How to choose a luxury wedding planner?

A Luxury wedding is a monumental phenomenon in everyone’s life. So, you can’t destroy it with the inefficient staff. Choose a luxury wedding planner ready to handle all the activities professionally. Most professionals have years of experience and know when to set dates and venues.


But choosing such an expert wedding planner can be a big hassle. But don’t worry; we have listed all the points to sort out this deal and find the expert wedding planner for your wedding.


Let’s shower some light on the luxury wedding planner!


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Seven steps to choose a luxury wedding planner


Choosing a luxury wedding planner is a no-brainer. Here are a few steps to finding the right planner.


Step 1: Define your budget


How much money do you want to invest? A luxury wedding planner charges 15-20% of the total budget invested in the wedding. Therefore, sort out the budget deal before you hire the experts. Then, you can compare the costs and understand how much you need to invest.

Step 2: Search for wedding planners


Make through the research process. It can be a tricky deal if you don’t know the resources. However, here are some resources you should consider for wedding planner research:


  • Search on Google.
  • Use local research.
  • Visit the Chamber of Commerce and get to know local wedding planners.
  • Contact someone who has already worked with the wedding planners.


Then, you can narrow your research to a single planner already an expert at planning weddings.

Step 3: Specify their experience and expertise


Experienced luxury wedding planners have many benefits because they know how to handle the arrangements. They decide on the themes, discuss dates, and select the venue under your budget.


They go the extra mile to manage the stage and sound systems. Even after the wedding, they already have plans to deal with the wedding successfully.

Step 4: Get reviews from reliable sources 


Do you have any friends who have recently carried out a luxury wedding? It can be a huge chance to get real-time reviews of the company. You can also expect the details of the company with the contact numbers.


Moreover, you can check feedback on Google.

Step 5: Get a portfolio 


An expert luxury wedding planner with years of experience. You can get the portfolio and assess the following points:


  • How does the luxury wedding planner?
  • What are the main points in the successful execution?
  • What makes the wedding planner unique?
  • How do customers feel about the luxury wedding planner?


Assess all the aspects of the previous projects of the luxury wedding planner.

Step 6: Take an interview 


Have you made a list of top wedding planners? Now is the time to narrow down research to a single best.


For that, you can meet the Luxury wedding planners. Assess their expertise and communication skills. You can also check the agility in the management of the wedding. Don’t forget to inquire about the wedding costs!

Step 7: Discuss your wedding execution plan


Finalize your luxury wedding planner and go for the plan discussion. You can coordinate regarding the florist, venues, and wedding themes. It boosts your confidence and gets you fast success on the road.




Make your luxury wedding dream a reality with the right expert planners. Go through the market and know the relevant, experienced members.


If you can’t find an expert, we have the one— Jennifer Tolento Events! Our years of experience are a blessing for your wedding. We will set the accurate theme and match your luxury wedding glamor. Talk to our experts for your first deal right away!

Luxury Wedding Planning: Unleash the Magic Of Luxury

Luxury wedding planning

Luxury wedding planning is a blessing for the guests. Everyone wants to have the best experience at the wedding and minimize the hassles. A luxury wedding provides all that at the least possible cost. 


Maybe you are wondering, what exactly is a luxury wedding? If so, don’t worry. We have listed all the key steps in managing a luxury wedding. Moreover, you can try different venues and organize your plans accordingly. 


Let’s go through the luxury wedding planning. 

Luxury wedding planning

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What is luxury wedding planning? 

A luxury wedding is a comfy, elegant, and fabulous wedding that compels guests to say WOW! 


Conducting a luxury wedding is always a dream for the brides and grooms. But it is no more because of quick wedding plans availability. Moreover, it is not only about the money but also the indulgence feel is crucial. From theme to party arrangement, you should manage perfectly. 


5 Steps to Carry Out Luxury Wedding Planning

For planning a wedding, you need the experts. Even if you do not have one, follow the below steps to increase your experience. 


  • Choose the best wedding venue

The wedding venue can play a significant role in the wedding. A luxury wedding venue in a prime location can be an expensive and luxury choice. If you have a sufficient budget, that would be better. 


If you want to save some bucks, contact multiple wedding venues and compare their costs. Negotiate the costs to minimize expenses. 


