financial to stay calm even in times of unforeseen expenses because you might face wedding budget breakdown.

  • 10% on other expenses:

Some expenses such as groom and bridal suit, wedding rings, groom suit, hairstyle, make-up and dress of the bride. We advise you to plan this item of expenses separately from the general budget, since the range of prices for services in this area is quite large.

 Wrapping up:

The above are some of the aspects that become the reason of wedding budget breakdown. Furthermore, wedding breakdown directly depends on the number of invited guests, and also on the content of the celebration. Planning a budget is more correct than spending money later you will find that spending is out of control.



7 Things to do on your wedding day Morning

things to do on your wedding day morning.

7 Things to do on your wedding day Morning

Often, brides are so anxious before the wedding that they cannot sleep at midnight. In the morning, will you feel overwhelmed, weak, and in a bad mood? Headache and bad weather can add discomfort, so you need relaxation on your big day.

Wedding day is the dream of every bride and groom. It’s a day of enjoyment, fun, celebration, or to enjoy the new year of life. Different things to do on your wedding day morning seem essential that must need to followed. Who wants to spend their precious time on the checklist? So the best advice is to keep everything on your wedding day morning.

things to do on your wedding day morning

Things to do on your wedding day Morning

Count down the start of  your wedding day. You might forget anything before you reach the wedding venue, so the best advice is to arrange everything beforehand. Your wedding day is not your working day, so complete every task earlier. Things to do on your wedding day morning:

  • Get up early:

Yes, as much as you want to soak up your bed for a bit longer, make an effort and get up at least an hour before the stylist arrives. You should have time to come to your senses and tune in the right way.

  • Be Relaxed:

On your wedding day morning, take all the worries out and be relaxed because you are the queen of this day. It’s time to leave everything on your wedding plan and take a deep breath. Single stress on your face will destroy your bridal look. Avoid the tone of phone calls, and don’t jump out from your bed. Pamper yourself and relax.

  • Enjoy your good breakfast:

Before you get ready, first have a hearty breakfast. It will boost your energy throughout the day and help your face looks fresh. If you are in a hotel or resort, deliver your breakfast from nearby restaurants. Probably, your next meal is after your reception. It’s better to hydrate yourself with plenty of water so you will be refreshed throughout the day.

  • Practice Your Vows:

If you have written any vows that you want to share on your wedding day, then it’s time to rehearse your heartfelt words. Hardly it takes 2 to 3 minutes to read loudly in front of the mirror and imagine yourself speaking directly to the love of your life. If you want to alter any words or think you have to add something more, you can make changes at this time.

  • Arrange Your Wedding Accessories:

These are the most important things to do on your wedding day morning. Before you get ready, double-check your accessories. So you never face any stress before and after your wedding photoshoot. When you have all the accessories, you will experience seamless for ready.

  • Avoid Body odor Stuff:

It’s your day; everything must be perfect, like your smile, accessories, or dress without body odor Don’t let any mishaps ruin your wedding day. Focus on your event and keep a smile on your face. Avoid body odor smell stuff because it ruins your event.

  • Unplug everything:

It is perfectly normal to switch off your phone and log out all your social media accounts. This is your special day, so put everything aside and focus on your event. Put your phone on mute and avoid thinking of posting anything on social media.

Wrapping up:

The above are the most important things to do on your wedding day morning. To prevent the tedious anticipation of the wedding from turning into a panic, it’s advised to plan the last day before the wedding carefully.




8 Essential Groom Wedding Checklist

Groom wedding checklist

8 Essential Groom wedding checklist

The groom wedding checklist has the same importance, just like the bridal checklist. Planning a wedding is quite tricky, that’s why both need to take part equally. Sometimes, grooms are eager while planning their big day and desire a partner who shares their burden. Weddings are a special event, so both must be involved there from the beginning.

