What are corporate event planners?

Corporate event planners

Do you need corporate event planners?

No worries. I will explain how to find corporate event planners and what they do. 


A corporate event is a gathering organized by a company or business entity to achieve a specific objective, such as 


  • to promote the company
  • build relationships with clients or employees
  •  launch a new product or service
  • celebrate a milestone, or raise funds for a cause


These events can take many forms, including conferences, trade shows, product launches, team-building events, annual general meetings, charity events, award ceremonies, and holiday parties. These events can be held on or off-site and can range from small gatherings to large-scale events with thousands of attendees. 


Let’s learn more. 


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Corporate event planners

What are corporate event planners? How do they work?


Corporate event planners specialize in planning and organizing various events for businesses and corporations. These events can include:


  • Conferences
  • Product launches
  • Seminars
  • Trade shows
  • Team-building activities


And other types of corporate gatherings.


Role of corporate event planners:


The role of corporate event planners can vary depending on the specific needs of their clients, but their general responsibilities typically include:


  • Defining event objectives:


Event planners work with their clients to understand the purpose and goals of the event. They help define the event objectives and develop a plan to achieve them.


  • Budgeting:


Planners work with clients to establish a budget for the event. They help allocate funds to various event components, such as venue rental, catering, and audiovisual equipment.


  • Venue selection:


Event planners research and recommend venues for the event. They evaluate venues based on capacity, location, accessibility, and cost.


  • Vendor management:


Event planners coordinate with various vendors, such as catering companies, audiovisual providers, and transportation companies, to ensure that all aspects of the event are covered.


  • Logistics management: 


Event planners are responsible for managing the logistical details of the event, such as transportation, accommodations, and event registration.


  • Event promotion: 


Event planners develop a marketing plan to promote the event and attract attendees. This can include creating promotional materials, managing social media accounts, and coordinating media coverage.


  • On-site management: 


Event planners are present at the event to oversee all aspects of its execution. They ensure that everything runs smoothly and handle any unexpected issues that may arise.

Do you need corporate event planners?


If the event is large and complex, involving many attendees, multiple activities, and significant logistics, it may be beneficial to hire a professional corporate event planner who has experience in planning such events.


 This event planner can help you with everything from:

  • venue selection
  • catering
  • transportation
  • audio-visual equipment 
  • entertainment 


And more to ensure that your event runs smoothly and meets your objectives.


On the other hand, if the event is small and straightforward, you may be able to manage the planning and execution on your own or with the help of your team. Hiring a corporate event planner depends on your specific needs and budget.


What should I look for in corporate event planners? 


When looking for a corporate event planner, there are several key factors that you should consider.


Here are some things to look for:


  • Experience: Look for an event planner with experience planning events similar to the one you are organizing. Ask for references and check their portfolio to ensure they have successfully executed events similar in scale, type, and complexity to your own.


  • Attention to detail: A great event planner should be detail-oriented and have a keen eye for small details that can make a big difference in the success of an event. Look for someone who can anticipate and address potential problems before they become significant.


  • Communication skills: Communication is critical to the success of any event. Your event planner should be an excellent communicator who is responsive, proactive, and can effectively convey information to all stakeholders, including vendors, attendees, and your team.


  • Creativity: The best event planners are creative problem-solvers who can develop innovative solutions to challenges that may arise during the planning process. Look for someone who can offer unique ideas and solutions that align with your goals and budget.


  • Budget management: Your event planner should have a solid understanding of your budget and be able to work within it to create an event that meets your objectives. Look for someone who can manage expenses and negotiate with vendors to get the best value for your money.


  • Flexibility: Event planning can be unpredictable, and unexpected situations can arise. Look for an event planner who is flexible and can adapt to changes quickly and effectively.


Overall, you want to find a corporate event planner who is a good fit for your organization and has the experience, skills, and qualities needed to plan a successful event that meets your goals and objectives.



Do you need corporate event planners? 


Contact Jennifer Event Planners. We have years of experience in corporate planning. 


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Partial Wedding Planner: Here is what you should know

Partial wedding planner

A partial wedding planner does the work in the SAME way as a full-time wedding planner does. But there are some key DIFFERENCES. 