  • Design luxury dresses


Do you want to double up your luxury wedding planning? Look no further than the luxury dresses. Check out the top shopping malls and domestic brands. From dresses to purses and bags, you must boast with everything. Buy branded dresses. Wear them and show off. 

Luxury dress

Here is one thing to keep in mind. Get luxury dresses keeping in view your wedding theme. A dark wedding theme urges you to get a light-colored dress. It will glow better and shine on the groom and bride in a crowded place. 


  • Arrange all the parties professionally


Weddings are not all about planning the wedding day events. Instead, you must consider all the parties before the wedding—for instance, cocktail parties, friend’s nights, and many more. You can introduce mini-events to double up your luxury. 


Whatever you decide, pledge to the best arrangements and engage in professional planning. Working with wedding planners can further increase your degree of enjoyment. 


  • Hire professional photographers


Who does not want to show off a luxury wedding? Photography and social media exposure is the best way. But for that, you must consider professional photographers. Uncover all the top photographers in the locale. Talk to them and ask for their hourly or 24-hour fee. 


  • Work with wedding experts


One of the best things is to work with the wedding experts. They know how to arrange weddings and have relevant experiences. 


They will tell you the estimated costs and help you determine various methods to minimize them. One good thing is the hassle-free arrangement. You don’t have to do anything. Wait and watch until your pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding plans are executed. It raises excitement among the bride and groom. 



Have you ever tested luxury wedding planning? It is fun! You get a taste of a comfy environment, the best engagement, and impress your consumers with your efforts. Ensure all the weddings go on as per plans. Save costs and enjoy more perks. 


Do you need top wedding planners for your luxury wedding? Double up your comfort with the Jennifer Tolento wedding planners—a top-tier team with years of experience. Talk to the team now! 


How do you plan weddings?

A wedding is one of the most promising events in our lives. Most of us want to make it memorable. In such a case, one question is key— How do you plan weddings?


It defines how your wedding will execute and what changes you can bring to improve it. Do you have any plans? If not, don’t worry. We have helped out in this case by developing a step-by-step guide on a wedding plan. 


In this article, we will evaluate how to plan weddings and give tips for the best results.


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Steps to plan weddings

Wedding planning is sometimes super tricky. The reason behind this is the extensive management of all the events. It does not only include the wedding day events but also pre and post-wedding plans. 


There are many steps to help you in this situation. These might include: 


  • Step 1: Pre-wedding Plans


Pre-wedding plans include a comprehensive list of events you want to execute. For example, you have to invite the guests. In that case, you must know how you will do that. How are you going to ask the people? Is it the wedding card? 


A to Z understanding will help you iron out the process. Plus, if you have prepared a layout to do that, it is even better to execute all the events on time. For the pre-wedding plans, you should do the following: 


  • Make a list of events you will conduct. 
  • What necessary tools would you need to accomplish those events? For instance, you might need a photographer for a cocktail party to capture your adventure. 
  • Who will you invite? Most people have a list of people at their wedding. They order the wedding cards to send. 
  • Step 2: Wedding day plans


The wedding day is also crucial. You have encountered many types of problems. 


For instance, you have to hire a videographer who will make a quality video. Ensure the videographer is the best in the town and has high-quality cameras. The florist would be a big deal to hire. You want to make an event promising, and flowers will double your charms. 


Who will miss the photographer? Promptly get a top photographer in the town. Doing all the tasks can consume a lot of time. 


So, how to save it? Hire professionals who will plan weddings for you. These include expert wedding planners with years of experience dealing with marriages and know how to carry out all the wedding events. 

  • Step 3: Post-wedding Plans


Pre-wedding and wedding day will create the problems you must tackle after the wedding. Whatever you have managed, there are some dues to clear. 


If you have hired a florist, give them the price you have settled on. Moreover, if you have some dues for the marriage halls or wedding venues, clear them up on time to save yourself from the budget later on.


Getting to the chase, include your post-wedding plans and parties in your notebook and carry them out on time. 



For a perfect wedding, you might not cope with the situation. The massive problem is planning all the events, which can be a hectic task. Moreover, if it is the first time for you, there are a bunch of mistakes you could make in this situation. At this point, you need to have the wedding planners by your side. 


Do you have the best wedding planners? Jennifer Tolento Events has wedding plan experts ready to set up all the hassles of your wedding. You relax and let us do our job. In the end, you’ll get a satisfactory wedding. 


