5 Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Special Day

Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas

Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas

Unless you’re a celebrity who often goes big on wedding expenses, breaking the bank to satisfy the luxury class you desire may not be necessary.

The truth is, that luxury wedding decorations are secondary to the basics, which are comfort and satisfaction, often served by simple deeds.

For comfort and satisfaction, a little can be all you need to raise eyebrows.

If you’re interested in making the best wedding decorations within your budget, then it pleases my team and me to present to you our 5 easy DIY wedding decoration ideas that’ll raise eyebrows on your special day for so little.

First off, congratulations in advance; now let’s get to work.

5 Easy DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Special Day

From entrance to sitting allow your creative juices to flow and you’ll be amazed of the ideas you may come up with. However, here are 5 easy DIY wedding decoration ideas for your special day:

#1. Welcome Sign at the Entrance

While the welcome sign is considered common, you can make a whole lot of impression with it.

Nothing reassures your guests like a catchy welcome sign at the entrance of the reception hall. They will feel welcomed. Don’t just throw ink on any available surface and call that the welcome sign.

Ever tried the mirrored welcome sign? Picture a mirror with gold frames and a hanging floral design on the extreme upper left, below candles and lanterns. You know where to write your welcome already.

#2. Table Numbers with Style

I believe your guests aren’t standing on your special day, making the table numbers decoration idea lit.

Regardless of the number of tables available, you can always have your guests locate their seats in grand style.

The simple step is naming the tables after different locations followed by an acrylic finish. They appear absolutely stunning, especially when accompanied by hand-written acrylic signs with a touch of green.

#3. Try Escort Cards

Among the unthinkable DIY wedding decoration ideas, escort cards are the most unthinkable. However, you won’t be wrong leaving escort cards at the reception entrance.

The catch is anyone can attach a seat location to a name on a piece of fancy paper for an escort card, but not you. You better put up that stylish handwriting on that wood or acrylic card for some impression.

PS: Escort cards and seating charts work(separately) to produce similar results but not the same.

Seating charts are large displays of all the seating in a reception assigned to the guests’ names by numbers. Escort cards are detachable cards that lead guests to their seat numbers.

#4. Place Cards are Bae

While seating charts and escort cards lead guests to their seats, place cards tell them where to sit.

It ends the wandering around.

For an individual with less taste for flashy and fancy ceremonies, place cards are the way to go. Plus, it gives your guests the idea of being well taken care of.

Depending on the items used, place cards can double as plates to serve meals at the reception (when plates are used) and also as keepsakes.

#5. Add Ambience with Lanterns

Lanterns are among the easy wedding decoration ideas you need on your special day. Lights are pleasant to the eyes, but lanterns of diverse colors in a wedding reception are alluring.

You can add lanterns anywhere in the reception hall; maybe you want to add twang on the stage – lanterns do that with ease. Is there a special attraction you want the altar to drive? Use lanterns.

For me, I always go with lanterns vs. the roof of the altar or mandap. Using colorful lanterns above the path of the wedding altar hits differently.


Don’t try to limit your pick to all you’ve seen here. When wedding decorations are involved, the sky is always the limit.

Ram through the internet for more ideas. Consult wedding calligraphers; don’t settle for less (that’s if you can afford it).

However, how costly sometimes doesn’t equate to how satisfying. The best wedding decoration results are gained from easy wedding decoration ideas that were least expected.

While you think luxury, remember to check the small details that matter. Rest easy; I sense that this wedding is a success already. Congratulations.

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