Do you want a detailed guide on it? Read this article. I will go through a PARTIAL WEDDING PLANNER and highlight how the partial wedding planner differs from the full-time planner. 


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Partial wedding planner

What is a Partial Wedding Planner? 


A wedding planner does all the PLANNING for a wedding. 


And this definition holds only the FULL-TIME wedding planner. A partial wedding planner is like the INSTRUCTOR and assists in sorting out the problems while managing. 


The planner uses the experience and the KNACK to advise on the VENUE selection and analysis of the whole wedding management. The aim is to make PLANNING effective and management under more control. 


What can you expect from a partial wedding planner? 


Ideally, you should consider WORKING with a partial wedding planner at the LATER STAGES of your wedding. 


Here is what a partial wedding planner can help you with. 


  • It gives consultations and helps you in managing the EVENTS three months before. There are many aspects of a wedding you should get CONSULTATION for. 
  • Planner analyzes the supplier and the venue. If there are any concerns, these will be SORTED out at this stage. 
  • You can get the RECOMMENDATIONS about the top suppliers in the area. 
  • Confirm communication with your suppliers and deal with the planning of the given day. 
  • Planners help you MAKE the wedding schedule with the important dates of the wedding. 

How does a Partial wedding Planner differ from a Full-Time wedding planner? 


One of the BIGGEST QUESTIONS is the difference between partial and full-time wedding planners. 


Do you have the same type of QUESTIONS in mind? 


Don’t worry; I have described them here. 


  • Timeline


When setting up the TIMELINE for the wedding, both have a SLIGHT job. 


A full-time wedding planner manually VISITS the wedding persons. It helps them set up the events on GIVEN Day. And manage all the activities. 


A Part-Time wedding planner is not a CHOICE when you have one DAY left. Such a wedding planner helps you analyze the WEDDING timeline. And you should hire them at least THREE months before the marriage day. 

  • The details


A full-time planner is RESPONSIBLE for all the arrangements. From A to Z, the wedding planner determines the theme. From DRESS CODE TO all management, count on the planner. 


In partial planning, this is not going to happen. You already have the IDEA and set up the theme. The wedding planner only determines whether your VISION is perfect or not. And you’ll get recommendations for further management. 


  • Supplier Sourcing


A supplier is an ENTITY that provides the tools. For example, the florist gives you the FLOWERS. 


A full-time planner can sort out all the suppliers. From the florist to the decoration supplies, the wedding planner arranges all the suppliers for you. 


A partial wedding planner can sort out up to TWO suppliers. 

  • Cost

All the above discussion shows who has provided more time. 


A full-time planner invests more time—Puts in more effort. And helps you arrange A to Z. Such planners charge a higher price. 


When talking to a part-time planner, you can ASK about the cost. It is often less than the full-time wedding planner. 


Final Words

Maybe you need a WEDDING planner. But it is sometimes hard to get the right PARTIAL WEDDING planner. 


Is that so? 


Well, your QUEST ends here. We have the BEST wedding planners in our Directory. Our Jennifer Tolento Wedding Planners are GOING to riddle out all your puzzles. 


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When should you hire a wedding planner? 

Hire a wedding planner

Do you want to hire a wedding planner? It is the SPECIFIC time when you should consider a wedding planner. 


A wedding event needs responsibility. Everyone wants to make it MEMORABLE for the next decades of life. Isn’t it true? 


And it is POSSIBLE only if you have done the right thing at the right time. For example, you choose the CORRECT date, go for excellent quality event management, and devise a BETTER idea for your wedding. 


Do you want to know how it all works? This article sheds light on how and when you need a wedding planner. 


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Hire a wedding planner

What does a Wedding Planner do? 

Don’t be confused here. A wedding planner is not an individual. Instead, it is a COMPANY or group of specialists who manage and execute the wedding events. 


They are SPECIALIZED experts ready to serve a wedding whenever you need them. From pre-wedding events to post-wedding management, you’ll get every type of service. 


They help you choose the perfect dates and times for your wedding. 

When Should you hire a wedding planner? 

Is it hard to decide whether you should hire a wedding planner? 


It must be, especially if you do not know what a wedding planner can do. 


I have listed some points where you should consider a wedding planner. 


  • Are you busy? 


One of the TOP REASONS for hiring for wedding events is that you are busy. 