Wedding Planning Timeline: How to Devise the proper plan?

Are you making up a wedding planning timeline? It can be challenging to decide what to do first and what to do later. A proper plan can save you from hassles in the end. 


Have you decided on the perfect wedding planning? If not, don’t worry. A few tips will iron out the complexities of the process and help you work step by step. 


Let’s talk about an ideal wedding plan timeline. 

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What is a wedding planning timeline? 

The wedding planning timeline refers to all the events planned on a specific timeline. It can be either a pre-wedding or wedding plan; you must make a proper timeline and follow it. 


Guess why we need a wedding planning timeline? It is not rocket science. It gives a proper path to do all the tasks on time and follow it to save time. 

How do you make a perfect wedding planning timeline? 

Making a perfect wedding planning timeline is necessary. It must be accessible and easy to execute. Here are the following tips to create an ideal timeline. 

  • Determine your wedding party

A single wedding party is not here. Sometimes, you need to arrange a cocktail party. Friends and family’s nights are some events to be on your list. 


Involve the experienced members if they are in your family and consider all the wedding parties. 

  • Set a venue

Where will you carry out the wedding? Any local venue, right? Just go on and think of it as a perfect wedding site. There might be many marriage halls at the wedding. 


Consider all the venues and ensure they fall under your budget and don’t drain your money very much. 


  • Consider your guests

Do you know how many guests you are going to invite? It will help you evaluate how much overall budget will be invested and how you can plan. 


Make a list of the guests you are going to invite. It will be better to know who is coming and who is not. 

  • Rehearsal dinner


A rehearsal dinner is a dinner some days before the wedding. It helps all the people to determine how all the events will happen. You’ll be ready for the wedding after that. 

  • Buy wedding accessories

Let’s make up the shopping. Make a list of all the wedding events, clothes, and accessories for grooms’ and brides’ needs. 


Moreover, if you are planning the event, it is necessary to make arrangements. And you should have all the arrangement tools available on time. 

  • Set a date for the wedding

The date is crucial for you to set up. No matter what wedding date you decide, keep all the wedding factors in mind. If the date is favorable, you can decide on it and book the venue for that date. 


Do you need a wedding planner? 

A wedding planner can be the best idea to save time and execute all the plans on time. Wedding planners are professionals with years of experience and know how to plan a perfect timeline. 


A wedding planner can be beneficial when: 


  • You don’t have time to manage all the events. 
  • You don’t have experience in creating a perfect timeline. 
  • It is challenging to decide on the timeline. 
  • You save time. 


Wedding planners are a bumper pack. Just think of the professionals who will save the day. 



Is it hard for you to decide on a proper wedding planning timeline? Don’t worry. We have the experts ready to pledge for you. 


Jennifer Tolento is a top wedding planning team with years of experience. We decide on a plan and work according to your plan accommodating all the events in a wedding plan. 


How do you find wedding plan experts? 

Have you been hiring wedding plan experts? Weddings are a crucial event in our lives. And wedding plan experts make it more exciting by offering their services. They know how to manage the wedding properly. Do the early and post-management. 


In the end, you get only one thing. And that is a successful wedding. 


But in this guide, we will learn about wedding plan experts. And how they manage everything. 


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Is it worth it to hire wedding plan experts? 

Yes. It is 100% worth it if you consider working with the experts. 


There are many jobs experts can handle. 


  • Arrange an A to Z wedding for you to make it easier. 
  • Make your more appealing to the visitors. 
  • Save you from the hassle of inefficient arrangement. 
  • They keep you out of stress for the pre or post-wedding plan. 


Most of the wedding planners are pretty affordable. That means you don’t have to invest extra money. Be in budget! 

Four ways to find the best wedding plan experts


Is it hard to find a wedding planner? Maybe you have made the wrong deal. Here are five primary ways to find wedding plan experts. 

Ask Friends and Family

One of the best ways to apply is to contact friends and family. It is valid only if your friends or family members have already used the wedding planners or harnessed their services. 


The main advantage of using this method is the honest reviews. You might try Google, but it sometimes shows wedding plan experts with fake reviews. To get rid of it, always contact someone in your circle who already has used their services. 