Groom wedding checklist

Groom wedding checklist

Expecting to be micro-managed or delegated to put this most challenging job to others. But the groom must book the venue visit, meet the florist or plan the wedding décor. Whether you are interested in showing your reluctant or practicalities than aesthetics, consider these facts of groom wedding checklist:

  • List out invitation addresses:

In the technological world, it’s rare to have a postal address; everyone uses WhatsApp, email, or Facebook. So make a list and send texts one by one. Ask your friend or brother to make a list traditionally.

  • Book Honeymoon:

The decision of planning a honeymoon is based on both bridal and groom. But booking logistics is the duty of the groom. To make the most romantic tour, the groom will plan surprises or different funs. Read the honeymoon travel guide if you don’t know which is the best place to choose.

  • Book your wedding transport:

This is the most challenging decision of the groom because he always wanted to have a rocking style entry. When arranging transport, many questions come to mind, such as the perfect car model for a wedding? To get full inspiration, check out different rental companies and observe their recommendations.

  • Arrange everything for guest accommodations:

It’s a good idea to give different options to your guest, rather than a wedding venue that is fixed in the accommodations. Keep in mind; your venue should offer an attractive suggestion.

  • Book a DJ for the wedding:

This option must come first in the groom wedding checklist. The famous wedding DJ gets booked earlier before the wedding date. The same formula is fitted to booking the ceremony music.

  • Arrange Groom special day suit:

Wedding is a special event for the groom that’s why every groom desires to organize a suitable suit to wear the whole day. Make sure the groom arranges their suit six months earlier than their wedding date. If you don’t want to spend money on the suit, go for the rental option. Don’t forget to arrange your wedding day attire by yourself.

  • Book your photographer:

It might be possible you may find a lot of options when you are searching for a good videographer or photographer for your big day. But you must pick the right person who is truly reliable or has professional ethics to work on a tight deadline. In fact, you can browse the details of your photographer and check out their previous work before hiring.

  • Make your speech:

Groom speech is the essential part of the wedding, that’s why the recommendation is to make a speech earlier. If you are stuck on what to write in the speech, then don’t worry; check out the handy groom speech available on the internet.

Groom wedding checklist

Final words:

The above are some most crucial groom wedding checklists that every groom must make before their big day. So your bride will feel proud that she is going to marry a responsible guy.

 Wedding Accessories Checklist Both for Bride & Groom

wedding accessories checklist

 Wedding accessories checklist both for Bride & Groom

Your wedding is around the corner, and you are worried about preparing your wedding accessories checklist, which seems difficult to you, Isn’t it? Organizing your wedding is quite a complex task because you have to prepare countless items. To ensure that you buy all the most miniature items, it is a good idea to prepare your wedding accessories checklist. Through this, you will enjoy your big day precisely.

You might think that the wedding accessories circulate only in the bride’s dress, groom’s suit, transport, banquet, or wedding venue. However, it’s not all so simple to assume. The enterprise’s success depends not only on the organization but also on the accessories because your aim is to have a successful wedding event.

wedding accessories checklist

Grooms wedding accessories checklist:

Wedding is a special day for every groom, that’s why they want everything perfect. Here is a wedding accessories checklist for the groom that leads to his charming personality.

  • A girdle or waistcoat
  • A precious watch on hand
  • A pocket handkerchief
  • Cufflinks that bring a unique touch to his outfit
  • Buttonhole that matches with a bouquet of the bride
  • A bow, tie, or cravat
  • Gloves or hat for formal wedding style

Bridal wedding accessories checklist:

Weddings are a once in a lifetime opportunity for any bride; that is why she loves to buy an expensive wedding gown. To finalize the wedding look, here are the following checklist of bridal:

  • Perfect wedding shoes that match with their outfit
  • A headpiece, veil, or hair accessories
  • Bridal jewelry that brings a spark to their outfit
  • A traditional bridal garter
  • A cardigan or shrug
  • The wedding lingerie that makes a bridal sexy look or is even helpful to get support

Wedding day accessories:

It is essential to draw a checklist of the desired item before the wedding. This will help to coordinate for proper wedding preparation. Indeed, the preparatory stage will help save time and money for the bride and groom; that’s why it seems essential to prepare wedding invitations and other accessories for the wedding ceremony in advance.