When you do not have enough time to manage things over the wedding, how will you cope with things? 


It is the PERFECT time to look around. Find the relevant experts. And discuss with them about the wedding events. 

  • You need to make your wedding memorable


One of the BIGGEST reasons to hire wedding experts is to make your wedding memorable. 


And only experts can help you out. You have to hire a wedding planner. Keep a sufficient budget on the table to invest. And make your wedding monumental with professionals. 

  • You don’t know how to carry out the event


There are many questions when landing an activity you haven’t even thought of before. 


Wedding planning is one of the MOST striking examples. 


You might think about how to schedule the pre-wedding events. Whom should you invite? When should you send the invitation cards? 


There is one solution in that case. It is the WEDDING EVENT planners. You should hire them as a priority. 


  • It is hard to decide what to do


I have faced this problem many times. When I don’t know the nature of the problem, it is HARD to decide. 


I do not know where, when, and how to start planning. 


In all such cases, I’d recommend hiring the relevant experts for your project. 


  • You get tired of wedding planning. 


Planning is a HEADACHE. Whether it is a wedding or event planning, you must think a month before. A continued stress factor is hovering over your Head. 


And how can you get rid of it? 


It is SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE. Find the experts. It is TIME you were looking for wedding planners. 

Final Words


Look. Finding the wedding experts can be CRUX of the matter. I mean the experts with the essential skills to fulfill all your requirements. 


Do you need wedding experts, then? No issues, I have got the BEST company in the town. 


Jennifer Tolento Event experts have an EXPERIENCE of years and have conducted many events. Our customers are 100% SATISFIED with our services and have become permanent ones. 


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What to Look for in a Wedding Planner? 

A wedding planner

Are you searching for a WEDDING PLANNER? It can be hard to choose the BEST ONE. Hundreds of wedding planners exist, but the PERFECT choice makes things PERFECT. 


In our lives, there are SOME SPECIAL EVENTS. Some events come every year at the same time. For example, the Christmas or Halloween days. Some events come only once in our lives. 


For example, a wedding. 


And don’t you want to MAKE it memorable? Wedding Planning is QUITE essential to make an event special. 


In this article, we will dive deep into wedding planners. 


Let’s go! 


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A wedding planner

What does a WEDDING PLANNER do? 


Have you ever BEEN to a wedding? 


90% of the WEDDINGS don’t happen on their own. The couple hires a full-service wedding planner to arrange everything. 


From a single COCKTAIL PARTY to wedding day events, everything falls on the WEDDING PLANNERS. 


Wedding planners are the PROFESSIONALS or groups of professionals who arrange the wedding details. 


Whether it is a pre-wedding event or a wedding day event, they handle everything perfectly. 

Should I hire a wedding planner? 

Yes. You should hire a wedding planner. 


It is IDEAL: 


  • You need someone who has experience making the ARRANGEMENTS. Upon request, you can FURTHER set up things as per your themes. 
  • You don’t have TIME to arrange the events. It can be the RIGHT TIME to hire a wedding planner. 


There can be MANY OTHER REASONS. For example, you want the PROFESSIONALS. Rely on them. Bla… Bla… Bla… 

What to look for in a WEDDING PLANNER? 

You want the BEST WEDDING PLANNER, right? 


How can you be sure to hire the right one? 


Simple. Follow the different tips to CHOOSE the best wedding planner


  • Qualifications 

Don’t hire an unqualifiied friend or relative who is “doing you a favor”. 


Does the person have past clients who had similar goals for their event as you do? 


If yes, this could be a great sign that you found the person you’re looking for 


It helps you UNDERSTAND the person is a perfect choice. 

  • Experience 


Experience is the KING MAKER. 


A person has 20 years of experience as a wedding planner. Another person has two years. 


Who do you think would be BETTER? 


Obviously, the one with more years experience. He/she has more experience and knows the THICK AND THINS of the wedding. 


Many failures over the COUPLE of years increase the EXPERTISE in wedding planning. 


Moreover, the wedding planner allows you to do EXPERIMENTAL things in an EXCELLENT way. 

  • Track Record 


Do you want the BEST ONE? 1 OUT OF 1000. Is that true? 


It is also DIFFICULT but feasible. For example, you track the RECORD of a specific planner. 