Search On google


Let’s get real! Google is the easiest way. However, there are risks in hiring inexperienced wedding planners. To filter out this case, talk to your wedding plan experts. Get the quote and negotiate. 


You can get their previous record for wedding plans. It will filter the useless planners and get you the best one that suits your job. 

Visit the Chamber of Commerce

Do you know what precisely a Chamber of Commerce is? These are the places that have the records of local businesses. They know all about the licensed companies and help evaluate the best ones. 


You can visit such places and get a list of top wedding plan experts working around. And filter out the best based on your needs. 


Again, you must verify whether the wedding plan experts have the necessary skills. 

Look for nearby wedding experts

Have you looked around your area? Maybe not. And that is the major cause you can’t find the best wedding plan experts. Take a look around. Know the marriage halls because they have the facility of the arrangement. Or sometimes, they might recommend who you should hire. 


In that case, you’ll be at ease. Physically talking to the suppliers will boost up your confidence. So, ensure your wedding expert is reliable and knows how to exactly plan the wedding.



Do you want wedding planners? Finding the right wedding planner can be a big deal. Because it needs a lot of research, searching for suitable parameters, and closing the contract only with the experts. 


What if I tell you we already have the best wedding planners in the town? 


What I said is 100% true, we have that. Jennifer Tolento is the top team working on the new jersey. You find the best deals. And arrange your wedding with their help. 


Call us to get the quote right away. 

How do you plan a wedding destination?

Wedding Destination

Planning a wedding destination? It can be tricky. But no worries, I have evaluated multiple steps to find the exact way towards the destination wedding. 


A wedding is one in life. (Most people do one marriage). Why not make it more monumental? That is when you need to make everything perfect. And for that flawless wedding, there is a need for a plan. 


Do you have a plan? 


If not, no problem at all. You are at the right place to find a step-by-step guide on how to plan a wedding destination. 


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Wedding Destination

6 Steps to plan a wedding destination

To riddle out the puzzle, you must know the steps to accomplish the task of the wedding destination. Here are some steps that can be super helpful in that case. 


Step 1: Specify your budget


Stop beating about the bush and crying later on the over expenses. Have a budget before you execute your plan. It will help you decide faster and better with proper strategy. 

A sensible wedding expert does the same. It helps do the right wedding parties with an accurate budget. 


Step 2: Prefer Local Venue

Maybe you are planning foreign locations for the wedding. I have seen many people planning their weddings in Switzerland or Maldives. It is a good choice when you want to have some fun. 


But being under the budget, you should think about the local venues. There will be a couple of excellent places where your guests can come and make your wedding memorable. 

Step 3: Work with a wedding expert

Do you not want to jump through hoops for the wedding? Then leave it to the experts who already have planned hundreds of weddings. 


You should take a look around. Know the most popular wedding planners ready to work with you. Always be in contact to know their charges and steps to proceed with insightful decisions. 

Step 4: Know the marriage Requirements

Weddings can turn your budget into a rock until you know its requirements. For example, if you are planning the Maldives, have a pretty high budget and a plan for a week or month. Plus,  you need a passport, Visa, and other legal documents required according to the rules of a given country. 

You can search on Google about the marriage requirements of a specific country. It is even good to check the local wedding rules. 

Step 5: Visit the Place earlier to get an idea

If it is the local wedding venue, why not have a look yourself? 


I believe it is the BEST IDEA. Because you will know how you or your wedding experts can STAGE UP everything, and you’ll get a familiar environment that ultimately boosts your requirements. 


One of the best things is the HASSLE. You’ll be saved from the hassle of changing the venue on the day of the wedding due to the tasteless environment. 


Step 6: Confirm All the details

Have you decided on A to Z plans? Whether working alone or with a wedding planner, keep the activity on the best. Know what is going on and what your wedding planners are doing. 


And ensure everything is under budget. That saves you the extra headache of finance management. And executes the tension-free wedding you could ever get. 



Working with the wedding planners is truly a blessing. It is valid only if you find the best wedding planner in the town. 


If you live in the USA, I have a recommendation for you. Jennifer Tolento wedding planners are matchless in planning the best weddings. They have 10% customer satisfaction and don’t have high charges.


Talk to them regarding your wedding destination right now. 


Wedding Trends in Fall 2023: All you should know about!

Wedding trends in fall 2023

Are you having a wedding? Indeed, you must know the wedding trends in fall 2023.