  • Postcards to invite guests
  • choosing a perfect wedding dress
  • The cars of the wedding procession
  • Wedding menu
  • Gifts for family and friends

Wedding Party Accessories:

  • A menu in which all the food details are mentioned.
  • A seating plan will help their guests navigate the wedding space quickly and find their place at the table.
  • Banquet cards and table numbers serve as “guiding” landmarks for guests.
  • Candles will be helpful in a beautiful ceremony lighting the hearth.
  • A photo booth can be laid out in a photo zone so that guests can fool around in front of the camera with a funny mustache, glasses, and other funny attributes.

wedding accessories checklist

Wrapping up:

Not a single wedding celebration is complete without wedding accessories checklist such as invitations, banquet cards, and other trifles that create a solemn and cozy atmosphere. Therefore, when preparing for the wedding, you should pay due attention to the selection and purchase of various accessories and little things: from the bride’s handbag and boutonniere for the groom to the pillows for rings and invitations.


How to choose a wedding officiant? 4 Options to Go

How to choose a wedding officiant?

How to choose a wedding officiant? 4 Options to Go

How to choose a wedding officiant? This is quite a troublesome task for every couple because your wedding is impossible without the officiant. The officiant is the person who directs the ceremony. Nowadays, couples decide to celebrate a personalized wedding, whether at home or outside, and they need a ceremony officiant.

How to choose a wedding officiant?

How to choose a wedding officiant?

A wedding is the symbolic celebration of the union, love, and happiness of a couple. Indeed, wedding officiants can make your ceremony the most intimate celebration. Once you have decided that you want to hold a symbolic ceremony, it is time to choose the officiant. How to choose a wedding officiant? Here are 4 options to choose an officiant:

  • The officiant is a couple’s friend:

The advantage that someone close is that they know your relationship, and their words will be much closer and more intimate and cheaper. On the other hand, you must bear in mind that if you are not an officiant, don’t try to handle this task because you can get very nervous or even that the ceremony becomes too informal and loses the emotional sense of a wedding.

  • The officiant is an exceptional family member:

If you are lucky enough to have a very close relative capable of speaking fluently and sympathetically in public, ask him or her to become the officiant of your wedding. It can be one of your brothers, cousins, uncles, and even grandparents. The ceremony will be endearing to everyone and will have a unique flavor and personality. As unique as those fun wedding ideas you have chosen with so much care, thinking of all your loved ones.

  • The officiant be a professional:

In this case, the person has enough experience and is used to speaking in public; that is why this option will help you draft your vows and bring a touch of formality to your wedding. In other words, it will adapt to your style, your values ​​, and your requests so that you can enjoy a ceremony that is 100% personalized and faithful to your essence.

  • The officiant can be a person whom you especially admire:

Do you feel great admiration for a journalist, a writer, an actor, or a politician in your area? It is not often that couples ask these types of people to perform free ceremonies, so they may be flattered and agree to do so.

What does an officiant need to know?

How to choose a wedding officiant? Before you choose an officiant, check out that they must have special training in religious, symbolic, or even civil matters.

How to choose a wedding officiant?

It is essential that the officiant has good communication with the couple and listens to the characteristics they are looking for in their wedding. The bride and groom can add information about their symbolic wedding to their civil wedding invitations so that everyone knows what it represents.

In alternative ceremonies, the officiant must inform the bride and groom of the order of symbols, messages, and rituals that traditionally make up the celebration. For a wedding led by a particular officiant to be perfect, it must combine the classic elements with the variations requested by the bride and groom.

What should you take into account when choosing a professional ceremony officiant?