It irons out the DIFFICULTIES and ensures you get the best team for arranging the events. 


Tracking records give one MORE IMPORTANT thing. That is the HISTORY of a wedding planner regarding wedding events. 


Whether customers are HAPPY or not! 

  • Cost


Who wants to go for an EXPENSIVE OPTION? 


Everyone wants the best solution with minimal errors. At that point, you must MAINTAIN A BALANCE between the cost and planning. 


Get quotes about the COMPLETE WEDDING planning for different suppliers. Know their costs. And decide who to hire. 


Is that even difficult? Not at all. 


End Note 


Hiring a TOP WEDDING PLANNER can be the CRUX of the matter. You want a wedding planner that adjusts according to your desires. 


Is that true? 


No issues. Jennifer Tolento Events planners can HANDLE everything for you. We make the CHANGES as per your theme. Years of EXPERIENCE make us A TOP TEAM. 


Call us for a FREE consultation today! 


Wedding Event Planning; How to do everything in wedding planning? 

Wedding event planning

Do you have goals for carrying out the marriage? Wedding event planning can be a CRUCIAL ASPECT to managing your wedding before things go off the TIMELINE. 

A wedding is one of the MOST special events of our lives. We aim to make it even MORE SPECIAL. That is where we have to consider the following things. 

  • Choose the wedding venue 
  • Determine whom to invite to your wedding.
  • Make a checklist of the ACTIVITIES before we go for the final rituals. 
  • Wedding event planning to make it more memorable. 

Do you want to know the detailed GUIDE on wedding event planning? 

If yes, this article is going to be an excellent guide. We will deep dive into the DIFFERENT ASPECTS of wedding event planning. 


Let’s discuss this. 


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Wedding event planning

How to plan your wedding? 


Wedding event planning is a HEADACHE for a new person. From A to Z, wedding event planning can be very much tricky. 


Are you facing such type of PROBLEMS? 

If so, no problem.

Here is the proper planning that helps you out. 


  • Set a Budget 


If you fear losing a high price on the WEDDING, this problem is no more! 


You can do some simple work. For example, define how much budget you have. 

  • Jot down the wedding activities 


What type of wedding activities are you carrying out? 


It depends on the LOCAL rituals. In the USA, rites are different from other countries. You have to spend your BUDGET accordingly. 

  • Make a list of events 


Divide the wedding events into TWO CATEGORIES. 


  • Pre-wedding events
  • Events During wedding 


All these events help you decide on the other factors like the BUDGET. 


  • Track the budget 


If you have had a COCKTAIL party, wait! Know whether you are going according to the BUDGET. 


If so, that would be great! Otherwise, you must TRACK and spend your budget accordingly. 


Why should you consider a wedding planner? 


Don’t want to think about the WEDDING planner? You are making a BIG mistake. Wedding planners can do the following wonders. 


  • Arrange all the wedding events 

Have you ever been to someone’s WEDDING? 


Planning a wedding event is a HECTIC task. That is why most people try to avoid it.


If you are TIRED of arranging the events, it can be an opportunity to give a CHANCE to the professionals. 


The wedding planners have already arranged many WEDDINGS. They know how to put on events. Carry them successfully. And guide on EACH step. 


Everything works perfectly! 


  • Help you decide on the venue 


Is it hard for you to DECIDE on a wedding venue? 


Believe me! It can be. But don’t be fearful. Wedding planners are professionals who are ALREADY in contact with numerous wedding venues. 


That means your wedding venue problem is resolved, right? 


  • Decrease the total COST on the wedding. 


An inexperienced person cries over the EXPENSES at a wedding. Especially; 


  • You don’t know how to SPEND the money. 
  • Useless expenses put you out of budget. 


An effective strategy can RIDDLE out this puzzle. Wedding event planning by experts handles the problems with an in-depth approach. You get EASIER solutions at affordable costs. 



Hiring a wedding planner can be FRUSTRATING. THREE reasons: 


  • You don’t know how it all works. 
  • The budget is not SUITABLE for the wedding planner. 
  • You are afraid of hiring the wrong experts. 


Is that the CASE? 


If so, no worries at all. Believe me! We have some of the TOP EXPERTS who will do everything for you. 