Autumn is not the season for the leaves to fall apart. Instead, it is time for couples to marry. Share the love. And boost their entertainment opportunities. 


Preparing yourself for something special is even better to make it more creative, memorable, and effective. Do you want an unforgettable wedding? Great! 

Wedding trends fall 2023

I have listed some major wedding trends in fall 2023. Let’s get started! 


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Outdoor celebration

The world has just recovered from COVID-19. In some countries, it still has some effects behind. 


That has urged people to have some freedom. Go outdoors. Check what others are doing. And make the wedding scenes more beautiful. Outdoor celebrations are at their peak in the fall season. 


The guests can enjoy the environment better. Get entertained during the wedding. And give you a peak appreciation for the ultimate outdoor choice. 


Rustic Color Themes

Autumn and RUST! Do you know that both have some connection? 


It is the rust color that depicts the falling of the leaves. And it happens in the autumn season. So, most couples now consider the rustic theme their wedding priority. It can give a more lifelike experience. Help guests get nostalgic for the autumn season. And get mixed with the season and the marriage. 

If you want to combine the wedding with the fall, try out the rustic color themes on your wedding. These are going to give you a better 

Intimate Ceremonies

Intimate ceremonies have been on the rise for many years. In the future, you can even expect more of these to happen. 

It creates a sense of goodness and a strong relationship between friends and family. All the intimate ceremonies are carried out in front of family and friends, making it more exciting. 


If you are worried about the guest, you can invite a broad circle of loved ones. And arrange your ceremonies based on them. 

Bridal Accessories


Bridal accessories don’t include one or two accessories for a bride. It depends on the situation and your needs for the additions to have. 


Most brides try out the latest hairstyle trends and get the relevant accessories. They may even choose the specific accessories for the given gown style. 


You should consider the fall theme and prefer the bridal accessories accordingly. 

Texture and decorated cakes

Enough? There are not enough words. You still have many trends going on. Nowadays, cakes are not simple. Instead, fancy designs are there. Some text is written with the cream on the top of them. 


It’s the same sort of concept you can try on your wedding. Have the couple’s name ready. Get a customized design for your wedding. And make it to the decorated cakes. 


That is GREAT! 

Dried Flower and Plants

Another thing to show coherence with the autumn is the dried flowers. These are pretty different from the bloom pastels suitable for summer seasons. 

Matching with the autumn season, you can enhance the beauty of your wedding. And make it more appealing to the guest. Moreover, it perfectly fits your rusty color theme. 


Before choosing it, you should determine all the steps. Know your theme. And get the dried flowers and plants according to your needs. The whole scenario will adorn your wedding. 




Have you tried any of these trends in Fall 2023? Believe me, it is making the wedding more exciting for you. And get you the best opportunity to make your wedding memorable. 


Want some expert wedding planners to adorn your wedding? Contact Jennifer Tolento Experts. We have years of experience in managing weddings. You’ll be impressed with our planned weddings. 

Wedding planning in 2023; What should you do?

Wedding planning

Not often do you have a wedding? And when you have it, the FIRST GOAL is to make it memorable. Wedding planning adds a GREAT recollection to make a wedding monumental. 


Am I right? 


Therefore, you can’t make a single mistake here. You should arrange the wedding in such a way. No dates coincide with any festival days. Moreover, before or after wedding events should be on the accurate dates. 


Do you want to know how to do that? 


If yes, this guide is for you. I will explain how to have excellent WEDDING planning in 2023.


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Steps to do a WEDDING PLANNING in 2023

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to do wedding planning. 

Step 1: Set a Budget


Always specify a BUDGET. Without it,  you might over-expend. And repent later when you don’t have the BUDGET to accomplish the wedding. 


Estimate the prices of catering and decoration to know how much budget you need. 

Wedding budget

Step 2: Create a Guest List


Whom do you want to invite? Make a list of all those people you want to invite. And then you can go for the wedding cards. 

Step 3: Choose a Date and Venue


Setting excellent data is quite essential. It must not CONTRADICT any upcoming events. Apart from the wedding date, you have to decide the venue as well. 

Step 4: Hire Vendors


Here are some vendors you need to hire: 


  • Caterer
  • Photographer
  • Florist
  • Entertainment


Before you hire them, it is better to check their PERFORMANCE and satisfied customers. 