  • Through Style: each officiant has a way of working; there are officiants with a humorous touch who follow a protocol, closer officiants who celebrate a more informal wedding.
  • Through its experience: ask your master of ceremony what script he usually follows; if he has officiated more ceremonies, you can quickly evaluate their way of working.
  • Through its speaking skills: it is essential that the officiant of the ceremony knows how to speak in public, has a good language, and knows how to behave in every situation.
  • Through its Interest: when having an interview with an officiant to hire, check out if he/she showed interest in all the details such as your relationship, wedding style, type of guests, suppliers, or music that will be played.
  • Through its availability and price: Finally, you must confirm, if the officiant is available on your wedding day and what are their charges.

How to choose a wedding officiant?

Final words:

Begin your marriage adventure with an extraordinary ceremony. How to choose a wedding officiant? Consider all possible options before choosing your officiant, as this way; you will find the perfect person to lead your ceremony. Do not forget to prepare an original wedding souvenir, especially to thank your officiant.

8 ways to reduce wedding planning stress

wedding arrangement problems

8 ways to reduce wedding planning stress

Are you looking for some tips to reduce wedding planning stress? Is your wedding around the corner? If you are planning your wedding right now, you are probably familiar with the stress of the workload. However, the most common planning moods among couples who originally planned to get married in 2021 include stress (58%), insecurity (54%), and depression (47%). Obviously, these are tough times for engaged couples.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the stress of wedding planning, and you can fully fit these methods into your busy schedule.

Reduce wedding planning stress:

Preparing for a wedding is similar to preparing for a marathon – just as fast and energetic, work towards results. This period takes a lot of energy, but do not forget to rest. Today we will provide you with some tips to help you reduce stress during the planning phase of your wedding. Here are 8 ways to reduce wedding planning stress.

  • Take breaks from time to time:

It’s easy to get bogged down to plan your wedding, but don’t let it consume your entire life. Take regular breaks and get distracted by other topics. It’s best if you can limit your wedding planning time by setting aside a few hours a day every evening or every couple of days, or once a week.

  • Try something new:

Join a spiritual class, travel with friends, or do something outside of your comfort zone. You will be so passionate about your new hobby that you will completely forget about any stress when planning your wedding.

  • Going to the gym:

Exercise will distract you from your wedding preparations for a while and push your body to release endorphins. Sweating on the treadmill may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Within a short time, you will be distracted from planning, and your body will release the hormone endorphin. So try yoga, massage, or something that will relax you.

  • Change your place:

Are you on edge? It’s time for a change of scenery. A secluded place with your loved one. Take a break from thinking about the upcoming wedding, don’t check your email, and forget the seating plan for your guests at home.

  • Distribute responsibilities:

You don’t have to decide everything on your own. Let your loved ones help you. If you want to control important processes, leave your loved one’s other tedious chores, such as filling candy boxes. This will help you free up time for solving more global problems.

  • Start writing down your upcoming expenses:

Make the necessary calls to wedding agencies, photographers, and of course, your selected restaurants. Check prices before you start booking, so you can adjust your budget intelligently in the future. Do not forget to list all planned expenses to see an accurate picture.

  • Hire a wedding planner:

If you are having difficulty organizing your plans and appointments, you might consider hiring a wedding planner. An organizer’s job is to keep things running smoothly to relieve some of the stress of planning a wedding.

  • Choose the right team of contractors:

Putting together a great team for your wedding is the key to the desired result. If you’ve hired a wedding planner, chances are they have a list of contractors you need, making your search reliable and easy.

reduce wedding planning stress

Early planning and early booking are always beneficial:

Once you’ve set your wedding date, make a list of what you need to do. Check it constantly and supplement it so that there are no unpleasant surprises. When planning your wedding set 2 dates – the first is the desired completion date, and the second is the deadline (the most extreme). Those who begin to plan their most important event of a lifetime before the appointed time will ensure lower stress.

The more time you have, the chance to reduce wedding planning stress is higher. If possible, choose a place for your wedding where you can order as many additional services as possible. Waiter service, room decoration, music, cake, fireworks in your honor, etc. Then you do not have to do all this separately.

