Get inspiration with the Best wedding cake designs in 2022

Wafer Paper Decorations

Get inspiration with the Best wedding cake designs in 2022

One of the most momentous day of your life will be your wedding day. It’s easy to get caught up in the trap of tradition since there is so much planning and preparation involved. Make sure you choose the best wedding cake designs according to your wedding theme.

Wafer Paper Decorations

Let your wedding planner handle all the details if you want your wedding to feel like a conventional one. To make your wedding a unique celebration of the union of two souls in love, go outside the box while planning the details. To get you started, we’ve put up a list of the five best wedding cake designs that inspire you:

·        Wafer Paper Decorations

Sugar flowers are the go-to cake embellishment. These are undeniably stunning, but they’re a pain to move. On the other hand, Wafer paper is easier to work with and just as lovely. Using wafer paper, you can create stunning flowers that won’t overwhelm your cake but provide a delicate sweetness. You won’t believe how sturdy and easy it is to arrange the papers on your cake. This is a great opportunity to experiment with different textures if flowers aren’t your thing.

·        Modern Tiers:


Acrylic tiers are a great way to stray from the traditional design. They provide a contemporary touch to your wedding while maintaining a sense of refinement and sophistication. To achieve this, the bottom should be a dark shade of purple. Once you’ve reached the top layers, the colours become more vibrant. The purple may turn into a peachy orange and then fade to white, or it could remain as a bright purple. In a second option, the three hues of purple, peach, and white can dance around each other to produce a marble-like look. If desired, flowers of the same hue can be used as a design element on a cake.

·        Decorations in the Form of Sculpture:


Many people consider the cake’s ornamentation to be its most appealing feature. Isn’t it simply the visuals that make your heart flutter, not the taste? If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you may also want to consider this option. You may make your cake appear like pottery, stone, a trick of the eye, or anything else you like. A cake expert has the best wedding cake designs ideas that boost everyone’s attention.

·        Fluttering Buttercream


In most cases, when individuals discuss buttercream vs fondant, they’re talking about the topper for their cake. We’d want to take things a step farther. To make buttercream feathers, you may either cover your cake in buttercream or fondant, wait for the coating to set, and then get ready for real artistry. Dollop the buttercream onto the cake using a cake spatula and then beat it unevenly. The next step is to add some texture using a little scraping tool. Adding extra texture isn’t necessary if you’d like not. To get the same appearance, add leftover buttercream in a feather design.

·        Adding Color to Your Cake


It is possible to turn a cake into a work of art. It’s as simple as piping fondant around the tiers and then handing the artist some customizable paint. Consider employing pastel or subdued hues in your splash art for weddings since this is a popular trend. You and your spouse should then construct a design that is either beautiful, meaningful, or magical. Painting your cake allows you to decorate it in whatever way you like. Cake painting sprays are easily available in craft stores, so this idea doesn’t cost you a leg.

Wafer Paper Decorations

In a nutshell:

Best wedding cake designs can incorporate any or all of our suggestions. It’s important to keep in mind that you and your spouse are the ones who matter. So, once you’ve established a spending limit and a vision of your ideal cake, go ahead and make it!


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