Check out the reviews to get the exact idea of vendor performance. 

Step 5: Select Attire


Wedding attire is IMPORTANT. What groom or bride will wear? 


You should also have some extra attire pieces to get the BEST alterations if you change the plans. 

Wedding attire

Step 6: Design and Decor


Have a look at the design and theme of your wedding. And you should have the relevant decoration plans. Get the vendors to come up with excellent ideas—and then decorate your wedding per the themes. 


Step 7: Send invitations

Design a wedding card. Make it more than AMAZING. And include the RSVP details to confirm the RESPONSE of the visitors. And finally, send the invitations to the guests. 


Step 8: Plan the Ceremony


Do you have any traditions? Great. Keep a PLACE of it in the final ceremony. You can arrange the MUSICIANS in the ceremony. 

Step 9: Organize logistics


Contact the arrangement companies. Coordinate with the logistics to get the bridal party on time. Organize the logistics. 

Step 10: Catering and menu


What are you going to serve your consumers? Have it on the menu. Cater it to your guests. Always have a plan before you do. 

Step 11: Entertainment


Set up the entertainment plan, such as DJ and other performers, to make your wedding even more memorable. It will make things good. 

Step 12: Rehearsals

Make an order of the events to happen. And let the performers know their times. To optimize it, you can carry out the rehearsals. It will make your wedding even PERFECT. 

Step 13: Finalize the details


Coordinate with all the vendors and logistics to settle all the events in proper order and time. Confirm all the details. If anything is out of schedule, do it on time.

Wedding planning

Step 14: The big day


The big day is here! Coordinate with your friends. And monitor all the events. You can enjoy the events effectively. 

Step 15: Post-wedding tasks. 

Has the wedding been executed? That is great. You can send thank you notes to your WEDDING vendors. 


Is wedding planning super hard? It should be if you are doing it on your own. You should work with the WEDDING PLANNERS to settle the dates and plans. 


Do you want wedding planning experts? If so, contact Jennifer Tolento, wedding planner. We have YEARS of experience in wedding planning. You’ll enjoy the best wedding planning at AFFORDABLE costs. 


What is a Floral Wedding Card Design?

Floral wedding card

Floral wedding card design? It is not new to the wedding. For centuries, humans have been ATTRACTED to flowers. And it is time to convert your wedding cards with floral designs.


How to do it?


It is SIMPLE. You can find excellent material. Print your floral design on it. And boom!


Want to know more?


Read this ultimate guide on floral wedding card design.


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Floral wedding card

Is the wedding card necessary? 


Yes, 100% necessary factor. A wedding card is not an ordinary card. Instead, it shows your elegance at a wedding. More specifically, when you want to invite people to your wedding and expect better responses, an attractive wedding card plays out.


If you want to attract more guests and let them appreciate your efforts, a wedding card becomes the TRUMP CARD.

What are the types of wedding cards? 


Don’t think of wedding cards of one type. They have multiple options and manufacturing materials.


Do you want to know them? Here is a brief overview of different types of wedding cards.

Card and Cover Stock


One of the most popular and used floral wedding card designs is the card and cover stock. It comprises thick paper, even thicker than the regular paper we use daily.


The benefits? It has the following pros:


  • Available in different designs making it more attractive and premium for your wedding.
  • The printing is quite EFFORTLESS. You can print from a floral arrangement to painted parts.

Cotton Fiber


Cotton-made wedding cards are the most expensive ones. The reason?


It gives a premium look with 100% cotton that is quite PRICEY. 


Here are the pros of it:


  • Gives a smooth and classy look.
  • Timeless wedding cards because cotton is more durable and works for extended periods.

Kraft and Wood Grain Paper


Want something more rustic for your wedding card design? Here is the kraft and wood grain paper. It procures quality and looks more attractive.


Here are some reasons to use it.


  • Gives an excellent contrast.
  • Handmade sketches become easy to draw

Glassine and Clear Vellum Paper


Want a transparent wedding card? Glassine and clear vellum paper is the one you must be looking for. With complete transparency, you can clearly see beyond the layers of the paper.


It is super thin but imparts a smooth look to your wedding cards. Here are some benefits.


  • The look is very influential.
  • It is not very much expensive.

Benefits of Floral Wedding card design


Floral wedding card design is a GOOD IDEA.