Final words:

Consult Jennifer Tolento Events if you want to reduce wedding planning stress. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but you shouldn’t let it happen. Let yourself take a break between choosing a wedding decor and making a guest list to relax your mind.

If you do not have enough time to agree on various wedding issues, you should contact Jennifer Tolento Events. Their task is precisely to ensure that everything goes smoothly at your wedding.

Remember that as you move towards your goal, do not forget to have fun at every stage of organizing your wedding.


How to start advance wedding planning?

Advance wedding planning

How to start advance wedding planning?

Advance wedding planning is an ideal activity to save yourself from any hassle on your big day. Starting to plan a wedding in advance is essential if you want a personalized event. You must also define the budget that will be available for it and divide the tasks. But, likewise, the best thing is that, in all the most relevant decisions, both participate.

Want to save money? Consider advance wedding planning

If you have already decided to get married, the idea is to find the date twelve months in advance. It may seem like a long time to you; however, it passes very quickly with the preparations. This allows couples to compare providers for everything and save a lot of money to spend on other things. Visiting all the internet pages and making contracts through promotions is another benefit. If you have fallen in love with a place, there will be no problem waiting to celebrate that magical party there.

Advance wedding planning

How to start planning a wedding? Periodic distribution

  • 12 months before:

Decide the type of wedding you want to have and start visiting venues and salons to choose the ones you like the most, as it is the initial step for advanced wedding planning. Couples must request the date in the civil registry and make the necessary reservations in the rest of the places. It is not something you can do in one day, so do not be discouraged.

  • 9 months before:

It’s time to get together and make your first wedding guest list. It’s time to get together and make your first wedding guest list. One piece of advice is that both the bride and groom make a guest list of their own. It is better if a direct relative also contributes to this task to avoid forgetfulness that can be painful for someone.

Wedding dresses are also among the first points when starting to plan a wedding. Therefore, it is opportune to start consulting dressmakers, looking at models and consulting costs. However, it takes a long time to prepare in some cases, or you have to be on a waiting list.

  • 6 months before:

Adjust the guest list and try to agree on the final one to select the design of the invitations. Then, depending on the type of wedding you will have or the year’s season, you can make themed cards.

They can think about the honeymoon and inquire about the different destinations to prepare for the preparations. They can use agencies with their special packages for the bride and groom or book separately. Choosing a goal that you both like is essential so as not to argue in the future. If the salon does not offer photography and video services, you have to look for and reserve professionals.

  • 4 months before:

Now is the time to organize all the documentation you need to present at the civil ceremony and the church. Some procedures take longer than expected, so you have to do them to avoid inconvenience. For religious traditions, it is usually necessary to take a particular course with a certificate that approves it.

  • 3 months before:

They are already beginning to feel that the wedding is approaching and there is much to be defined. Do not lose control. Go to hire professionals for makeup and hairstyle. You also have to look for the groom’s suit; there is the possibility of buying one already made or ordering it to measure. Similarly, there will be another test near the date.

  • 2 months before

The time has come for the wedding to start looking more natural. All tests begin in this period: menu, dresses, decorations, and alliances. It’s time to find all the ideas to do at home or buy the decorative elements that combine with the bride and groom’s style and the living room. In addition, you should think about what will be the gift that will be delivered to the guests.

1 day before:

The ideal advance wedding planning starts 12 months in advance, although if you get to it as soon as possible, you will surely avoid the odd setback. The first thing is to decide the date of the wedding, for example, the day of the year you met? Do you prefer to do it in the middle of summer to take advantage of the heat? Better in spring? When you decide the day you would like to get married, consider other factors such as holidays or vacations. You can also talk about the ideal date with your closest family and friends to make sure they are available on the appointed day.

If something has been forgotten or a mishap arises, there are a few days left to find a solution.