Jennifer Tolento can be your IDEAL choice. Want to hire? 


Call us now! 


Wedding Event Center; Everything you need to know

Wedding event center

As the wedding is essential, the wedding event center is also crucial for a WEDDING. Every person has the desire to make his wedding memorable. 


But does it happen? Do you get enough appreciation from the guests? 


Such things compel a person to hold a high standard of MARRIAGE. And only bearing HIGH expenses is not. Instead, you have to ARRANGE the pre-wedding parties excellently. 


Your wedding day must be at such a PLACE where your guests get impressed. 


A wedding event center plays a KEY ROLE. 


Do you know what it is? How to get the BEST one? 


If yes, let’s learn from this guide. This article elaborates on the WEDDING EVENT CENTER and how to consider it. 


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Wedding event center

What is a wedding event center? 


The wedding event center or venue is a MARRIAGE or place where your wedding occurs. 


There are many wedding centers around JERSEY in the USA. Not only in the US but also worldwide, you can get the Best wedding centers according to your location. 


So, you want to know the PRICE. 


Let’s start. 


How much does it cost to hire a wedding event center? 


Wedding event centers take a PRICE to use their place. And look, it does include only renting the PLACE but also comprises: 


  • The place for the guests. 
  • Eating facilities 
  • Parking AREAS 
  • Complete access to the decorations. 


Moreover, some venues allow you to CUSTOMIZE all their facilities.


Now the exact question is the price. How much does a wedding venue charge? 


Usually, in the US, it costs around $6000. But that is an AVERAGE price for a wedding center. 


But the prices vary from $3000 to $11000 or a price in between them. 

What features should your ideal wedding event center have? 

Just imagine for a MOMENT. Which wedding center should be your choice? 


It should be around your AREA and provide all the facilities essential for the marriage. 


Exactly. What I am going to explore is the SAME CONCEPT. 


Let’s know the features you should look for. 


  • Location 


Location is crucial. 


Who wants to KEEP the marriage a thousand miles away? 


That is where you must think only of the LOCATION of a wedding center. 


Is it around you? How much is the distance? Is it good?


Once you have chosen the location, you can move ahead to the other factors.


  • Check the Facilities 


Do you have access to all types of facilities? 


From location to the EATING, from parking to enough, go on checking everything else there. 


If you think all facilities are enough, that can be an ideal choice. In that case, you can consider the wedding planners. They are going to guide you even in a BETTER way. 


So you should do a quick overview of all the facilities. 

  • Don’t Forget Budget 


Do you have enough budget to spend on the wedding venue? 


Calculate the exact budget you have for a wedding venue. Involve a wedding planner who knows everything about the wedding venue. 


You’ll get the BEST THEME for your wedding venue at AFFORDABLE costs. 

Final Words 

People have a Goal of saving money on choosing a wedding center. Moreover, they want hassle-free MARRIAGE. 


Do you have that sort of goal? 


If yes, wedding event planners are a GOOD CHOICE. Jennifer Tolento has TOP wedding event planners who can arrange the space at the BEST PRICE. Moreover, they can help you manage the preparations for the whole wedding. 


Call us to get the APPOINTMENT! 


How much is the venue for a wedding? 

The very first concern of a WEDDING is the venue for a wedding. Most people do not know where to hold the marriage. And it is one of the MOST CRUCIAL steps of a wedding. 

A wedding is a holy RELATIONSHIP legalization ceremony essential to conclude one’s life. We all love someone in our lives. Have a relationship. And get married as per religious rules. 


So, is it difficult for you to choose a venue for a WEDDING? 


No PROBLEM. I have discussed multiple ways to choose a venue for a wedding and have a successful marriage. 


Let’s know more about it. 


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What is a VENUE for a wedding? 


We already have a NOTION of a venue. What do you think it is? 


A venue is a place where the marriage is DESTINED to take place. For example, if you choose a MARRIAGE HALL or specialized sites for a MARRIAGE, it will be a VENUE for a wedding. 


Marriage takes place all around the Glove. So wedding venues are available in the local territory. What you have to do is to find them and get the BEST for your marriage. 

What features a GOOD VENUE for a wedding must-have? 


The right strategy can HIGHLIGHT the potential risks related to the wedding venue. 