But why? Here is the answer.

Looks Great!


Everyone wants to impress the visitors and guest. Isn’t it so? That is where you need to have from a simple moment to the huge event best in the town.


Floral wedding card design provides the elegance you need. It can be a FLARE to the beauty of your event.

Easy to print

Floral is just the design. Its printing is super easy. Whether you choose cotton or card and cover stock, it perfectly works with all of them.


You don’t have to worry about the matching colors. On all types of wedding cards, floral design offers a matchless beauty.

Perfect for Wedding


Wedding cards have different designs and colors. 90% of cards are printed having some type of calligraphy or designs. It is where you expect the wedding card to contain floral designs.


And it is one of the most commonly used designs. Therefore, floral design is perfect for a wedding.




Do you want the floral wedding card design? Hire the wedding experts like the Jennifer Tolento Wedding planners.


From wedding planning to execution, we handle everything. You are out of any WEDDING PLAN HEADACHE. Just enjoy the moment.


Call us to discuss your wedding in detail.

Wedding Plan Checklist; What is it? What you should know

Wedding events checklist

A wedding plan checklist is a comprehensive list of tasks and details involved in planning a wedding. It serves as a guide to ensure that all necessary elements are addressed and organized leading up to the wedding day.


Whenever you are planning out your wedding, you must have a precise list of what to do and how to do. Wedding plan checklist plays out at that time and helps in finding the RIGHT TASK at the right time.


Want to know a detailed wedding plan checklist?


Read this article. I will talk about the wedding plan checklist in detail.


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Wedding events checklist


Wedding plan checklist; All you need to know!


Here is a comprehensive wedding plan checklist to help you stay organized throughout the 



  • Determine the budget

Decide on the overall budget for your wedding and allocate funds to different categories.


  • Set the date and time

 Choose a wedding date and time that works for you and your partner.


  • Create a guest list

 Compile a list of guests you want to invite to the wedding.


  • Book the venue

Find and reserve a ceremony and reception venue that fits your preferences and budget.


  • Hire a wedding planner

Consider hiring a wedding planner to assist with the planning process if desired.


  • Select the wedding party 

Choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members of the wedding party.


  • Research and book vendors

  • Photographer/videographer
  • Caterer
  • Florist
  • DJ/band/musician
  • Officiant
  • Wedding cake baker
  • Hair and makeup artist
  • Choose a theme or style

 Decide on the overall theme or style of your wedding, including color schemes and decorations.


  • Shop for wedding attire


  • Wedding dress
  • Groom’s suit/tuxedo
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Groomsmen attire


  • Send save-the-dates

 Inform your guests about the wedding date, allowing them to save it on their calendars.


  • Plan the ceremony


Select readings, vows, and any special rituals or customs.

Organize the order of event


  • Plan the reception


Decide on the seating arrangement.

Plan the menu and drink options.

Organize the entertainment, such as speeches, first dance, and other performances.


  • Arrange transportation 

Determine how you and your guests will arrive at the venue


  • Create a wedding registry

Select items you would like as wedding gifts and create a registry at one or more stores.


  • Plan the rehearsal dinner 

Organize a dinner the night before the wedding for the wedding party and immediate family.


  • Finalize details with vendors 

Confirm arrangements and details without all contracted vendors.


  • Create a wedding day timeline 

Outline the schedule of events for the wedding day, including preparations, ceremony, reception, and any other activities.


  • Follow up with RSVPs

 Reach out to guests who have not responded to the invitation.


  • Attend dress fittings: 

 Schedule and attend dress fittings to ensure proper alterations.


  • Arrange wedding favors: 

Choose and organize any wedding favors or gifts for guests.


  • Plan the honeymoon: 

 Make reservations and plan the details of your honeymoon.


  • Finalize payments: 

 Settle outstanding payments with vendors before the wedding day.


  • Prepare a wedding emergency kit


Gather essential items for any unexpected situations on the wedding day.


  • Rehearsal: 

Conduct a rehearsal to ensure everyone knows their roles and the order of events.


  • Wedding day: 

Enjoy your special day and celebrate with your loved ones!


Remember, this is a general checklist, and you can customize it based on your specific preferences and needs. 

Wedding planning can be an exciting and joyous process, but it’s also essential to stay organized and tackle tasks gradually to minimize stress.




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