Final words:

Advance wedding planning takes a lot of effort. If you do not hire the services of a wedding planner, you will need to organize yourself well to plan yours. To keep track of the entire process, it is essential to have a wedding checklist or agenda. In it, you can mark everything that has already been done and keep track of pending tasks. With proper planning, you can fully enjoy the big day.


4 Qualities of a professional wedding organizer

professional wedding organizer

4 Qualities of a professional wedding organizer

A professional wedding organizer helps couples to plan their big day. Wedding organizers work closely with the couple to find out exactly how they want to organize their marriage. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of an organizer to search, visit and negotiate with suppliers.

The responsibilities of a wedding organizer include a relatively large number of tasks. Perhaps the main one is control over the preparations for the wedding and ensuring the timely execution of orders. A professional wedding organizer will rent a banquet hall, find cars and drivers for the motorcade, select a design team, invite a make-up artist, tailor, hairdresser.

professional wedding organizer

Professional wedding organizer profile:

  • Good organizational skills.
  • Be organized and able to plan events within a set schedule.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Work with many different people.
  • Good negotiation skills to reach agreements with suppliers.
  • The ability to make the bride and groom feel comfortable, as weddings are very emotional events.
  • Self-motivated ability
  • The ability to combine different tasks effectively, as there is often more than one wedding to organize simultaneously.
  • Think and act quickly, especially in the event of unforeseen events that may arise.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good networking skills to build a contact list.
  • Creative skills and the ability to generate new ideas
  • Marketing and negotiation skills to promote your services.
  • Financial knowledge to work within the budget of each couple.

Why hire an professional wedding organizer?

A considerable advantage of working with a professional wedding organizer is that he will work out and select the most suitable options for you before you decide on a particular issue. Also, due to professional activity, the organizer knows the current prices, trends and knows how to negotiate discounts.

Many professional wedding organizers argue that organizing a wedding involves many decisions and a lot of time to find and determine a wedding venue, select suppliers of various services, menus, decorations, equipment, budget planning, calculations, and many details. For all this, the couple doesn’t have the time and sufficient experience; perhaps the couple knows where they can celebrate their wedding party.

The professional knows different sequences to organize your wedding. The organizer knows how to solve issues in sequence and what other points need to be thought over. You will only have to make decisions and orient them according to your preferences, and a professional will do his job.

professional wedding organizer

How do you choose a good organizer?

A wedding organizer is an experienced leader, a loving person who will take care of all the little things at the wedding and allow the bride and groom to relax and enjoy a fantastic event in their life!

You need to meet in advance, about a month before the wedding. If the organizer makes a good impression, immediately make a preliminary plan. The organizer’s services are well paid because the work seems to be not too difficult for many. Therefore, some people want to make easy money without having any skills or organizational skills. In order not to spoil the wedding, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Prices (too low and too high prices are false to alert you);
  • Practical work experience;
  • Manners and appearance (a good organizer should not be sloppy and tongue-tied).

4 Qualities of wedding planner:

The wedding planner should be able to:

  • Understand what the client wants: The bride and groom need to realize that they have found in the person of the organizer not only a professional but also an understanding friend;
  • Remember – write down all the key moments, and if you have a terrible memory, write down everything about the likes and dislikes of the couple.
  • Be polite and considerate – do not use parasitic words and do not offend the potential client in any way, even if you are sure that some detail will violate the harmony of the wedding from a professional point of view.
  • Punctual – don’t make the client wait for you 30-50 minutes. If it so happens that you do not have time for a meeting – call the client and ask if it is convenient for them to postpone the meeting half an hour later if you don’t arrive at the time.

Final words:

Each wedding is different, so the wedding organizer must ensure that he or she will respond to the couple’s needs in the greatest extent possible, depending on the availability of the desired location and budget constraints.

The Professional wedding organizer should meet with the couple’s requirements to find their desire wedding theme. If the couple is unsure what they want, the organizer uses their knowledge and experience to help by making suggestions. The wedding coordinator has full control over the festive event, monitors the timing that perfectly matches the wedding scenario, and solves all issues at all stages and objects of the wedding.