So how do you REDUCE the risks for a WEDDING VENUE? 


It is a NO-BRAINER. Simple. Get the right wedding venue. 


And how to do that? 


Here is a guide to doing that. Some features are: 


  • Provides all the INFORMATION about the wedding venue 


A suitable wedding venue provides all the INFORMATION about the marriage. Even the step-by-step guide to carrying out the marriage is an ESSENTIAL thing to know here. 


You must visit all the wedding venues. Get all the information that conforms to your marriage requirements. 


Decide whether to choose that wedding venue or not. 


  • Additional services are present 


Wedding venues provide some QUITE essential services. 


  • The wedding planners 
  • Access to beverages and food services 
  • Event planning at the spot


Does your venue have that? 


If yes, choose it. Every suitable wedding venue provides all the necessary services relevant to the wedding. 

  • Price is affordable


Price is a MAJOR CONCERN for everyone. 


We know $10,000 is not a BIG AMOUNT, but if you get all the additional preparation services, it will be GOOD. 


Scroll all the wedding venues in the LOCAL AREA.


List their prices. Compare the features of a LOW PRICE venue with the HIGHEST price. It will help you evaluate the venues and choose the BEST one. 


Is that even difficult? Not at all if you have the RIGHT MOVE. 


How much does it cost a VENUE FOR A WEDDING? 


Different areas have different prices. For example, wedding venue prices in the US cost around $10,000 to $30,000.


If you live in the US, you can visit the place for a CHECKUP. Get a list of services they provide. And boom! 


It always gets more straightforward to find the RIGHT VEMUE for a wedding. 


According to STATISTA, people spend around $10,700. The price might exceed that value depending upon your services. 

Final Words 

Have you found the RIGHT VENUE for a wedding? 


Maybe it is HARD. But not always. You can do proper research. Get quotes from multiple planners. 


Do you have the BEST RATES with affordable marriage? 


Contact Jennifer Tolento, wedding events planner. We choose the BEST wedding venue for your marriage and manage all your weddings. 


You get the LOWEST rate in the US with all the elegance of a marriage. 


Wedding Events Timeline; All that you need to know about your wedding 

Wedding events checklist

The wedding events timeline is QUITE essential to carry out.

Before the wedding, we all have to manage things. Improper preparation can cause several problems. 


So you have to be well-prepared. Weddings are not around the area in the whole globe. There is no part where weddings haven’t taken place. 


But do you know a wedding planner can carry out all the preparations? From the wedding date decision to the last day of the wedding, leave everything on the wedding planner. 


If you have already hired the planners, that is GOOD for you. However, in this guide, we will ELABORATE on the wedding event timeline and discuss them effectively. 


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Wedding events timeline

What is the WEDDING EVENTS timeline? 


The wedding events timeline refers to the planning of the events before and after the WEDDING. 


If you have planned to hold up the marriage, here are some points regarding the planning. 


These might help you arrange your marriage. 


Pre-wedding events 


Pre-wedding is the time before the day of the wedding. 


For example, if you have plans for 12 months before the wedding, it will be part of the pre-wedding events. 


Some everyday events include: 


    • Engagement Party: It is necessary for most areas of the globe. Before the wedding, a couple likes to gift rings and exchange them. 
    • Wedding Shower: A wedding shower refers to receiving gifts. It can be a bridal shower or both on the LIST. It usually occurs three or two months before the actual day of the wedding. 
  • Bachelor party: It also occurs two to three months before the wedding day. The sole purpose is to invite family members and spend quality time with them. 
  • Welcome Party: It occurs before the wedding. Usually, a week or month before the wedding, the couple invites the guests to the welcome. A welcome party helps them spend some time with their loved ones. 
  • The rehearsal Dinner: It is hosted a day or night before the wedding day. In actuality, it is the REHEARSAL of the wedding day dinner. Usually, at night, couples invite friends and family members to the feed. 


These are some pre-wedding events carried out variably around the WHOLE globe. 

Wedding day events 


Wedding day events are different in some areas. Moreover, you can celebrate them depending on your requirements. 


Here is the PERFECT wedding events timeline on the WEDDING day. 


8:00 a.m. Hair and makeup artists arrive and get ready. 


9:00 a.m. Bride begins hair and makeup. 


10:00 a.m. Photographer arrives; begins shooting getting-ready photos. 


11:00 a.m. Bride gets into her wedding dress


Ceremony vendors arrive for ceremony setup


12:00 p.m. All wedding party members arrive at the ceremony venue


12:15 p.m. Couples’ “first look” and portraits


1:00 p.m. Wedding party and family photos with the couple


1:30 p.m. Guests begin to arrive / pre-ceremony music starts


2:00 p.m. Ceremony start time


2:45 p.m. Ceremony ends / guests have a break before the reception begins


3:00 p.m. Reception vendors arrive for reception set up


3:30 p.m. All guests depart from the ceremony site


4:00 p.m. Ceremony site cleaned up / vendors depart


4:30 p.m. Reception doors open / guests begin to arrive


5:00 p.m. Reception invite time/cocktail hour begins


6:30 p.m. Cocktail hour ends / guests are invited into the reception


6:45 p.m. Newlyweds’ introduction and first dance


All guests invited onto the dance floor


7:15 p.m. Guests return to their seats / the first course is served


7:30 p.m. Welcome toast


7:45 p.m. First course is cleared, and the main course is served


8:15 p.m. Best man and maid of honor toasts


8:45 p.m. Parent dances (father-daughter dance and mother-son dance)


9:00 p.m. All guests invited onto the dance floor


10:00 p.m. Cake cutting and dessert served


10:55 p.m. Last song


11:00 p.m. Guests depart


Midnight Breakdown complete

Final Words 


Do you want to plan your WEDDING? If you have a wedding around the CORNER and like everything to be carried out FLAWLESSLY, contact the Jeniffer Tolento wedding planners.


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Handmade Wedding Cards; All you must know is here! 

Wedding cards

Technology has changed everything. Handmade wedding cards are no longer a part of our lives. But people still use them to signify their wedding. 


Nowadays, we have all the technical equipment. Graphic designing apps and illustrators can create the design. Printing machined can successfully convert it into paper form. The whole process does not take time. 


So people prefer it more than anything. But do you want to create handmade wedding cards? 


If so, that is GREAT! You are strictly at the right blog. I will explain handmade wedding cards and how to create them. Moreover, you will learn about the significant points to include in a wedding card. 


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Wedding cards

What are Wedding Cards? 


We all know what wedding cards are. But the case is not that SIMPLE. You have to remove your confusion about the wedding invitation and permit cards that the visitors bring along themselves. 


If we consider the wedding cards, there is a complete suite of invitation cards concluding the directions and other essential things on a wedding. 


You will get to know more about wedding cards once you know their different components


Are handmade wedding cards a Good Choice? 


Now we know that technology has dominated. But you must have heard of an OLD QUOTE. 




It fits here perfectly. In the 20th or before, people used to write wedding cards by their hand. There was no CONCEPT of digital machines to compile the words and add the design to get a FASCINATING wedding card. 


If you want to give a wedding a classic touch, get handmade wedding cards. These will boost your wedding and give the guests a more practical way and even nostalgia. 

What are the different components of a wedding card? 


A wedding card is not just a SIMPLE card for inviting people to the wedding. Instead, it comprises multiple types of cards. A full suite of wedding cards is explained below to help you understand more about it. 


  • Main Invite 


How do you tell your friends about the wedding? 


You tell them about the wedding date and location, right? 


The same case is here. The main invite is a vital part of your wedding card. So don’t neglect it. Write the following things: 


  • Host Name, including the couple’s name
  • Location of the wedding 
  • When will the wedding take place? 
  • What time will the wedding take place?


All these parts of the main invite highlight preliminary information about the wedding. 

  • Entourage Card 


Entourage card is not used everywhere. It might include the: 


  • List of all the wedding parties 
  • Timing of the wedding parties with the dates. 


It shows respect for the guests and a direct invitation to the pre-wedding parties and wedding parties. 


You can use this format to create your card. 

  • RSVP card 


RSVP cards are a particular type of card. The word originates from the French word, 


répondez, s’il vous plaît 


In English, it refers to the Reply. 


That means an RSVP card serves the purpose of getting the attendance of the visitors. Guests have to confirm whether they are attending the wedding or not. It comprises different parts. 


  • Reserved seats if there are limited people invited to the wedding and going to attend it. 
  • Reply date to get a response from the person within the given time.
  • Contact of the person who wants to invite you to the party.


RSVP cards are essential in understanding the number of people attending the wedding party. 

  • Envelope


Is your card ready? 


Get an envelope and make it tie everything. The envelope might contain some good words. But most people just use it to bind things and send them to the guests for their presence at the wedding. 




Do you have a wedding around the corner? Maybe you need a wedding expert to help write the wedding cards and send them to your special guests. 


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What are the PRE-WEDDING EVENTS? Here is what you need to KNOW 

Pre-wedding events

Wedding is not a SINGLE event. And everyone does jump to the WEDDING directly. Instead, SOME PRE-WEDDING events are ESSENTIAL. 


If you plan to have the wedding, you MUST know each step. 


Do you know why? 


It helps you plan better and gain ADVANTAGES in comprehensive planning. Most people already have plans in MIND. While others go with the WEDDING planners to let the PROFESSIONALS have a plan for them. 


Want a COMPREHENSIVE DETAIL of pre-wedding events? Have any questions in mind? No problem. 


This GUIDE will shed light on the PRE-WEDDING events and HELP you understand them in detail. 


Are you ready? 


Let’s LEARN more. 


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Pre-wedding events



Pre refers to the BEFORE


I hope you got WHAT exactly it means when we talk the PRE-WEDDING. 


All the activities carried out before the Final wedding CEREMONY come under pre-wedding. It includes many things, such as an engagement party. The list consists of many other ACTIVITIES. You can read them all below. 

ARE THEY essential? 

Not all are ESSENTIAL. 


In actuality, it depends on the LOCAL TRADITIONS. Some people skip some of the EVENTS while others don’t. It all depends on many scenarios. 


Depending on your situation, you can DECIDE whether to skip anything or go with it. 


5 NECESSARY Pre-wedding events 


Do you want to know the DETAILS of pre-wedding events? 


Here it is. Some of the PRE-WEDDING events are as below: 


  1. Engagement Party 


We all know what an ENGAGEMENT party is. 


It is a way to show your IMPENDING wedding. People ensure the ENGAGEMENT party to show that they are COMMITTED to each other and will marry soon. 


You need to arrange it. Get the PHOTOGRAPHER to capture the pictures. However, the location of engagement can be of your CHOICE. Sometimes, it is a SPECIAL venue such as at home, or sometimes people carry it out in the LOUNGE or BARS. 


  1. Bridal’s shower 


The Bridal shower indicates everything in the Love of the bride. Usually, the parents and RELATIVES organize this event and allow the BRIDES to come. However, you can Invite guests. 


In this event, the bride opens up all the GIFTS in front of the guests. It usually carries out before the WEDDING, around a few weeks or MONTHS. 


It is not an ESSENTIAL event. The VENUE can be your FAVORITE one or chosen by the PARENTS. 


Get it over your WEDDING and enjoy! 


  1. Bachelor and bachelorette party 

It is OUTING NIGHT. I mean the TRIP at the night before the WEDDING occurs. 


The groom and BRIDE go with their FRIENDS to enjoy the Night. It is now a MORE HONORABLE venue depending on the place and LOCATION. 


Usually, it is the SPA as their FAVORITE location. Couples can also CHOOSE other areas, depending on their liking and WHAT they like. 


  1. Bridal Luncheon 


Bridal luncheon is ANOTHER pre-wedding event. 


Look, it is not ESSENTIAL. Usually, the bride invites the BRIDESMAID to assist them during the wedding. And it takes place before the WEDDING event. 


It is usually hosted in the RESTAURANT or some beautiful place. Don’t forget to hire PROFESSIONAL wedding planners to plan your events. 


The wedding planners will carry out all the TASKS and give you a RELIEF of work. 


  1. Dinner Rehearsal


Most people have the DINNER rehearsal just before the WEDDING occurs. 


You can arrange a small party inviting the SPECIAL members or the FAMILY. However, there is no SHAME if you want to ask some of your GUESTS and wish to carry out the large party. 


It is the ULTIMATE event to spend some time with your LOVED ones and share the LOVED DINNER. 


In other words, it is just a REHEARSAL for your dinner. 




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